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December 7, 2011

Amduscia “Death, Thou Shalt Die”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Damn Punks” * “Desequilibrio Mental” * “I’ll Hate You” * “Seduccion es mi placer” * “F*** the F***ing F***ers” * “Solo Maquina (Antihuman Remix)” * “R.I.P.” * “Creepy Life” * “Adicto al dolor” * “How I Hate You” * “Wild Girls” * “Battle in Paradise” * “Creepy Life (Cid Project Remix)” * “Creepy Life (Eelectrovot Remix)

About Amduscia – “Death, Thou Shalt Die”:

After the tragic untimely death of sound wizard Edgar Acevedo in March 2010, it was not clear whether the fourth studio album of Amduscia was ever to see the light of day. His brother Polo, the band’s shouter decided that there could not be a better legacy for the Mexican band, completed the album by himself and had it produced in a German studio. “Death, Thou Shalt Die” has become an album that is hard to top in terms of intensity. Amduscia have not sounded this compact, aggressive, striking and club-compatible since their debut. Now, the band rises like a phoenix from the flame, with a record that sounds like a challenge – a challenge to the grim reaper himself!

Amduscia “Death, Thou Shalt Die” – Viva Music Album Review:

Out on Dec-02 with Out of Line Records, the new album from Amduscia takes its title from the remarkable and memorable last line of metaphysical poet John Donne’s “Holy Sonnet X”, one of the most commonly referred to verses about the individual’s revolt against implacable death. The title reference is even more evocative if we take into account its history of bereavement and the fact that it is added to a band name so full of meaning such as Amduscia, after the demon whose voice of thunder is heard during storms, accompanied by the sound of trumpets of medieval lore.

The album debuts with the very energetic “Damn Punks”, a track of incredible force and elevation. A club-friendly piece of dark electro, the track is followed suit by “Desequilibrio Mental” (English: “Mental Imbalance”), the dedicated beat of which may stay with you for as long as you live, it is that fierce and impressive that it sounds. If the occlusive darkness of both “Damn Punks” and “Desequilibrio Mental” is a starting point, then what “I’ll Hate You” does next is nothing short of an explosion of gigantesque proportions. Just like drawings in unruly sand made by wind, the chaos of the song builds in fact harmonies of great impact. Coming up next, “Seduccion es mi placer” (English: “Seduction Is My Pleasure”) is a song full of zest and color and relentless beat, up and running in good shape for your dancefloor contests and of course heading for a lot of quality fun. So is the forthcoming “F*** the F***ing F***ers”, the deluge brought by the cascading sound promoting a very verbose and playlist efficient kind of music. A Viva Music favorite, “Solo Maquina (Antihuman Remix)” destroys and remakes the world we live in in a couple of minutes of glorious and purely enjoyable listening material. “R.I.P.” will take you willy-nilly to the dancefloor, just as the masterpiece “Creepy Life” (also available on the album as: “Creepy Life (Cid Project Remix)” * “Creepy Life (Eelectrovot Remix)), a multifaceted Gorgon of a song, well worth your time and attention. “Adicto al dolor” (English: “Addicted to Pain”) is a chronic balance and harmony built in the key of electro, and it is highlighted by its mere position in the album, and the power contained in the song is one that speaks at the same time about the progress and the decay of humankind. “How I Hate You” and “Wild Girls” are great compositions, as well, and they create an indiscernible curtain of sound that drapes your living space and shields it from sentimental terrorism. With a very acid lyrical content, which is patent throughout the album, the songs resemble spells and their special delivery for the dance floor cannot but entice you. And before the floor is taken by the reworks of “Creepy Life” it is time for another Viva Music favorite, “Battle in Paradise”, a gem of a song and a clear depiction of the way imagery gives tonality to music, while the artist, as a creator of new worlds, is responsible for bringing them to life before our very eyes.

Death, Thou Shalt Die” is a very intuitive and elegant album. The danceability of most if not all tracks is a fascinating experience for the listener, and also a replenishing one. Enjoy!

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