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January 30, 2012

Lights of Euphoria “Subjection”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Subjection (Violent Mix)” * “In Love with the Night (Album Mix)” * “Monument of Destruction” * “You Better Run (featuring Johan Van Roy of Suicide Commando)” * “One Nation (Club Mix)” * “Give Me You” * “Subjection (Leaether Strip 2011 version)” * “Deal in Sex (Protection Mix)” * “Subjection (Euphoria Mix)” * “Liquid Lust (Part I)” * “You Better Run (Painbastard Mix)” * “Face of a God” * “Fading Moments (Feindflug Karaoke Mischung)” * “Fly to Target (Dioxyde Remix)” * “Sleepwalk (The Awakening)

About the project:

After the release of “Subjection” (featuring Claus Larsen) on the famous Zoth Ommog compilation “Body Rapture”, Lights of Euphoria started to become a “real band” after the release of the first album “Brainstorm” (Zoth Ommog, followed by “Beyond Subconsciousness“, “Fahrenheit“, “Voices” and the single “Fortuneteller“) when Jimmy Machon and Torben Schmidt teamed up “by accident” to produce some further music and touring all around the globe. While Lights of Euphoria in the beginning was more a sort of a project and “one hit wonder”, working with various guest vocalists such as Ronan Harris (VNV Nation), Stephan Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk), Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma/Reaper) Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando), Kay Haertle (Supreme Court) and various other good friends, mastermind Torben Schmidt decided to bring it down to a more band orientated way of working. (source: band site)

About the compilation:

The ultimate retrospective of this German/Danish electro/EBM project! Part 26 (!) of the Infacted Recordings classics series! 15 massive songs of the former Zoth Ommog artist Lights of Euphoria! Besides all dark clubhits the CD also features a new remix of “Subjection” by no one else then Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip fame! None of the hits are missing e.g. “Subjection”, “You Better Run” (feat. Johan van Roy, “One Nation”, “Deal in Sex” or even “Sleepwalk”! 15 cult classics on one CD for a smooth E.P. price! Be fast again limited to 1000 copies worldwide! (source: label site)

Lights of Euphoria – “Subjection”: Viva Music Album Review:

The new classical collection from Infacted Recordings brings to the focus the destiny of a group that initially was meant to be a one-time deal, but is now well into its twenties. Released this Jan-13, the compilation “Subjection” takes its title from the first track that made the group famous – the collaboration between Torben Schmidt and Claus Larsen, and chronicles the group’s evolution in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, and also tells the story of the friendship between Torben Schmidt and Jimmy Machon, formerly of Godheads, and Lights of Euphoria’s vocalist. Next to an incredible array of tracks, in their majority wonderful collaborations – names such as Suicide Commando, Leaether Strip, Painbastard, Feindflug add extra flavor to the compilation – there is also a new rendition of “Subjection”, with a new feel: “Subjection (Leaether Strip 2011 Version)” really shows how classically limitless the track has become in its 20-year old history  of dark vibes and excellent EBM. Let’s not forget that these collaborations are great occasions for musicians to bridge the distance between their status as artists and listeners of good music. Needless to say, Lights of Euphoria themselves remixed music for artists such as Melotron, Front 242, or Front Line Assembly.

Major landmarks from the group’s history and discography are well represented within the compilation: “Violent World” (1993, “Subjection”, “Deal in Sex”), “Brainstorm” (1995, “Give Me You”, “Face of a God”), “Voices” (1998, “In Love with the Night”, “Monument of Destruction”) “Krieg gegen die Maschinen” (2003, “Fly to Target”), “Gegen Den Strom” (2004, “Liquid Lust (Part I)”, “One Nation”), “Fading Moments” (2004, “Fading Moments”, “You Better Run”), “Sleepwalk” (2005, “Sleepwalk”).

Not on this compilation, but not less grand, is the track below. “True Life (VNV Nation Remix)”, enjoy!

Lights of EuphoriaOfficial Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

January 27, 2012

Apollo 440 “The Future’s What It Used to Be” Out on Jan-30: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Stay Frosty” * “The Future’s What It Used to Be” * “Smoke & Mirrors” * “Stealth Cantorum” * “A Deeper Dub” * “Love Is Evil” * “Odessa Dubstep” * “Motorbootee” * “Traumarama” * “Fuzzy Logic” * “Music Don’t Die

Pre-order Apollo 440’s “The Future’s What It Used to Be” from here | Watch the album trailer after the jump.

Apollo 440 – “The Future’s What It Used to Be”: Viva Music Album Review:

When was the last time you heard about Apollo 440? Frankly, although I am not a fanatic of football, and even less of football teams, it was when I first found out that the FA Cup charity theme song of Liverpool F.C. was provided by them. However, the nine years that passed since their latest album, “Dude Descending a Staircase”, there was enough Apollo 440 aired and since 2007, when they resumed their touring activity, it’s been as if they have never left the scene. Of course, the thirst for new Apollo 440 material was there, but also the signs. No less than nine Apollo 440 remixes were featured in the 20 year anniversary edition of U2’s “Achtung Baby” in late 2011, and then the news of an Apollo 440 comeback followed shortly. And now it’s almost here: on Jan-30, out on their own Stealth Sonic Recordings label, the Liverpudlian group comes back with “The Future’s What It Used to Be”, their fifth studio album, and probably one of their best achievements so far. (more…)

January 26, 2012

L’Âme Immortelle – “Momente”, Out Tomorrow Jan-27: Viva Music Album Review

I would go as far as saying that this is the most personal record since “Als die Liebe starb” The wounds that made me write the lyrics and songs are basically still bleeding” (Thomas Rainer, interview for Goth Times, Jan-27)

Tracklist: “L’Étang Mâlo” * “No Goodbye” * “Absolution” * “Wie Traenen im Regen” * “Empty” * “Demon Be Gone” * “The Heart” * “Banish” * “Why Can’t I Make You Feel” * “Dort draussen” * “Hold Me

About L’Âme Immortelle – “Momente:

A moment is the highest form of existence. What is life but a succession of single moments? Painful, beautiful, challenging, rewarding glimpses in the eternal stream of existence. It is these moments which we remember consciously, which we look back upon at the end of our days. And whatever may happen: No one is going to take these memories away from us. On “Momente” (English translation: ‘Moments‘), L’Âme Immortelle immortalize exactly these moments, build darkly shimmering monuments to these essential happenings in life. (source: Resurrection Records)

L’Âme Immortelle – “Wie Traenen im Regen” – Official Video:

L’Âme Immortelle – “Momente” – Viva Music Album Review:

Out tomorrow Jan-27 with Trisol, the much awaited new album from L’Âme Immortelle entitled “Momente” (English: “Moments”) comes after 4 years of absence from the new release section with a vibrant and firm-handed album. We have had news in recent years of Nachtmahr, Persephone, Whispers in the Shadows – to name some of the acts in which L’Âme Immortelle members explore their musical craft – but however grand their respective releases have been, a L’Âme Immortelle release was much awaited and definitely, even before getting to listen to it, one of the highlights of 2012.

Momente” is reassuringly no different from previous releases from L’Âme Immortelle’s 15-year+ activity if you think of the seriousness with which they adapt to music and are able to transmit their emotions. However, any new album is a development of a previous phase of the existence of a band and definitely a time capsule for emotions that would have otherwise escaped the filter of the heart of listeners. And from this perspective, “Momente”, stands open and proud like a scrapbook of one’s finest emotions, with a new lease of life for a beloved project such as L’Âme Immortelle. (more…)

Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival – Budapest – 27-29-Apr 2012

RSVP to the Facebook event here.

Black Head Agency presents Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival between April 27 and 29: three days with a great lineup in Budapest’s Barba Negra Music Club (Prielle Kornélia u. 4.). It’s not the first time the festival happens, last year’s edition was one we are sorry to have missed: still in late April, acts such as Vomito Negro, Suicide Commando, Blitzmaschine, or The Klinik provided during the 3-day festival sufficient entertainment for the dark crowd.

This year, the festival lineup includes a lot more acts, and in addition, their names together spell the lineup of a reputed festival. Although not complete to date (negotiations with Blutengel and Plasma Pool, as well as a DJ set by Covenant’s Eskil are also under the organizers’ scrutiny), the lineup includes:

Day One, April 27 – “Mechanix Day”: Project Pitchfork, The Neon Judgment, Haujobb, 32 Crash + surprise band

Day Two, April 28 – “Electronic Body Day”: Escalator, Absolute Body Control, Klutae, Spetsnaz, Front 242

Day Three, April 29 – “Dark Side Day”: Sonar, Clan of Xymox, Diary of Dreams, In Strict Confidence, Dance or Die

Festival tickets are available until Feb-15 at HUF9,900 (approximately EUR45), as well as day tickets between EUR20-25. For more information check the agency site (http://www.black-head.eu/), or on the venue site (http://music-club.barbanegra.hu).

Inure “This Is the Life” Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “This Is the Life (Album Version)” * “This Is the Life (Vogel Remix)” * “This Death (Terrolokaust Remix)” * “This Is the Life (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)” * “This Is the Life (WhiteQube Remix)” * “Le Petit Mort (16volt Remix)” * “This Is the Life (Imperative Reaction Remix)

About Inure – “The Offering” (forthcoming album):

Inure‘s third full length release, “The Offering” wields an even heavier edge than past efforts. With production by Imperative Reaction’s Ted Phelps, Moore has given rise to the band’s most diverse and compelling work to date. Adam Moore‘s vocals weave together the haunted, distant shouts of classic European EBM with the raw aggression of American industrial rock while staunch industrial rhythms fuse with the furious riffs of Adam Vex (Imperative Reaction) on guitar. It’s this fusion that truly sets “The Offering” apart. With special guest appearances from Joe Letz (Combichrist) and Eric Powell (16Volt), “The Offering” grabs hold from the first dissonant note of “This Death” until it releases you to the icy depths of “Cold.” (source: press release)

Album tracklist: “This Death” * “The Call” * “Rapture” * “This Is the Life” * “The Strange” * “All Alone”* “The Offering” * “The Mind Killer” * “So Far Away” * “Cold

Inure “This Is the Life” (digital single) – Viva Music Review:

Out with Metropolis Records one month prior to the release of their third album, “The Offering”, the new single from Inure, entitled “This Is the Life” is a very provocative and appetizing selection of music, one that sets very high expectations from the forthcoming album. With a catchy title and a running order of artists who collaborated for the single remixes that is bound to make you curious, the single is an energetic and danceable industrial rock/electronic compilation. Aesthetic Perfection, Imperative Reaction, Terrolokaust remixes are votes of confidence for the new track and by extension for the new album, and given the fact that the original track is definitely worth more than one listen, it is with these new nuances and statements that other musicians make via the remixes that the true value of the song is highlighted. Imperative Reaction’s remix is possibly the most driven one, while the one crafted by Aesthetic Perfection deepens the darker shades and the symbolism of the track. Of equal perspective are the other remixes as well, with the Vogel one taking you by surprise with just how versatile a track can be. And if the main track of the digital single release is about life, the band thought wise to supplement the compilation with a track which are conversely about death; the preview remix of the forthcoming album song “This Death” with a vicious, penetrating Terrolokaust remix, as well as a renamed version, “Le Petit Mort” by 16volt, with a hoppier beat, but nevertheless proving to be a sound alternative that does justice to the dimensions of the track.

After the preview offered by the single release we are bound to impatiently wait for the album release. Luckily we are one month away from the release date. Enjoy!

InureOfficial Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs


January 25, 2012

Stahlmann “Quecksilber” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Engel der Dunkelheit” * “Spring Nicht” * “Tanzmaschine” * “Asche” * “Mein Leib” * “Am Grunde” * “Goetter” * “Schmerz” * “Diener” * “Tanzmaschine (Club Remix)” * “Herzschlag” * “Tanzmaschine (Single Version)” * “Mein Leib (Club Remix)

About Stahlmann – “Quecksilber:

“We wanted this album to show an even more danceable side. We wanted to merge metal guitars with danceable EBM and dance, and at the same time focus more on the elements that pertain to electronic music.  And while doing so, we wanted to stay true to ourselves.” (…) Stahlmann stand for a new era of German music. They represent a new generation of harder music sung in German, and they develop the menacing and yet powerful vibrations of the so called Neue Deutsche Härte that began in the 1990’s with Die Krupps and Oomph and were perfected at a later date by Rammstein.  Founded in 2008, the first band engaged in industrial sounds, but also in driving rhythms of metal, and gothic intense melodies, all put together in one furnace, forging their craft from the solid base of their character and music. With catchy lyrics, a deep and distinctive voice, as well as a spectacular appearance, Stahlmann are a very welcome and much awaited addition to our music scene. (source: press release)

Stahlmann – “Spring Nicht” (Video Trailer):

Stahlmann – “Quecksilber” – Viva Music Album Review:

Quecksilber” (English: “Mercury”) is an album that is sure to get your musical attention. Released on Jan-20 with Afm Records/Soulfood, the album departs from a very sound premise of being creative, diverse and at the same time keeping to the straight and narrow of music-making, production and performance. (more…)

January 20, 2012

mind.in.a.box “Revelations”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Remember” * “Cause and Effect” * “Transition” * “Doubt” * “Control” * “Fragments” * “Unknown” * “Not Afraid” * “Second Reality” * “Sanctuary

Other mind.in.a.box news on darkwave.ro: mind.in.a.box at Amphi Festival 2011 | mind.in.a.box at E-tropolis 2010

Released by Dreamwebmusic today Jan-20 in Europe and within a few days with a second US release, mind.in.a.box’s newest, “Revelations” has a well-chosen title and a very corporeal bearing to take in on first listen. To start with, the album surely is packed with ‘revelations’ for the novice listener, but they do not neglect the usual crowd that knows how to carry a tune whenever the keyword is mind.in.a.box.

mind.in.a.box  – “Revelations” – trailer:

The thing with “Revelations” is that it constantly brings to mind all the things that we admire in music, but rendering them in a manner that seems at the same time disarmingly familiar and strikingly new. Older mind.in.a.box, but as well as connections as diverse as Moby and VNV Nation come to mind when listening to the album, and that is not because of influences, but of the multifaceted sound that is proposed by the album. Prefaced by a lyrical, but poignant “Remember”, the album takes off in no time toward the level of sound that mind.in.a.box accustomed us with; and once the blaring madness of “Cause and Effect” kicks in, your ticket for the ride is guaranteed. A lot of feel-good, good-natured music ensues, and that is only the icing on the big tasty cake of “Revelations”. A Viva Music favorite, just like “Cause and Effect”, “Transition” operates a shift of paradigm in the album’s structure, minimizing the sound variety in favor of a very heart-rending, and philosophically healthy overview of an end-of-the-world scenario. “Doubt”, which will no doubt bring to mind a heavy rotated track such as “Amnesia” is definitely a good listen, no matter the latter comparison, since good music, no matter the vested inspiration, is still good music. And if the familiarity is growing, that only makes the up next “Control” and “Fragments” more likely to surprise and be the unexpected swerve that makes any party lush and sensuous. With “Unknown”, in which the blend of true to life electropop and a 1980’s feel is truly amazing, the album is sure to charm more than one ear; and with another Viva Music favorite, “Not Afraid”, the charming effect is crucial. And the vivid, well-wrought “Second Life” is just as amazing, you can actually feel each beat of the composition and you crawl out of your shell in no time. To cap a great album, “Sanctuary” offers a great deal of sheer emotion, and does so in a musical wrapping that is at the same time enticing and glorious.

If you enjoyed “Revelations”, you will be happy to hear that a remix album thereof will be released in March 2012, comprising five dance-friendly versions of tracks from this album. And if meanwhile you keep on listening to this great album, it is as if the release date of the remix compilation is tomorrow!

mind.in.a.boxOfficial Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

January 17, 2012

And One “Back Home” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Back Home (Club Mix)” * “Wounds” * “Rick” * “High (Live in Peine, the Original)” * “Back Home (Mixed Conditioner)” * “Back Home (Berlin Mixer)” * “Missing Track

Other And One news on darkwave.ro: And One – Tanzomat Album Review by Viva Music

 One year after their diamond-studded “Tanzomat” and after a lot of turmoil that accompanied the band’s renewal in 2011, And One renew their covenant with their scene with the release on Jan-13 with SPV of a new EP, entitled enigmatically “Back Home”. With three mix versions of the title track, but also a live version of “High”, and two studio edits of “Wounds” and “Rick”, the EP is a charming piece of music, and there is a definite chance we are not the only ones believing so. Adding up to the good reviews of the EP, their 1st position in Deutsche Alternative Charts helps with understanding the thirst there was after such a satiating experience such as “Tanzomat” of new material from the same line of creative thought. Which, as much was expected, did not turn but partly true. There are prominent hues of “Tanzomat” jutting out into “Back Home”, but there’s also the replenishing promise of something new, part of any artist’s path of redefinition. And we are glad it is there, definitely so, all the more as “Back Home” is compelling, forcing you to listen it as a whole and revisit it promptly. The new EP is not the only good news that And One drags into the house as the clocks say 2012 already; numerous live dates and also a “Cover for the Masses Tour” with enviable names such as Covenant and Welle:Erdball.

All the tracks and versions included in the EP claim their compatibility with club and dance, but with that refined vein of elegance and eighties inspiration that make And One one of the few acts who still know how to do that without sounding ridiculous. Of course, it’s easy to see through the weft of the EP and decide what allegiances And One are willing to make, but they are all powerful and endearing. With the exception of the multi-faceted “Back Home”, which, as the EP flows, you will notice, seems to renew its content from one version to another – to the effect that the thick and elastic rope lassoed from the Club Mix to the Berlin Mixer you get a whole new song, so to say – is not the only highlight of the album. The live version of “High”, as well as the good vibes sent by “Wounds” and by the Viva Music favorite “Rick” interlaced in the attentive work of the EP create a very well-natured and interesting breathing space

This cadenced ascendance toward the pampering of a track in its multifaceted qualities, taking us back and forth in time, creates the meandering effect of a prodigal return to one’s home base, where the music is just good and you feel cozy. And that is “Back Home”. Enjoy!

And OneOfficial Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

Vic Anselmo “In My Fragile” 2012 Tour News

Latvian Gothic wonder voice Vic Anselmo goes on tour across the Europe in March 2012 with her new album “In my fragile…”. The album was out in Europe in August 2011and got a great response from music medias: 4th place in Zillo and Sonic Seducer’s soundchecks, Gothic – “Fantastic!”,  Legacy – 14/15.

Read Viva Music’s review of Vic Anselmo‘s “In My Fragilehere.

Vic Anselmo supported an European tour of German legendary electronic avantgarde duo Deine Lakaien. Vic Anselmo opened all 24 shows of Indicator tour and got a recognition and awesome response of big audience in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Except tour with Deine Lakaien she had two European club tours with her band and performed at such big festivals as WGT 2009 (D),Castle Party 2009 (PL), Waregem Gothic Festival 2010 (BE), Elf Fantasy Fair 2010 (NL), and Dark Mills 2010 in London. Vic also performed on stage with Das Ich as a guest artist at WGT 2011 and Amphi festival 2011. she also performed a guest vocals for Mesh at M’era Luna 2011. In August/September 2011 Vic Anselmo performed a China tour.

Vic Anselmo In my fragile… 2012 tour dates: 09.03 Riga (LV) Naba club /  10.03 Liepaja (LV) Fontaine Palace / 16.03 Herk-de-Stad (BE) Gothville festival / 17.03 Rijswijk (NL) Gothic & fantasy beurs / 18.03 Rijswijk (NL) Gothic & fantasy beurs / 20.03 Krefeld (D) Jazzkeller / 21.03 Bochum (D) KULT / 22.03 Berlin (D) Duncker club / 23.03 Uster (CH) Rock city / 24.03 Annaberg-Buchholz (D) Alte Brauerei /

January 11, 2012

Ad Inferna “Ultimum Ominum” – New Album to Be Released in March 2012 – Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “Opus Dei” * “Shed No Tears” * “Hell Within” * “All Shall Die” * “Madone” * “Revelations 17” * “Extinction” * “Das Ende” * “Litanie de Sang” * “Ad Inferna” * “Infinite Si Mal

Other Ad Inferna news on darkwave.ro: Dsm, the new release from Ad Inferna | Ad Inferna “There Is no Cure” Viva Music Album Review – Out April-26  | VoA VoXyD from Ad Inferna – the Exclusive Viva Music Interview  | New Ad Inferna Single “eXsangue” Out!

Pre-order “Ultimum Ominum” from hereWatch the album trailer after the jump.

Just one year after “There Is No Cure”, Ad Inferna plan to release a new album in April 2012, with the working title “Ultimum Ominum”. We had the immense pleasure and privilege to listen to the new album (as a result of an exclusive pre-listening arrangement), and it’s all fantastic. With a sound degrees away from what we last listened from the band, the album provokes a very pertinent and persistent feeling, what is more, the sound is enhanced by the pivotal philosophy narrated through the lyrics. (more…)

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