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April 4, 2011

Analog Angel – “The Thin Line (Between Love and Hate)” – Album Review

In the shortest while after their 2009 “Dischord” album, Analog Angel strike again – this time, in 2011 with a sound they describe themselves as “A harder, harsher sound than the first album with BIG kick drums, throbbing bass, strings and loads of nice sounds with an unusual twist here and there”. “The Thin Line (Between Love and Hate)“, released on Feb-28, 2011, comes as a needed material especially before the announced stage performances from Analog Angel in 2011 at Infest and WGT – to sum up a momentous 2011 for the band’s timeline.

The Thin Line (Between Love and Hate)” is a very interesting album, with a fresh and quite rough edge, that is sure to gather a numerous audience. The minimal artistry of the album artwork goes hand in hand with a sound that is not at all sophisticated, but at the same time developed in numerous electro dimensions that are worth your attention. The album already comes with an EP for album remixes (“The Thin Line Remix EP“) is a multidimensional trial at epitomizing sensation and concept – from the first to the last, the tracks display a vast array of emotions and listeners are up against quality material. Viva Music favorites are: “Twisted Tortured Faith“, “Today“, “How Does It Feel” and “When You Called My Name“, but we strongly recommend that you take a ride with the entire album tracklist, since it is a sincere exploration of humanity with a no-hassle, independent, and amorously ethical outlook on how things are and how things should be. We enjoyed listening to the album for the mere fact that it deals with emotions and adds an electro soundtrack to it with an unruly, yet very artsy ’80’s feeling to it.

Tracklist: “The Thin Line (Between Love and Hate)” – the album

“Twisted Tortured Faith”
“Lie to Me”
“Prelude to Greed – Instrumental”
“LOVE/HATE – The Thin Line Between”
“The Miracle”
“DMD!! – Instrumental”
“What you get!!”
“How Does It Feel?”
“When You Called My Name”


Tracklist – “The Thin Line ReMix EP

“Avarice: The Greedy Bastard Mix”
“Lie to Me: Total Fabrication Mix”
“What You Get: Da, da, da Mix”
“Today: The Fight Club Remix”


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