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March 27, 2012

Neon Zoo – “O” – To Be Released on Mar-30: Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “I’m Your God” * “Purity” * “Skin” * “The Voyeur” * “Haunt” * “Divine” * “Seethe” * “Closing In” * “The Offering” * “Beautiful Darkness” * “PushBonus: “Dionysian Dream” * “Sublime” * “The Love” * “The Voyeur” (Full Version) * “Uranus in Latex/Venus in Furs” * “Twisted” (Kerrang Radio Edit)

Download previous album “Heaven Sin” for free from Bandcamp.

About Neon Zoo:

Already on the forerunner, “Heaven Sin“, the depths of human soul were fathomed, O goes even a step further. Darker, with more sex-appeal and a lot of twists and turns. The album pulsates between catching dacefloor-fillers, like “Purity” or “Haunt“, and menacing, seducing and enigmatically fascinating moments of dark indulgence, which is carried by the vocals in songs such as “The Offering“, “The Voyeur” and “Seethe“.

“O” is an album of a different kind, in which 2 years work in the role of audio producer gets demonstrated. “O” can be many things – a circle, a ring, a hole… or simply a sign of the continuous change. As well as the live band, that gets assisted by guest musicians, Richard (Bass) and Mike (member of the band Manuskript) appear on the album, too. The concentrated creativity, the profound lyrics and the professional production make “O” a real masterpiece.

O” will be released on March 30th 2012 with 11 songs + 6 bonus tracks on all well-known stores and as a free download with 11 tracks on afmusic.

Neon Zoo -“O”: Viva Music Album Review:

Out this Friday on Mar-30 with afmusic, Neon Zoo’s second album “O” is a wonderful piece of darkwave with a lot of appeal and with a generous set of enticing images. If you are a newcomer to the world of Neon Zoo, it will not be long before you are taken in by their charisma. With sufficient balance between poetic probing of the dark depths of the human soul and relevant dancefloor elements, “O” is both the donut and the hole, it gives you content but also room for musing, and it stands out, in many ways, among this year’s releases with its unique and unaffected sound.

I’m Your God” is the basic instruction you get on entering the premises of Neon Zoo. A well-staged track with a killer music and lyric combo, “I’m Your God” is penetrating and powerful, and its dark hues permeate the ensuing “Purity”. More dance driven than its predecessor, “Purity” is enflaming and cadenced, a great definition track and what’s more, one that will definitely leave its imprint. The same is true of “Skin”, which adds on top of the previous creative pool a very sexy and alarming atmosphere at the same time. Tight as skin and perspiring sensuousness, “Skin” marks a turn in the album, but also a very plausible premise: if the album is going to be as diverse as the three first tracks try and demonstrate, will it elude a definition? To some extent, as goes on to prove “The Voyeur”, it will – however, there are luminescent arrows in the album that are most certainly darting from the same spiritual font. And if you enjoyed “The Voyeur”, you will be happy to hear that an extended version is provided in the bonus area of the purchasable album.

Haunt” recaptures the feeling intimated in “Purity” with a lot more dance friendly atmosphere, but it does not corrode the album’s seriousness with futile artifice. It evolves naturally and combines elements that are relevant in their entirety and make perfect musical sense together. And then it’s up to the electrifying “Divine” and the trippier “Seethe” to take the floor, but with the same zest and impact as the previous album tracks. “Seethe” is a great example of the blend one can reach in today’s music to encompass genres that are extraneous and inherent to a scene and make them novel and fresh. “Closing In” boosts the danceability of previous tracks and makes a topnotch impression, while “The Offering” conspires with the listener in creating a thorough, permanent bond and speaks in very natural tones. “Beautiful Darkness” is just as title suggests beautiful, and dark, however, its refinement, both accommodating and devastating, makes it alongside “I’m Your God” a definite Viva Music favorite. “Push” has the difficult task of closing the album, but it performs, as was expected, well. It somewhat opens up a different perspective, and it is not unlikely that it represent a new direction altogether, a sort of promise for a future release.

Mention should be made of the bonus tracks, too, the ones that broaden the picture of “O” and at the same time reaffirm the band’s pledge to make great music. Except for the extended version of “The Voyeur”, which, as mentioned before, finds its proper place in the bonus area, there are several other goodies: the effervescent “Dionysian Dream” and the mock lullaby “Uranus in Latex/Venus in Furs” catch, of course the attention, and it’s not solely because of their crafty titles; but there also are in the deal tracks that definitely make the album choice more varied: “Sublime”, “The Love” and “Twisted” – all packed with their own personality, but also with an already recognizable Neon Zoo cachet.

O” is a profound, and at the same time amenable listen. It is a great album not only because of the diversity and versatility of the listening material it includes, but also because of the neat set of emotions it provokes and grafts into the listener. Enjoy!

Neon Zoo – Official Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

March 26, 2012

Zita Rock Festival 2012 News!

One of the most beautiful festivals this summer, Zita Rock Festival takes place this Jun-15&16 as usual in Berlin‘s Spandau Citadel, already at its 6th edition! And, even if each and every edition was special, this awesome Zita Rock Festival edition is truly magnificent. To begin with, the festivla was expanded to be a 2-day festival. Expect bestselling artist Evanescence and alongside them on Jun-15, a to be announced co-headliner, but also Lord of the Lost. The lineup for Jun-16, there’s going to be ASP, Saltatio Mortis, Mono Inc., Zeraphine and Staubkind plus one more band to be announced!

Tickets are available at the official ticket shop on Zita Festival’s site: www.zita-rock.de/tickets and additionally on nationwide CTS/Eventim as well as Adticket outlets. You can also buy tickets from www.protain-ticket.de. For those who have already purchased their tickets as one-day tickets, they can use them as day tickets for Saturday, but there are very profitable options for upgrading your day ticket to festival ticket – if you bought your ticket prior to Mar-23, just drop a line at upgrade at zita-rock dot de and you will receive a confirmation for your upgrade.

Further festival info can be viewed on the festival’s site, as well on the festival’s Facebook page.


March 23, 2012

Vlad in Tears’ Exclusive Official Video Release “Mary” on darkwave.ro Friday Mar-23!

Watch the exclusive official video “Mary” and read exclusive news about the tour, new tracks and PC game from Vlad in Tears after the jump | Order Vlad in Tears’ album “Welcome to Vladyland” from iTunes here | Watch the video “At the End of the Worldhere

About Vlad in Tears:

When Kris Vlad (lead vocals & piano) decided to start his own act in 2005, he did not have to venture far from the idyllic Italian village he lived in to find bandmates. He recruited his brothers Lex (guitar) and Dario (bass) and their best friend Alex (drums). They came up with the band name Vlad in Tears because it had a ring to it that would immediately indicate the style in which the band was playing. They began looking for opportunities to play in front of live audiences, at first covering songs by other artists, but soon coming up with their own material and looking for a label to promote their original compositions. After a tour of 34 concerts in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and former Yugoslavia, they recorded their first demo tape “After The End”. What followed were reviews and interviews and a buzz that announced the “most amazing Italian Gothic Act”. Before long, labels started to become interested in Vlad in Tears. Eventually, the band signed with “Aural Music” where they released their first official record named “Seed of an Ancient Pain”, which gained the reputation of “Best Gothic Indie release of 2007”. The positive feedback Vlad in Tears was getting, led to more sold out gigs all over the world, especially in the UK and South America and eventually to the release of their second album “Underskin”, which will be re-released with additional material some time in 2012. Currently their third album “Welcome to Vladyland” once more demonstrates the versatility and musical depth of Vlad in Tears and is headed to become their biggest success in the charts, yet.

Watch the exclusive official video “Mary” from Vlad in Tears:

It’s a ghost story…  A long time ago, Mary was this girl who was possessed by a demon. Shortly upon her death through exorcism, she started appearing in the very house in which she was exorcised. And then, the leader of a dark rock band called Vlad in Tears decided to make a video documentary set in Mary’s house. Kris, that was his name, had peculiar feelings while shooting the vid, it was like being stunned in the beginning, but as they moved on, he was taken in by the ghost girl. He fell in love, wicked love with her. Some believe that Mary is still around us. Maybe. She’s right here. Behind you. Now.” (Kris Vlad)

Lyrics: She’s like an angel in my dreams/She’s like a dancer on my lips….And now….killing to feel fine…/She’s like fever in my mind, She’s like demon on my side/She brings me to feel fine/She kills me to feel fine as the darkness in my life/My Mary, oh Mary, I’m feeling what you are feeling/My Mary, oh Mary I’m feeling what you are feelin’/My Mary, sweet Mary/I’m loosing my mind in you … you’re the worst and the best of my life…./She’s like a razor in my eyes/She’s like a razor on my side/And now ….Screaming to feel fine/She’s like a stranger in my town, drivin’ me crazy, diggin’ me down …/She brings me to feel fine/She kills me to feel fine as the darkness in my life….


March 22, 2012

Nordstern Festival Lineup Complete 2012

Finally the line up of our second Nordstern Festival 2012 is complete!

We stick to our idea of trying to present bands that you can only rarely see at the big festivals: The Belgian EBM combo Juggernauts is just such a band. The formed in 2010 and the their first song „Phoenix“ was released in July 2011 as part of the „Awake The Machines 7“ sampler. The Juggernauts will open on Friday at the Markthalle. With 18 bands on 2 days and in 2 two venues, a Kick Off – and an Aftershow Party the Nordstern Festival team is going to offer you a superb program in beautiful Hamburg. Below you can find all relevant festival information:

Line Up:
Markthalle (Big Hall), Friday, 13.07.2012:
Dive* Nachtmahr * Haujobb * :SITD: * Blind Passenger *

Markthalle (Marx), Friday, 13.07.2012:
Eisenfunk * Lights of Euphoria * Monolith * X-RX * Neurotic Mass Movement (Winner of the Newcomer Wettbewerb) * MOON.74 (Winner of the Newcomer Wettbewerb)

Stadtpark, Saturday, 14.07.2012:
Apoptygma Berzerk * Project Pitchfork * Mesh* Northern Lite * Solitary Experiments * The Exploding Boy!

Advance sale is running at full speed. Tickets can be purchased from: 2 days ticket: Tickets for Markthalle, Stadtpark & the Aftershow Party on 14 July (limited to 1000 tickets!!!): Those of you who want to buy such tickets should not wait too long. Stock is already low. Karsten Jahnke: www.karsten-jahnke.de/tickets.php (€ 49,90 including all fees) Eventim: www.eventim.de (€ 51,90 including all fees) Day ticket Stadtpark: Day tickets for Stadtpark and Afteshow Party at the Markthalle on Saturday: Karsten Jahnke: www.karsten-jahnke.de/tickets.php (€ 37,90 including all fees) Eventim: www.eventim.de (€ 39,90 including all fees).

All tickets also allow you to use public transport in Hamburg (HVV) free of charge. News and information concerning the festival can also be found at: www.nordsternfestival.de & www.facebook.de/nordsternfestival. (source: promoter)

March 21, 2012

In terms of musical variety, Amphi Festival 2012 stands out a mile

Amphi Festival 2012 news keep on coming, and we are very happy, since it’s one of the events we are really looking forward to this summer. Musical diversity gives the extra finishing touches to the superb lineup of the festival. Already announced, The Sisters of Mercy, And One, Eisbrecher, Blutengel, Apoptygma Berzerk, Project Pitchfork, Combichrist, Camouflage, Front Line Assembly, DAF, Mono Inc., Corvus Corax, Nachtmahr, Assemblage 23, Solar Fake, 18 Summers, Coppelius, [:SITD:], Haujobb, Stahlzeit, Seabound, Aesthetic Perfection, A Life Divided, [X]-RX, Tyske Ludder, Whispers in the Shadow, The Other, Eisenfunk, Schoengeist, Lord of the Lost – and many others. Today’s news? Three more acts, and what acts, if we may say so: mind.in.a.box, Love Is Colder than Death and Eklipse – the latter being the name of the seductive quartet, which loves to clothe contemporary pop music and soundtrack elements into a fascinating dress of compelling classic string sounds on our Theater-stage. Without vocals, yet even more emotional and spiced up with an extra portion of sex-appeal, the four ladies interpret songs by Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Hurts, Depeche Mode and many more, cunningly flavored with a magic note of dark-lascivious romanticism, wit and dreamy melancholy.

Also in the news today:  Amphi Festival warmup parties – they are numberless! and great occasions to meet other Amphi enthusiasts, plan your trips and get in the mood for the festival, if need be. Apr-07: Paris, Apr-08: Amstelveen, Apr-14: Brighton, Apr-28: Stuttgart, Apr-28: Thessaloniki, Apr-28: Antwerpen; Apr-28: Karlsruche, May-04: Manchester, May-05:  Northampton, May-09: Wuppertal, May-12: London, May-16: Heidelberg, May-19: Krefeld, May-19: Zuerich, May-19: Vienna, May-24: Duisburg, May-25: Bonn, May-25: Bielefeld, Jun-02: Frankfurt, Jun-02: Essen, Jun-02: Augsburg, Jun-03: Dresden, Jun-09: Bonn, Jun-09: Bremen, Jun-16: Siegen, Jun-21: Oberhausen, Jun-22: Athens, Jun-29: London, Jun-30: Ingolstadt, Jul-20: Cologne.

Tickets are available via the Amphi ticket shop under http://amphi-festival.de/tickets and also from http://protain-ticket.de, as well in all German CTS/Eventim box offices. For further information please visit http://amphi-festival.de and http://Facebook.com/amphifestival.

March 19, 2012

Guilt Trip “Feed the Fire” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Headplate” * “Breathe” * “Inanimate” * “Eternal Return” * “Unite” * “Once a Week Twice a Day” * “Reset” * “Life Spit Love” * “Fragments” * “Crack Up” * “Baptism” * “The Bright Side of Lies

About Guilt Trip:

“We are Guilt Trip. We exist in the in between as existence is relative. We destroy to create, oppose to liberate and sodomize to not be victimized. We are the splinter in our brother’s and sister’s eye. We spit in the face of “truth”, “reality” and authority. Deconstruct, revaluate, resist, react and expand. Guilt Trip. Banging on the walls of reality. Eternal warfare is the price of that existence. Eternally returning. To be sane we have to go out of our minds. We can be our mind’s own midwife. The normal is perverse so we’ll slit throats to help with the breathing. Extreme conditions demand extreme responses. Guilt Trip. Sometimes personal but always political as the personal is political. Everything is ideology. A false universe. Rules + submission = culture. Disobey. Tear it all down and start again. Guilt Trip are one of a number, part of a whole, individuals in a collective. Subjects trapped in construed positions, smashing our heads against that cage. A cure for history. New hammers, new rhythms, new chants. Guilt Trip is beyond good and evil. Pretentious? Yes, but for a reason, so open the blood gates and pack your bags. We’re going on a Guilt Trip.” (source: label site)

Guilt Trip – “Feed the Fire” – Viva Music Album Review:

Out on Mar-13/-23 (Scandinavia) with Complete Control Productions, the new release from Guilt Trip entitled “Feed the Fire” was a thorough and satiating experience even on first listen! If you remember Chirurgie Esthetique (and you should), then there is some 90’s industrial residual that is going to appeal even to the untrained ear. What is so lovable about this album? Any answer given at this moment would diminish the album’s multifaceted sexiness; it checks off most rubrics you would expect an album to: it’s rough and tender, it’s arid and luxurious, it’s real and surreal. And all that with a strict agenda, like the one expressed by the band in their statement (above).

Headplate” is a great induction into the art of Guilt Trip – the beats are excellent, and the production of the track flawless. It would not be wrong to consider “Headplate” a masterpiece, but that’s just the first track! “Breathe” comes up next; and you are up against serious trouble – just take into account the phrasing “colonial colon cleansing” and you know that M. Nilssson and K. Lindberg know what they are talking about. Intent on deconstructing our ‘real’ pleasantries and leaving us spectators to a world that is, in fact, living its worst while extolling its best, “Breathe” is a very creative and enticing piece of music. And then there’s “Inanimate” to enhance your awareness – taking as a standpoint the cruelty of modernity under the guise of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the song talks no-nonsense about antonymous “humanity” and “being human”. And if this standpoint seems radical, you should wait for “Eternal Return” to reset your vision: not because there’s a brighter future, but because you can actually be washed over by the torrent of lyrics, scatological but do not let yourselves be fooled; as they say in the song, “can’t be denied, although we tried/there is no true meaning/all based on lies it glorifies/but there’s no redemption”. The same standstill, absent redemption clarifies the meaning of the very palatable “Unite”, as well as of the up next “Once a Week Twice a Day”. A Viva Music favorite, “Reset” does what it says, with a very dance compatible beat and a very pertinent score of lyrics, it truly changes the field of vision toward an unexpected, but at the same time so natural plateau of very dignified music. And the ensuing “Life Spit Love” is a wonderful find, frankly, it should be aired a lot this summer in clubs, because it has all it takes! “Fragments” is there to perpetuate the same feeling, all with great zest and with an undeniable vein of 1990’s nostalgia. “Crack Up” is sleek and insinuates itself into the album, requesting its rights at a very plausible pace; as is “Baptism”. To close the album compilation, “The Bright Side of Lies”, again a Viva Music favorite, captures a truly delectable experience, not cathartic, despite its “this is my life” litany, but taking hold of a very clear-minded and firm-gripping position.

Feed the Fire” is a damn good album and throughout, industrial sharpness vies with electronic effervescence. Not only is it very melodic and dance friendly, but also it carries a message that should be taken heed of; under the varied magmatic layers of words there lies an acuity of the world we live in, and that’s another merit of  Guilt Trip, working slowly but surely their way into your awareness of how things are. If you feel guilty on listening to the album, then their job is done. Enjoy!

Guilt Trip – on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

March 8, 2012

Detroit Diesel “Coup d’Etat” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Crash and Burn” * “Let’s Pretend” * “Just Like Falling” * “Dance of the Dead (feat. Scott from Ivardensphere)” * “Black Flag” * “Never Looking Back” * “Speak No Evil” * “Isolation” * “Underfire” * “The Playground (feat. Dracos from FGFC820)” * “War Never Changes” * “Let’s Pretend (Remix by Grendel)” * “Speak No Evil (Remix by Terrolokaust)” * “War Never Changes (Remix by CeDigest)

Detroit Diesel – “Coup d’Etat” – Viva Music Album Review:

Out toward the end of this month, on Mar-30 with Deathwatch Asia, Detroit Diesel’s third album, entitled “Coup d’Etat” is instant coup de foudre. With a very valiant texture and feel, the album assembles new tracks in a sufficient amount to get one’s ears pricked and to manage to keep the level of attention heightened and uneven – from good to better, that is. Alongside own compositions, remixes provided by Grendel, Terrolokaust and CeDigest, as well as features from Ivardensphere and FGFC820 are represented in the album – and the final product looks just awesome.

With an incisive and great electronic beat, “Crash and Burn” is a very palatable musical experience. It truly creates a horizon of expectations that is satisfied throughout the album. With a blaring signature beat and with interspersed discourse from what seemingly is a protest, the feel of “Crash and Burn” is carried on by the ensuing gem of a song, “Let’s Pretend” (also available on the album: the remix by Grendel). “Let’s Pretend” creates a wonderful bridge from the protest of “Crash and Burn” and the hallucinatory effect of “Just Like Falling”, a track that most certainly won’t go unnoticed in any playlist, no matter its company. Not only it is powerful, but it is also memorable, and its impact is multifaceted – you can actually experience the track with all your senses. Add to this good job “Dance of the Dead (feat. Scott from Ivardensphere)” and you are seriously falling into a sound philosophy of indomitable dimensions. You have to love it, because it sounds pretty amazing and it’s keeping a silent pledge with danceability, too.  (more…)

March 7, 2012

Front Presents: All Tomorrow’s Fridays #1 – 09-Mar, Wings Club

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Aveti in fata cel mai nou capitol din povestea romantata a vietii de noapte din Bucuresti. Ca si predecesorii sai, pilotul All Tomorrow’s Fridays este un episod speculativ plasat intr-un viitor postmodern, distopic, post-epoca-de-glorie-pentru-care-ti-venea-cheful-sa-iesi-în-oras. Este compilat de terte forte muzicale, se mixeaza la pupitru si se mananca cu teme saptamanale ale unui viitor emergent, tripante atat auditiv, ca t si vizual. Si priveste cat mai putin in urma.

RSVP pe Facebook.


INTRARE 10 lei

TANZ OHNE MUSIK – Un performance audio-vizual crud, subtil, iute si dulce, intr-un DJ set colat din bucati shoegaze, experimental, minimal wave, lo-fi, dreamwave si noise.

Pe Myspace | Pe Bandcamp | Color Nurse @Vimeo | Color Nurse@YouTube

01100111 – Copy & paste audio-video. Clip, beat, fragment, loop, sinestezie. Noua cultura a remixului. DJ & VJ set.

Pe Soundcloud | Pe Vimeo

MONTGOMERY CLUNK – Cuprinde atât de multe stiluri ale muzicii electronice încât iti vine greu a crede ca poate să facă sens. Cu toate astea, reuseste.

Pe Myspace | Pe Soundcloud

AEsthetic Perfection – All Cities Destroyed – Summer 2012 Tour Info

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Read Viva Music‘s review of Aesthetic Perfection‘s latest “All Beauty Destroyedhere. Click here for RSVP and updated information on concert dates, tickets and venues.

Aesthetic Perfection – All Cities Destroyed Tour

with special guests:  [X]-RX & Trainwrecked (featuring Porcelain Black) (June 8-21)  |  BlakOpz (June 24-July 8)

Current dates: 6/08/2012  Philadelphia  Starlight Ballroom | 6/09/2012 New York   Cybertron @ The Gramercy Theatre | 6/11/2012 Richmond Fallout | 6/13/2012 Atlanta    The Shelter | 6/15/2012  Austin   Elysium | 6/16/2012 Houston  Numbers | 6/20/2012 Denver  Casselmans | 6/22/2012 Los Angeles  Das Bunker | 6/24/2012 San Francisco  DNA Lounge | 6/25/2012 Portland  Hawthorne Theater | 6/26/2012 Seattle  El Corazon | 6/29/2012 Calgary  Dickens Pub |  6/30/2012 Edmonton Starlite Room |  7/03/2012 Minneapolis Ground Zero | 7/04/2012 Madison  Club Inferno |  7/05/2012 Chicago  Reggie’s |  7/06/2012 Dayton  Aquarius | 7/08/2012 Detroit   Necto |

Industrial Booom – Reboot Festival in Budapest April 27-29: 50 Days Left

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Our friends from Blackhead Agency were so nice to edit a Romanian version of the Industrial Booom – Reboot Festival flyer. This is gladdening news, and we hope to see many of our conationals at the festival! After all, it’s a vital event for our regional scene, and it gives the floor to a lot of acts we love.

And this is the event info in review:

Blackhead Agency is happy to present attendees and potential attendees of Industrial Booom who have not yet made up their mind to come and enjoy the 3-day frenzy of their Budapest festival a once in a lifetime opportunity: to be part of the event, not only as audience, but also team up and gain access backstage for 3 days, to meet and greet their favorite artists and spend the festival time in a unique atmosphere. All is possible due to the recently added option of a VIP ticket (priced at 30,000 HUF/100 EUR) which will instantly make you the star of the event. With a VIP ticket, you’re not only a guest with full rights, but also a host! What’s more, your name will be aired before the shows, in the list of friends of Industrial Booom Reboot Festival who chose to help an ideal festival lineup stay up and running.

Due to recent upsetting news of Malev breakdown, alternative flights had to be found for the fifteen acts which will spray dark paint over Budapest for three days. This affects the initial budget of the festival and the hopes of open-minded and hard-working organizers to keep the faith, but the festival must go on and this is where you can help.

Just a reminder, here are the festival details and awesome lineup that are in store for visitors of Industrial Booom 2012 in Budapest.


Black Head Agency presents Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival between April 27 and 29: three days with a great lineup in Budapest’s Barba Negra Music Club (Prielle Kornélia u. 4.). It’s not the first time the festival happens, last year’s edition was one we are sorry to have missed: still in late April, acts such as Vomito Negro, Suicide Commando, Blitzmaschine, or The Klinik provided during the 3-day festival sufficient entertainment for the dark crowd.

This year, the festival lineup includes a lot more acts, and in addition, their names together spell the lineup of a reputed festival. Although not complete to date (negotiations with Blutengel and Plasma Pool, as well as a DJ set by Covenant’s Eskil are also under the organizers’ scrutiny), the lineup includes:

Day One, April 27 – “Mechanix Day”: Project Pitchfork, The Neon Judgment, Haujobb, 32 Crash, First Aid for Souls, Decoded Feedback  + Eskil (Covenant) – DJ Set

Day Two, April 28 – “Electronic Body Day”: Escalator, Absolute Body Control, Klutae, Spetsnaz, Front 242, the Juggernauts

Day Three, April 29 – “Dark Side Day”: Sonar, The Arch, Clan of Xymox, Diary of Dreams, In Strict Confidence, Dance or Die

 Regular and VIP festival tickets are available on the agency site (http://www.black-head.eu/) as well as on the venue site (http://music-club.barbanegra.hu).

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