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June 28, 2011

Kirlian Camera – “Ghloir Ar An Oiche” – Viva Music Review


Nightglory” * “After Winter MMXI” * “Nightglory (Camera Version)” * “I Gave You Wings – I Gave You Death

Read Viva Music’s review of own event Kirlian Camera in Romania Apr-29, 2011 on electronik.ro | Watch the official “Nightglory” video (after the jump).

From Out of Line’s site (release date: June-10, 2011):

“Grand Italian cult band Kirlian Camera returns with a mesmerizing new single that sports the Gaelic title “Ghlóir Ar An Oóche” (Glory Of The Night). The main track “Nightglory” is a trip to pure Kirlian-Camera-heaven featuring a heady, catchy and anthemic chorus supported by a pulsing sequencer design and forceful electric guitars. Driven by a solid beat, infused with a good dose of innovative elements and sung by an inspired and soulful Elena Alice with what is one of her best vocal performances, ever, this title track of the upcoming Kirlian Camera album is destined to become a future classic. (more…)

Mina Harker – “Bittersuess” – Viva Music Album Review

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Bittersuess” * “Macht” * “Rache ist suess” * “Fort von mir” * “Lolita” * “Schmutzige Haende” * “Wenn ich von dir traeum” * “Nie mehr allein” * “Verdammnis in mir” * “Nackt” * “Nichts zu verlierenBonus CD includes: “Gorzko-Slodki Smak” * “Bittersuess (Rowdio’s MB86 remix)” * “Lauf nicht davon” * “Ewig Kind” * “Fort von mir (Acoustic version)” * “Letzter Kuss (Live in Lindau 2011) * “Tiefer (Live in Lindau 2011)” * “Bittersuess (Live in Lindau)”

Order now Mina Harker’s “Bittersuess” from Out of Line here.

Berlin duo Mina Harker (Mina Harker – voice and Alexander Gorodezki – guitars, programming) released on June-24 with Out of Line records their second album – “Bittersuess”, coming three years after their acclaimed debut “Tiefer”. Mina Harker take their name from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” female character with the same name; just like with Bram Stoker’s Mina Harker, you can tell from the artistic layout of the band the interplay between the young and pure soul beguiled by a mesmerizing vampire and her decidedness of letting love triumph against the odds and mirages of the surrounding world. (more…)

June 23, 2011

Severe Illusion joins forces with CCP

It is a great honor and privilege to present a new addition to the Complete Control Productions artist roster. After a few years of relative silence, Swedish EBM veterans Severe Illusion are preparing a full scale comeback later in 2011. The album “No More Alive Than You Deserve” is due for release on CCP, where Severe Illusion have found a new home along with Arzt+Pfusch, Emu Bomb, Infiltrator and The Pain Machinery. As usual with Severe Illusion, a traditional EBM sound combined with lots of distortion and serious attitude problems is to be expected. The album deals with the perceived freedom of the individual, the failure of democracy and the advantages of ignorance. A journey back to the roots of riot electronics. Severe Illusion have been active since 2000, releasing 3 albums and playing numerous live shows all over Europe. Lately the band have been collaborating with The Pain Machinery: the results will be released before the end of this year.  (source: CCP)

About Severe Illusion:

It all began in the year 2000, some time during the summer. Fredrik Djurfeldt and Ulf Lundblad happened to be in the same place at the same time. Since then they have released three albums and a whole lot of other stuff. First off was the album “Discipline” is reward enough, released by PAF records in May 2003. Soon PAF records ceased to exist and Severe Illusion moved to New Mexico based Dangerous Sharks Biting People (DSBP) who released the next album, “Accomplishments of Leopold II”, in the year 2005. In late 2006, Double Shotgun Barrel Politics (DSBP) also released the album “Shortcut to Civilization”. During the same period, a split 12″ vinyl thing called “Fight your lodging elsewhere/Hyper decease” EP was made together with EBM/Power Noise legends The Pain Machinery. Throughout the years, Severe Illusion have played live shows in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

June 16, 2011

The Search – “The Silverslut 2000 – 2002” Out June-28


I Saw the Light” * “Icewoman” * “Let Me See Your Arms Stretch out” * “Come Lie next to Me” * “Underwater Cheek to Cheek” * “Night Friends” * “A Young Open Wound” * “Juno” * “The Search for a Meaningful Existence” * “Squeeze Me like a Snake” * “Natasja Scotch” * “Quash” * “Badass Sally” * “Them Panties” * “Dick Fire” * “Travolta” * “Me and Ritva and Some Cheap  Scotch” * “Boken” * “Do You Wanna Go out?” * “Steel Wall Baby” * “A Midnight Date” * “Chloe” * “Sunset Park” * “Surrogat” * “What the Fuck” * “Razmigs nya” * “Min bottenvaning” * “Blend” * “Bizmylla jive” * “Press My Hand” * “Barbara” * “My Kiss Cucumber” * “Margaret” * “Infection” * “Autofellatio


It’s been pretty silent about the Swedish Indie-Rocker from THE SEARCH for a long time. After their successful album “Saturnine Songs” in 2008, first gigs in Germany and some changes in the band’s line-up now the nice guys of tranquil Uppsala come up with a 6-CD-download-compilation “The Silverslut 2000-2002“. (more…)

June 14, 2011

Felix Marc – “Parallel Worlds” – Viva Music Album Review

Repair” * “Moscow Paris” * “Collector” * “Opposite Sides” * “Life Is Porn” * “Fields of Grey” * “The Muse” * “Modern Talking” * “The Garden of Light” * “Ghost” * “Mystify” * “Parallel World


The charismatic 35 year old Felix Marc started making music since 1994; evolving musically as both a member of DIORAMA with his friend Torben Wendt, and FROZEN PLASMA with Vasi Vallis, whom he met after a VNV NATION concert. Actively involved in both acts, he also pursues his solo career; with a beautiful first album entitled “Pathwaysout in 2008, he now returns with a very melodic and respectable album, “Parallel Worlds”, out June-10 with Infracted Records.

FELIX MARC – “Parallel Worlds” – VIVA MUSIC Album Review:

Parallel Worlds” is a very musically complex album, and unlike albums that strive to be utterly creative music-wise, “Parallel Worlds” is very amenable, easy to listen and really enticing. With a very superior sound, the album, made up of 12 tracks, is definitely worth your time and attention.

FELIX MARC ranges among his influences diverse cultural personalities such as CAMOUFLAGE and FALCO, CASPER DAVID FRIEDRICH and W.B. YEATS. Add to that that he “collects ideas while traveling or spending time abroad”, and you get the idea of his creative processes. Not only he creates music on a constant basis, but he also finds the creative inspiration to cover masterpieces of the past, such as INXS’s “Mystify”.

Repair”, the first track of the album, is a very practical, hands-on beginning for the album: an atmosphere-ridden track, it is energetic and depicts beautifully the notion of renewal through a love without pain that is meant to overcome disasters. “Moscow Paris”, with a name redolent of an air flight, is a very electro anthem, about a mind going berserk while being haunted by depressions and the song is in itself very illustrative of that feeling. “Collector” follows, with a very rational and suave tempo, and then it is time for “Opposite Sides”, a VIVA MUSIC favorite from the album; a hopeful but melancholic piece about separation.

Pedro Almodovar said via his literary character Patty Diphusa that “life imitates porn”. FELIX MARC goes a step further stating unequivocally that “Life Is Porn”. With a Tourette-heavy beginning, the song softens up musically, and what it does is to play upon self-irony. The time is ripe for “Fields of Grey”, another wonderful and very melodic track, with a duo of voices that join in a common search for answers to questions and prayers.

The Muse” is a very club-friendly track and its depiction of a battle of angels of inspiration that are meant to reduce creative challenges is an overcoming of creative challenges in itself. After a prompt and alert “Modern Talking”, the next track, “The Garden of Light” electrifies with its very inviting and intimate nature. A very rich song, both in texture and imagery, “The Garden of Light” makes room for “Ghost”, a very powerful song about the ghost of memory.

The album would not have been so complete or replenishing without the addition of two new tracks. One of them, the afore-mentioned cover for INXS’s “Mystify” was thought by FELIX MARC after hearing it on car radio and wanting to capture what seemed to him a perfect moment, he created the perfect cover. Last but not least, his “Parallel World” strikes as a very majestic, opportune and contemporary track about thought-up worlds and thought-up dreams, both with questions, suspicions and inaccuracies that make life a dream that we can choose to either live or dream up.

Parallel Worlds” is a superb album, and we hope to hear a lot of positive feedback about it; since it deserves it fully. It is a vibrant, healthy album one needs to listen to in order to grasp the quality of FELIX MARC’s work. If you are a fan of DIORAMA and FROZEN PLASMA, you should not neglect to look into this creative side of FELIX MARC; and all your expectations will be rewarded.

FELIX MARC Official Site | on Facebook

June 5, 2011

Suede (The Mono Jacks opening) 04.06.2011 at Arenele Romane, Bucharest – review (with photos and videos)


The EventThe Mono Jacks @Arenele Romane, Bucharest 04.06.2011 – reviewThe Mono Jacks @Arenele Romane, Bucharest 04.06.2011 – photogallerySuede @Arenele Romane, Bucharest 04.06.2011 (The Mono Jacks opening) – review SUEDE @Arenele Romane, Bucharest 04.06.2011 (The Mono Jacks opening) – photogallerySUEDE @Arenele Romane, Bucharest 04.06.2011 (The Mono Jacks opening) – setlistOther reviewsVideos

The Event

The event Suede @Arenele Romane Bucharest 04.06.2011 (The Mono Jacks opening) was presented by One Event (site | Facebook) to whom Viviana (photos) and Octavian (review) thank wholeheartedly for one of the best concert experiences e-vah! Many thanks, and congrats, One Event! With a numerous crowd (less and unfortunately so for the 1-hour show put up by The Mono Jacks), a fine selection of songs on the setlist and a wonderful denouement, the event can be counted among the finest concerts of the year already. It may well be the Suede fan in me saying this, but Suede fans and Suede-curious crowd must agree: the concert, while sounding nothing like the Suede of their past glory, shows Suede are back, and we have to ascertain the more mature-sounding, retro riffs and always and always less falsettos as a sign this could well be the music of a new generation, too.

Suede‘s concert was exactly as I had fantasized about. I had a hunch there would be no “A New Morning” songs, it being the ‘one-too-many’ album lead singer Brett Anderson referred to as being the unnecessary effort that clarified the band’s disbandment in 2003. With a well-represented “Coming Up” (6 songs), “Dog Man Star” (5 songs), as well as 3 songs from “Suede”, 2 from “Head Music” and a totally unexpected and all the more brilliant and valiant “Killing of a Flash Boy” of “Sci-Fi Lullabies” fame, Suede took their audience on a scenic drive with significant halts of their career, showing that, notwithstanding the passing of time (some of the songs are 1-year short of being 2-decade old), the nineties were a wonderful musical playground, worth revisiting.


May 24, 2011

Cover-ep “Gitarre kaputt” by Reizstrom will be released in June!


1) Vagabonds * 2) Human Fly * 3) The Passenger * 4) All Shook Up * 5) Rawhide * 6) Blister In The Sun * 7) Michelle

After the last two albums “Zettel am Zeh” (2009) and “Dwarfs Like Giants” (2010) MeCha and Skip decided to relax and record a coverversion just for fun, which they’ve planned a long time ago and which would be a difficult one. Both were very enthusiastic, that suddenly there were 7 songs and the decision was made, to release an ep, to share the love for these Indie-evergreens with friends and fans.

The EP received the matching name “Gitarre kaputt” (Guitar broke), ’cause all songs are guitar pieces, which were pulled to the dark electronic side of the force, but also trying to keep their magic. Equal it is Indie-Rock, Rockabilly or Wave, oneself just had to love the songs and due to this reason, they decided to start the project and create the interpretations, which are good to be silent, but also bring people closer together, who hadn’t have the luck to grow up with these songs. (more…)

Truemmerfrau – New Album “Geschmacksmusterverletzung” – Viva Music Review


I AM BACK” * “Grande Dame” * “Ein Saeugetier Wie Ich” * “Heisser Scheiss” * “Ode 2 Friendship” * “Berlin” * “Another Song” * “Mongo, Mongo!” * “A Place” * “Hit (By a Meteor)” * “Die letzte Party

About Truemmerfrau:

Truemmerfrau are an electronic music duo formed in 2006 by Janne Pawelczyk (vocals, music, lyrics) and Toni (live keys, backingvox). After a first album in 2008, “Musika Mottekki”, they come back with a new release on June 24, 2011:Geschmacksmusterverletzungwith Remote Music. Meanwhile, the duo kept themselves busy with various performances and also contests: they were a top finalist in Dortmund Dance Track competition, and won the Urban Electronics DJ Battle in Osnabrueck – thus proving that their merits of mixing genre boundaries and getting together the acts of electronic, EBM and even dance and techno are not a far-fetched musical contraption, but a genre in itself. (more…)

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