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February 9, 2008

Alternative Band Bios

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In Strict Confidence

Location: Höchst

Former name: Seal of Secrecy

Debut label: Zoth Ommog

Dennis Ostermann (songwriting, lyrics)
Jörg Schelte (songwriting, programing)
Stefan Vesper  (rythms, programing, drums)
Antje Schulz (vocals, lyrics)
Heidi Pulkkinen (Live Guitars)

Label: Minuswelt Musikfabrik

Side projects:
Controlled Fusion (Dennis Ostermann with Steffan Schuhrke)
Involvement in HMB (Dennis Ostermann collaborates with Daniel Myer, Victoria Lloyd from Claire Voyant, Vanessa Brigs from Haujobb)
Steve Dragonsolo project of Stefan Vesper

Special info:
– In “Spread your wings”, ISC uses at least 16 different voices that recite in as many languages the phrase: “we are angels with only one wing, in order to fly we must hold each other”, belonging to the Italian author Luciano de Crescendo.
– The picture-series in the “Holy” – artwork were disputed by some conservative groups in the US, some distributors wanting not to sell the “Holy”- album because of the bare breast on the front cover. The request to design a more neutral version of the artwork was strictly refused by the band.

– “People in the time of more and more industrialization are less and less receptive to art. There is a growing coldness and a growing number of people cannot see the worth of art and creativity compared to productivity. That is sad.”
– “Nicht denken – fühlen!” ( Don’t think – Feel! )


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