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March 7, 2012

AEsthetic Perfection – All Cities Destroyed – Summer 2012 Tour Info

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Read Viva Music‘s review of Aesthetic Perfection‘s latest “All Beauty Destroyedhere. Click here for RSVP and updated information on concert dates, tickets and venues.

Aesthetic Perfection – All Cities Destroyed Tour

with special guests:  [X]-RX & Trainwrecked (featuring Porcelain Black) (June 8-21)  |  BlakOpz (June 24-July 8)

Current dates: 6/08/2012  Philadelphia  Starlight Ballroom | 6/09/2012 New York   Cybertron @ The Gramercy Theatre | 6/11/2012 Richmond Fallout | 6/13/2012 Atlanta    The Shelter | 6/15/2012  Austin   Elysium | 6/16/2012 Houston  Numbers | 6/20/2012 Denver  Casselmans | 6/22/2012 Los Angeles  Das Bunker | 6/24/2012 San Francisco  DNA Lounge | 6/25/2012 Portland  Hawthorne Theater | 6/26/2012 Seattle  El Corazon | 6/29/2012 Calgary  Dickens Pub |  6/30/2012 Edmonton Starlite Room |  7/03/2012 Minneapolis Ground Zero | 7/04/2012 Madison  Club Inferno |  7/05/2012 Chicago  Reggie’s |  7/06/2012 Dayton  Aquarius | 7/08/2012 Detroit   Necto |

January 17, 2012

Vic Anselmo “In My Fragile” 2012 Tour News

Latvian Gothic wonder voice Vic Anselmo goes on tour across the Europe in March 2012 with her new album “In my fragile…”. The album was out in Europe in August 2011and got a great response from music medias: 4th place in Zillo and Sonic Seducer’s soundchecks, Gothic – “Fantastic!”,  Legacy – 14/15.

Read Viva Music’s review of Vic Anselmo‘s “In My Fragilehere.

Vic Anselmo supported an European tour of German legendary electronic avantgarde duo Deine Lakaien. Vic Anselmo opened all 24 shows of Indicator tour and got a recognition and awesome response of big audience in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Except tour with Deine Lakaien she had two European club tours with her band and performed at such big festivals as WGT 2009 (D),Castle Party 2009 (PL), Waregem Gothic Festival 2010 (BE), Elf Fantasy Fair 2010 (NL), and Dark Mills 2010 in London. Vic also performed on stage with Das Ich as a guest artist at WGT 2011 and Amphi festival 2011. she also performed a guest vocals for Mesh at M’era Luna 2011. In August/September 2011 Vic Anselmo performed a China tour.

Vic Anselmo In my fragile… 2012 tour dates: 09.03 Riga (LV) Naba club /  10.03 Liepaja (LV) Fontaine Palace / 16.03 Herk-de-Stad (BE) Gothville festival / 17.03 Rijswijk (NL) Gothic & fantasy beurs / 18.03 Rijswijk (NL) Gothic & fantasy beurs / 20.03 Krefeld (D) Jazzkeller / 21.03 Bochum (D) KULT / 22.03 Berlin (D) Duncker club / 23.03 Uster (CH) Rock city / 24.03 Annaberg-Buchholz (D) Alte Brauerei /

October 20, 2011

KMFDM “A Drug Against Wall Street” Digital Download + Poster

Download KMFDM‘s “A Drug Against Wall Street” music here. Download poster art here. Read Viva Music’s review of KMFDM‘s latest “WTF?!here.

Occupy Wall Street“, regardless of its outcome, will change forever the way we look at peaceful protests around the world. In the aftermath of a financial meltdown with stern measures and with a constant haggling of democracy/kleptocracy, artists around the world showed their support of the movement and the protesters. One fo them is none other than KMFDM, who offer as a digital download on their site a rework of their 1993 hit “A Drug Against War“, now titled “A Drug Against Wall Street“, offering new hues and new power of engagement to their original song, which already had a fame of its own. A 1994 “Beavis and Butthead” feature on MTV, and a song with critical acclaim, the song released in 1993 and reissued in 2009 can now be downloaded from the homepage of KMFDM, together with a poster that ascertains the band’s support of the social protest of recent weeks.

KMFDM – Official Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

October 10, 2011

Aesthetic Perfection release “All Beauty Destroyed” on Nov-02. Before, “Inhuman” (single) on Oct-20!

All Beauty Destroyed” is the name of the third album from Aesthetic Perfection. It will be released both as a standard disc and a special limited edition with a second disc including various remixes from X-RX, Alter Der Ruine and Hocico). It will be available in Europe from Out of Line starting Nov-04 and in the US from Metropolis starting Nov-08. Preceded by two single releases, one of which can be listened to and downloaded for free from the band’s Facebook page here (tab: Free single), (“The Devil’s in the Details”), as well as their forthcoming release, the appetizing album teaser to be released on Oct-20 with Out of Line (“Inhuman”).

Advance orders of the latter can be placed at the store located on Aesthetic Perfection’s site, but will also be available in digital outlets from both Out of Line and Metropolis. Meanwhile, you can stream the track from the band’s Facebook page here (tab: Band page). And if you thought the names of remix acts dropped in the album tracklist preview were great, what can you say when you hear that “Inhuman” is remixed by Combichrist, Imperative Reaction or iVardensphere? Check it out, don’t miss such a great opportunity to become familiar with a great album.

October 3, 2011

New Ad Inferna Single “eXsangue” Out!

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Ad Inferna, who have kept themselves busy all the time, do not lose time and release “eXsangue“, just months away from the release of their “There Is No Cure” 2011 album which we enjoyed immensely and reviewed here. “eXsangue” can be ordered from here and it comes packed with cleverly designed t-shirts (in both women and men possessed packs) which read “I’m Possessed by Ad Inferna and There Is No Cure for That”, signed posters, cards, and of course, the single. “eXsangue”  sounds pretty amazing, and it is no wonder, since it is produced at this very high standard Ad Inferna accustomed us with; and it genuinely enthuses and seduces.

eXsangue”  – Watch the official video below:


Ad Inferna – Official Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

September 19, 2011

IAMX “Volatile Times” Single Release on Sep-23. Watch the video and the single teaser!

After “Ghosts of Utopia” and “Bernadette” (read Viva Music‘s review here), “Volatile Times” is the third single release from the homonymous 2011 album from IAMX. The release on Sep-23 will be made both as a phyisical package and a digital download. The lucky ones who pre-order will get hand signed copies from the man behind IAMX himself, Chris Corner.

The tracklist of the single is already known, though slight variations in track order may occur before the release: “Volatile Times (IAMseX UNFALL Rework)” * “Volatile Times (Clayton Worbeck Mix)” *”Volatile Times (Glen STRANGERS Trip Wave Remix)” * “Volatile Times (Noblesse Oblige Remix)“.

The single release is preceded by the video release for “Volatile Times” last Friday, as well as by a single and new tour (Into the Asylum – October 2011) teaser, both of which you can watch below. (more…)

August 31, 2011

Angelspit “Hello My Name Is” Out October-11!

It’s time again to “F*** the Revolution. This is war.” Because Angelspit, the Australian New York/Berlin-based wonder who played major festivals and who shared the stage with names such as KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Sisters of Mercy or Nitzer Ebb, as well as producers of very viral remixes for various bands (again KMFDM and also Ministry) are back this autumn with “a non-stop audio assault on all things that hold back creativity and freedom of expression“, their new album “Hello, My Name Is” with Metropolis Records, out on October-11.

Tracklist: “Cubicle” * “Counterfeit” * “Vermin” * “Catatonic” * “Monkey Byte” * “Defibrilator” * “Bullet Proof” * “Static” * “Jailbait” * “Deadly” * “Violence

Their new music is a revolt of synthesizers, drum machines and samplers – add to that guitars and you get a picture of what they are coming up with! Audio previews are already available on the band’s Facebook welcome page! Pre-order the album from Metropolis Records as a disc or digital download from here.

August 29, 2011

VNV Nation – “Automatic” – New Album Out in September + Preview + Tour Dates

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“The new VNV Nation album “Automatic” will be released in September. The album has been in production for a while and so far it looks to be an incredibly energetic and anthemic release (and then some). We’ll be premiering some of the new songs at our show at the Nordstern Festival in Hamburg in July and snippets and previews will be posted online over the Summer. There’s so much we want to tell you about this album and what we have planned around it but we prefer to keep it a surprise, for the moment. There are lots of things planned that we’ve never attempted before and we’re really excited about it.” (source)

Read about the wonderful performance of VNV Nation at Nordstern Festival 2011 here (Viva Music review). | Read about the album (release date: September 16, 2011) here. | Read about the 2011-12 VNV Nation tour across Europe and the US here. | Listen to the album snippets below.

VNV Nation – Automatic (Snippets) by VNV Nation

August 12, 2011

AESTHETIC PERFECTION signs to Metropolis Records!

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On March 20 and May 01, 2011 Viva Music played Aesthetic Perfection on Romanian national FM radio (Bucuresti FM), probably for the first time in the whole wide world. If you know any other national (not online) radio that has done the same, let us know. We are really proud of all our achievements, but the Electro/industrial radio show beats them all! Here is the (hi)story of our show.

Aesthetic Perfection immediately got fans and supporters in Romania, fans who have repeatedly inquired about a live show in Bucharest! Viva Music is still trying to book AP, so we may have the pleasure to see Mr. Graves in flesh and blood in Bucharest. As much as we would like to offer an unforgettable show to the Romanian fans, we also understand that Mr. Graves is really busy becoming famous! Here is the excellent news we have just received in a report from Metropolis Records:

  AESTHETIC PERFECTION Signs to Metropolis Records
New album ALL BEAUTY DESTROYED Scheduled For November 8th

in regular and Limited 2CD versions

Salzburg, Austria – Daniel Graves, the founder and sole creative member of AESTHETIC PERFECTION, announced today that he has signed his signature project to Out Of Line Records in Europe and Metropolis Records in North America. Both labels will be releasing ALL BEAUTY DESTROYED, his fourth album, in November of this year. There will be a standard single CD edition and a limited double CD version. “There’s an intentional irony in having a band called “Aesthetic Perfection” and naming your album All Beauty Destroyed,” notes Graves “It’s this struggle between personas, the dark and the light, the Jekyll and the Hyde.”

Fans of Grave’s previous albums won’t be disappointed as All Beauty Destroyed continues in the dance floor tradition set by A Violent Emotion, Close To Human and Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound (recorded as Necessary Response), though with this new album, things take a decidedly darker and more sinister turn. “The Devil’s In The Details”, the first single self-released by Graves in a special hand-packaged CD and as a downloadable track in the Rock Band Network showcased the evolved sound that Graves expounds on with the new release. The second single, “Inhuman”, with its synthesized chant of No hope, No pain, No loss, No gain, is bound to keep DJs satisfied with its pulsing rhythm and shout-along vocals. “Under Your Skin”, arguably the most unique track on the album, was recorded using no instruments other than Grave’s multi layered voice. The title track features piano accompaniment from Panzer AG’s Lauren Krothe and is the closest thing to a ballad as one can expect from Grave’s twisted mind.

Aesthetic Perfection’s live incarnation, which includes drummer Tim Van Horn, recently wrapped up its first headline tour of the USA (with support from Germany’s Faderhead)and included a blistering sold-out performance at Los Angeles’ legendary club Das Bunker. The band is preparing for their first headline tour of the UK in November and will be announcing additional European dates shortly. This constant touring, including previous runs supporting Combichrist, Imperative Reaction, S.I.T.D., Grendel and others have cemented Aesthetic Perfection’s hard earned reputation as a powerful live force in the electro-industrial scene.

All Beauty Destroyed promises to be the darkest and most dynamic piece of work Graves has created. As the LA Indy Media Blog notes, “Aesthetic Perfection is more than just rain in the desert, more than just food to a starving man: it is like having a friend jump into the fray as I am getting my butt kicked by 12 or 13 faceless stinking zombies.”

All Beauty Destroyed will be released in a single CD and 2CD edition in Europe by Out Of Line on November 4, 2011 and in North America by Metropolis Records on November 8, 2011. European dates and a US tour will be announced shortly.

aesthetic-perfection.net | facebook.com/aestheticperfection | twitter.com/daniel_graves

 Source: Metropolis Records 


De/vision “Popgefahr – The Mix” Out on Oct-25!

Tracklist: Disc One: “mAndroids (Intuition’s Automatischer Mix)” * “Rage (Mesh – Tantrum Mix)” “What’s Love All About (Raytracer Mix)” * “Time To Be Alive (Iris Mix)” * “Plastic Heart (SideChain Moog Mix)” * “Be A Light To Yourself (Abysmal Mix)” * “Ready To Die (Hearhere Remix)” * “Flash Of Life (Backscatter Remix by Solitary Experiments)” * “Twisted Story (Rob Dust Remix)” * “Until The End Of Time (Renegade Of Noise Stomp RMX)Disc Two: “|mAndroids (Nydhog Remix)” * “Rage (Naweed Mix)” * “What’s Love All About (Kant Kino Remix)” “Time To Be Alive (BLITZMASCHINE Pre-Build Mix)” * “Plastic Heart (Neuroplastic Mix by Cold In May)” * “Be A Light To Yourself (Subsonique – Flashlight Remix)” * “Ready To Die (Remix by ROTOSKOP)” * “Flash Of Life (Intuition’s Perfect Life Remix)” * “Twisted Story (Tkach Rogue Mix)” * “Until The End Of Time (Timeless Rmx by Technomancer)

Did you enjoy De/vision’s latest “Popgefahr”? If so, you now have the opportunity to enjoy the full playlist of “Popgefahr” in not one, but two more versions. The forthcoming “Popgefahr – The Mix” brings you two remix versions of each of the songs, on two separate discs, with highlights from Mesh, Iris, Solitary Experiments and Blitzmaschine. We are looking forward to this release on Oct-25, 2011. You can pre-order the double disc directly from Metropolis Records, as well as other arrangements from different resellers.

De/visionOfficial Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

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