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May 24, 2011

Cover-ep “Gitarre kaputt” by Reizstrom will be released in June!


1) Vagabonds * 2) Human Fly * 3) The Passenger * 4) All Shook Up * 5) Rawhide * 6) Blister In The Sun * 7) Michelle

After the last two albums “Zettel am Zeh” (2009) and “Dwarfs Like Giants” (2010) MeCha and Skip decided to relax and record a coverversion just for fun, which they’ve planned a long time ago and which would be a difficult one. Both were very enthusiastic, that suddenly there were 7 songs and the decision was made, to release an ep, to share the love for these Indie-evergreens with friends and fans.

The EP received the matching name “Gitarre kaputt” (Guitar broke), ’cause all songs are guitar pieces, which were pulled to the dark electronic side of the force, but also trying to keep their magic. Equal it is Indie-Rock, Rockabilly or Wave, oneself just had to love the songs and due to this reason, they decided to start the project and create the interpretations, which are good to be silent, but also bring people closer together, who hadn’t have the luck to grow up with these songs.

So this box of treasures contains something for everyone, nevermind if for the club or for dreaming at home, for young or old, there is no way to escape the songs’ gravity and from loving them, and if it only brings oneself to dust out the LP-box and bring the old original hits back on the turntable after a long time. Hopefully one or another is encouraged to research through the musical past and to discover which musical masterpieces they’ve missed so far.

“Gitarre kaputt” will be published on June-03 as a digital EP on Ionium Records and will be available in all well known download stores.

Reizstrom – Official Site
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