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May 24, 2011

Cover-ep “Gitarre kaputt” by Reizstrom will be released in June!


1) Vagabonds * 2) Human Fly * 3) The Passenger * 4) All Shook Up * 5) Rawhide * 6) Blister In The Sun * 7) Michelle

After the last two albums “Zettel am Zeh” (2009) and “Dwarfs Like Giants” (2010) MeCha and Skip decided to relax and record a coverversion just for fun, which they’ve planned a long time ago and which would be a difficult one. Both were very enthusiastic, that suddenly there were 7 songs and the decision was made, to release an ep, to share the love for these Indie-evergreens with friends and fans.

The EP received the matching name “Gitarre kaputt” (Guitar broke), ’cause all songs are guitar pieces, which were pulled to the dark electronic side of the force, but also trying to keep their magic. Equal it is Indie-Rock, Rockabilly or Wave, oneself just had to love the songs and due to this reason, they decided to start the project and create the interpretations, which are good to be silent, but also bring people closer together, who hadn’t have the luck to grow up with these songs. (more…)

April 13, 2011

Alter Red Debut Album “Mind Forged Manacles” Out May-02!

Free Download: “Like April Fools

Info: “…a demented quality to the music which makes it feel fresh, exciting and a little edgy. A band with great crossover potential and material that I feel may well be the future sound of the scene” – Unscene Magazine

Formed in the Spring of 2008, AlterRed has appeared on the same bill as KMFDM, London After Midnight, Rotersand, Straftanz, CombiChrist, Clan of Xymox, Assemblage 23, to name but a few, and has made a dramatic and impressive impact on a wide variety of audiences, from the EBM crowd to the Electro/Industrial crowd. (more…)

January 19, 2011

Russian Industrial Project Technology of Silence Fourth Release on February 15

Technology of Silence is a story about a post-nuclear city, a story about the people living in this city, a story about an ecological catastrophe, human madness, human fears and the eternal search for a goal in the loneliness.



Technology of Silence is also a Russian Ambient/Industrial/Experimental-project, existing since 2004. Founder of this project is Denis Romanov, who unites the incompatible opposites silence and music and makes it a whole, while taking a focus on the world that surrounds us and the events that take place in it, watching it from different points of view.



It is a mixture of Ambient, Industrial, IDM and Minimal, although the band isn’t concentrating on a particular style. Environmental problems and man-made disasters are the basic themes, which draw a red line through the back-catalogue of Technology of Silence. The centre of attention in the stories of the band is a post-nuclear city, described as ruins of a high-tech-civilization, corrupted by mankind, and a place full of human recollections, emotions and feelings.



Squad“, the fourth new album from Technology of Silence, is out on February 15 at Ionium Records.





Checking * Trap Signal * No Tickets * Wasteland Nomad * Ruins Of Soviets Moonlight Moth * One For All * Transmitter Fields * It Is Always Quiet In Heaven * Mechanical Dream * – Million Eyes Of Dew * Red Sniper * Obvious Incredible * Countdown * Sexmachine * Janna Is Dead * The End (Backdown And Credits)



Technology of Silence Official Site

Technology of Silence on MySpace

Technology of Silence on Facebook




January 17, 2011

Zwaremachine Raumschiff Out February 15

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Zwaremachine arrived in an evil analog-powered spaceship, haunted by the ghost of a robot and responsible for reprehensible crimes throughout the galaxy.  Inspired by industrial music such as Throbbing Gristle, Front 242 and mid-period Ministry, Zwaremachine comes armed with technology from the future.The haunting debut EP by this duo is assembled from the original source recordings “The Nightmare” released by Satan Starship as exclusive download  and available here: http://machfox.com/pages/exclusive-downloads


With an eerie and nostalgic hum on the new EP, the duo wanted to shed some skin, rename the project and embark into new modern electro industrial soundscapes while keeping their persistent dark experimental approach.


This EP was released worldwide by ZWAREMACHINE as single track free-download under a Creative Commons License on 01/11/11. The Raumschiff EP will also be released by Ionium Records on 15th of February 2011 as 5 track version EP.




Source: http://www.ionium-records.info/

November 24, 2010

First Call Debut ep from S Talker Release Date November 29

S-TALKER is a project of musicians whose names kept secret because of their schizophrenic mind. Their sound is a mixture of progressive Electro, EBM and Techno. But who knows, their sound-attacks could easily drift into Swing or Blues. You can’t even rule out fragments of Reggae, Rock or classical music, because S-TALKER are the persistant rest of data which continues to influence the whole system after a defragmentation.


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