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February 29, 2012

More Great News about Amphi Festival 2012!

Great news from the organizers of Amphi Festival 2012 – the Orkus Open Air festival – the list of confirmed acts is getting an irresistible contour. Band suggestions were volunteered by festival fans as well, and in the end the new and replacement bands that make Amphi Festival the event to be at on July 21&22 at Cologne’s Tanzbrunnen.

Apoptygma Berzerk, The Cruxshadows, Spiritual Front, The Wars, and Spetnaz are some of the new names that are added to the already gorgeous list of acts that will keep you beaming for two days: The Sisters of Mercy, And One, Eisbrecher, Blutengel, Project Pitchfork, Combichrist, Camouflage, Front Line Assembly, DAF, Mono Inc., Corvus Corax, Nachtmahr, Assemblage 23, Solar Fake, 18 Summers, Coppelius, [:SITD:], Haujobb, Stahlzeit, Seabound, Aesthetic Perfection, A Life Divided, [X]-RX, Tyske Ludder, Whispers in the Shadow, The Other, Eisenfunk, Schoengeist, Lord of the Lost – and many others.

Tickets are available via the Amphi ticket shop under http://amphi-festival.de/tickets and also from http://protain-ticket.de, as well in all German CTS/Eventim box offices. For further information please visit http://amphi-festival.de and http://Facebook.com/amphifestival.

February 27, 2012

Future Sounds Festival 2012/Winter Edition – Bucharest, Feb-24 – Viva Music Review

Festival gallery by Viviana Ball/Viva Music


Musical encounters in Bucharest tend to be predictable and arouse their general cheering from their quite separate niche crowds. Luckily, more and more niches are being provided entertainment – a sign of normalcy that was less obvious in past years and now seems to be in itself a norm everyone takes into account when screening an event list. There are, however, events that defy any event rubric you had in mind and get you into a very special kind of mood. This was the case with a very genuine event, Future Sounds Festival 2012 – Winter Edition – the future editions of which are a must for your urban wanderings. Brazenly scheduled for a night that took pride in other seven enticing events, the festival was organized by FRONT and deployed seductively in a venue worth checking out, Safe House (82B, Popa Nan St.). It provided a lineup thought up to tempt the novelty curious crowd; but also to persuade it – two international and two local acts were set up in the festival: Sunrays and Yoon (RO), as well as Selebrities and Slow Magic (US). (more…)

February 23, 2012

Noisenautics News from Romania: Nava Spatiala Release Noisenautics Vol. I (@Asiluum.com)

A duo specialized in noisenautics, Nava Spatiala creates sounds which are based on noise/drone/ambient atmospheres, relying on apparently chaotic, unintentional and improvisational use of the spectrum. Carefully keeping you alert along their journeys by the dadaist and deconstructivist approach, they invite you to a continuous exorcism of the present – the soundscapes Nava Spatiala creates also work as a pretext for meditation. Nava Spatiala started in 2010 and their musical approach is based on field-recordings, as well as on sound synthesis.

Inspired by different techniques of altering and randomizing digital information, Nava Spatiala is a continuous critical (anarchist) exploration of the present, in a world dependent on electricity. Building experimental drone/noise/ambient soundscapes, the duo’s 2012 debut EP, “Noisenautics Vol. I” (@Asiluum.com) is an unconventional exploration of the sound spectrum, haunted by sounds of nature and sinthetic vibrations. In order to confine their space, which they overfly extra and intra-dimensionally, Claudiu Chihaescu and Miron Ghiu make use of cricket sounds, traditional instruments and recordings of various religious ceremonies. The two challenge elements of sacred geometry, binaural frequencies that address both brain hemispheres, Alpha waves, as well as strictly subjective sound vibrations. Their journeys invite to meditation and make use of the waking state that is typical for the shamanic trance, in order to transcend the traditional communication boarders and the barriers between the mind, always open for mundane stimuli, and the “motherboard” of the collective subconscious. (source: press release)

Nava Spatiala on Soundcloud

Inure – “The Offering” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “This Death” * “The Call” * “Rapture” * “This Is the Life” * “The Strange” * “All Alone” * “The Offering” * “The Mind Killer” * “So Far Away” * “Cold

Other Inure news on darkwave.ro: Inure “In This Life” – Viva Music Album Review

Inure – “The Offering”: Viva Music Album Review:

Last month when we had the opportunity to listen to Inure’s single release “In this Life”, our intuition was that we will be eagerly awaiting a perfect album, and our expectations did not fall short one bit once “The Offering”, to be released next week on Feb-28 with Metropolis flooded our ears. It’s indeed some “offering”, and it is a fascinating excursion in sound and emotion. Inure seem to have found a great recipe for music making and performance and they are one of the groups which deserve your undivided attention: you are surely going to hear about them a lot in the future, and they are definitely going to stay as one of the defining influences of 2012 and onwards.

To begin with, “This Death”, which we had the chance to listen to in the single release as well (featured as “This Death (Terrolokaust Remix)” and “Le Petit Mort (16volt Remix)”), sounds as expected glorious and sublime. It has a tinge of melancholy that is bound to beckon you nearer and once the harsher sounds deploy, you will be drawn into a new universe, as demanding and convincing as a lover. The industrial aura of “This Death” is reason enough to go on with the sound magnificence of the album, as it moves on with “The Call”, a sexy track of great impact, which you will definitely want to add to your playlists upon listening to it. With “The Call”, the dark electro ambient promised by “This Death” is already a fulfilled promise. A relevant and dance-friendly piece, “The Call” is followed suit by “Rapture”, the sound of which revolves around a very enticing musical line. If “Rapture” sounds good, it is also because of the novelty and freshness of the music, and that is a big plus for any new album nowadays. “This Is the Life”, the undisputed star of the single release from January (“This Is the Life (Album Version)”, “This Is the Life (Vogel Remix)”, “This Is the Life (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)”, “This Is the Life (WhiteQube Remix)”, “This Is the Life (Imperative Reaction Remix)” are the many guises under which it was revealed to us in the single release) is not a new track for fans of the single release, but it surely sounds fuller and more longlasting in the good company of the other tracks from the compilation. This song deserves a review entry all by itself, and then it is no wonder it was the perfect candidate for a single release. What is more, the attention it attracted from other artists – Aesthetic Perfection to begin with, is also tell-tale of its impact. Not one bit less great, “The Strange” and “All Alone” provide very eloquent and memorable listening material. “All Alone”, a Viva Music favorite, which stands erect next to “This Is the Life” is a groovy piece of music, and there is definitely some magic at stake, it sounds that good! And do not bother to catch your breath just now, the intelligent frenzy of “The Offering”, the track that gives the title of the album is next; its vibes persist well after the track is done and dissolves into “The Mind Killer”. “So Far Away” is a misnomer for a track that makes you feel conversely so close; and it even if it lingers on the quieter side, it is nonetheless a special kind of listen, with a lot of energy and a distinguishable melody. The album closes with “Cold”, the eerie and yet comforting music of which sounds just great.

The Offering” shows through its fabric a well done job and it provides sufficient and memorable listening material. It is indeed one of those albums you wish to listen to again and no matter how different your mindset will be in the future, the album is bound to have the same impact it had on first listening to it – it’s that good! Enjoy!

InureOfficial Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

February 22, 2012

Tanz die Revolution Party This Weekend! Come and Join Us to the New Sounds of the Underground!

A new party in town this weekend powered by Tanz die Revolution starting 22:00 in Underworld Club (48, Coltei St.).

Following the success of its first editions of 2010, Tanz die Revolution expands its community constantly and challenges with every new monthly party with a fine selection of EBM, synthpop, aggrotech, industrial, electro tracks as well as many other genres.

Tanz die Revolution – 25-feb – Club Underworld – 48, Coltei St.  – 22:00 hrs

Hosts of the 25-Feb edition are: DJ MNDFK, DJane Malice and DJ Xenomorph.

Not only music, but also surprises are in store for party visitors.

RSVP on Facebook here.

February 17, 2012

Castiga bilete la Future Sounds Festival/2012-Winter Edition! [Concurs finalizat]

Future Sounds Festival este organizat de FRONT, cu sprijinul SafeHouse (Popa Nan 82bis) si Hello Hotels. In editia de iarna 2012 – 24-februarie 10pm, SLOW MAGIC (US, dreamwave), SELEBRITIES (US, new wave), YOON (RO, electronica), SUNRAYS (RO, shoegaze/drone/doom pop) sunt artistii selectati de FRONT pentru a crea o atmosfera propice fanilor noilor descoperiri din scena electro si indie.

Mai multe detalii si RSVP pe Facebook.

Biletele in valoare de 20 lei, se vor putea achizitiona la intrare, in seara evenimentului. Un numar limitat de bilete (50) in valoare de 15 lei vor putea fi achizitionate in regim early-bird de la The Plot, Blanari 14, oferta valabila intre 15-22 februarie.

Castiga 2 (doua) invitatii duble la Future Sounds Festival/2012-Winter Edition


Castiga 2 (doua) invitatii duble la Future Sounds Festival/2012-Winter Edition oferite de FRONT. Tot ceea ce trebuie sa faci este sa te uiti la videoclipul de mai jos si odata ce ai identificat formatia si melodia (indiciu: este vorba de una din formatiile care te va incanta in cadrul festivalului) sa completezi cu datele personale si raspunsul corect formularul de sub video inainte de 20-feb orele 20:00. Iar noi vom extrage prin intermediul random.org cei doi castigatori. Succes!

[contact-form-7 id=”4063″ title=”Future Sounds Festival/2012-Winter Edition contest”]

Update 20-feb, orele 20:30. La concurs s-au inscris 19 persoane – toate raspunzand corect provocarii. Raspunsul corect este: formatie – Selebrities, melodie – Night Heat. Cu ajutorul random.org am ales castigatorii care au dat in ordine cronologica raspunsurile corecte cu numerele 6 si 8. Acestia sunt Mihaela Draghici si Mara Nistor – carora FRONT le ofera cate o invitatie dubla la Future Sounds Festival/2012-Winter Edition. Felicitari castigatorilor si multumiri tuturor participantilor! Mihaela si Mara, va scriem curand cum intrati in posesia invitatiilor.


[de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” Limited Edition Digipak EP – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Single Version” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Bassmachine Mix by Notstandskomitee” * “Rain of Gold: Original Version” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: From Heaven to Hell Remix by amGod” * “Rain of Gold: Synthetic Raincoat Mix by [de:ad:cibel]” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Remix by Plastic Noise Experience” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Remix by n’angst” * “Beat Plastique: Tour Ordinaire Mix by [de:ad:cibel]” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: video by J. Tochtenhagen

Order [de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” Limited Edition Digipak EP from here.

About [de:ad:cibel]: The band name [de:ad:cibel] alludes to the “loudness war” in music productions – in other words moving towards higher sound levels and decreasing dynamic. Technically measured in “decibel” (dB), in music this dynamic represents the difference between low and loud passages. To get a maximum punchy sound, a dynamic mix aims for the zero level. We have substituted the word “dead” for the cipher zero, which means [de:ad:cibel] signifies very loudly mixed and aggressive music – adequate to describe our sound. (source: Facebook page)

About [de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”:

The latest [de:ad:cibel] release “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” is out now and can be ordered immediately from us! Just send a short eMail with the subject “Prophecy” to: order@deadcibel.com and you will get more information. The cost of the EP is 7.99 Euros plus shipping (so please include address for postage calculation). You can expect a fast shipping. Autographed by request! With nearly 35 minutes of music this 9-Track EP includes four awesome remixes of the title track by Plastic Noise Experience, amGod, Notstandskomitee and n’angst! In addition it will contain the new song “Rain of Gold” in two versions and the dancefloor-burner “Beat Plastique“.  The “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” video clip completes the package. Praise the bass! (source: band site)

[de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” Viva Music Review:

Upon listening to the new EP from Echozone’s [de:ad:cibel], the feeling that stayed long enough to prompt a second listen was that although you can oftentimes go astray with a complex sound, what the guys in [de:ad:cibel] (namely: [da:ni:el ga:ld:a] – vocals and [ar:mi:n kue:st:er] – music) did is nothing risky, but a clearheaded and premeditated outburst of pure musical joy. With help from numerous musicians, and looming over an atmosphere-eager crowd, the sound of [de:ad:cibel], self-titled “the German bass machine” take their mission in all earnest and provoke with their title track, “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”. Its numerous facets, exploited in the remixes and reworks included in the EP are there to show just to what extent the solid gold of the original sound can subsist in new sound grids, without altering its overbearing personality, but with a new change of clothes each new time. Of equal impact, the sexier “Rain of Gold”, which exhales enthusiasm and has such a beautiful sheen, as well as “Tour Plastique”, with its engaging, and somewhat eerier sound, add zest to the compilation and contribute greatly to the definition of a sound we are sure you are going to hear more of in the next few years, when newcomers [de:ad:cibel], who now count up to two their years, will develop into the massive and influential group we hope to see them become.

[de:ad:cibel]Official Website  | on Facebook

February 16, 2012

At Industrial Booom – Reboot Festival You Can Team Up and Enjoy a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Blackhead Agency is happy to present attendees and potential attendees of Industrial Booom who have not yet made up their mind to come and enjoy the 3-day frenzy of their Budapest festival a once in a lifetime opportunity: to be part of the event, not only as audience, but also team up and gain access backstage for 3 days, to meet and greet their favorite artists and spend the festival time in a unique atmosphere. All is possible due to the recently added option of a VIP ticket (priced at 30,000 HUF/100 EUR) which will instantly make you the star of the event. With a VIP ticket, you’re not only a guest with full rights, but also a host! What’s more, your name will be aired before the shows, in the list of friends of Industrial Booom Reboot Festival who chose to help an ideal festival lineup stay up and running.

Due to recent upsetting news of Malev breakdown, alternative flights had to be found for the fifteen acts which will spray dark paint over Budapest for three days. This affects the initial budget of the festival and the hopes of open-minded and hard-working organizers to keep the faith, but the festival must go on and this is where you can help.

Just a reminder, here are the festival details and awesome lineup that are in store for visitors of Industrial Booom 2012 in Budapest.


Black Head Agency presents Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival between April 27 and 29: three days with a great lineup in Budapest’s Barba Negra Music Club (Prielle Kornélia u. 4.). It’s not the first time the festival happens, last year’s edition was one we are sorry to have missed: still in late April, acts such as Vomito Negro, Suicide Commando, Blitzmaschine, or The Klinik provided during the 3-day festival sufficient entertainment for the dark crowd.

This year, the festival lineup includes a lot more acts, and in addition, their names together spell the lineup of a reputed festival. Although not complete to date (negotiations with Blutengel and Plasma Pool, as well as a DJ set by Covenant’s Eskil are also under the organizers’ scrutiny), the lineup includes:

Day One, April 27 – “Mechanix Day”: Project Pitchfork, The Neon Judgment, Haujobb, 32 Crash + surprise band

Day Two, April 28 – “Electronic Body Day”: Escalator, Absolute Body Control, Klutae, Spetsnaz, Front 242

Day Three, April 29 – “Dark Side Day”: Sonar, Clan of Xymox, Diary of Dreams, In Strict Confidence, Dance or Die


Regular and VIP festival tickets are available on the agency site (http://www.black-head.eu/) as well as on the venue site (http://music-club.barbanegra.hu).

February 10, 2012

Out Now: WTII Records Spring 2012 Free Sampler

WTII Records, which are known to our scene not only as promoters of a very fine streak of music, but also because of the versatility of the music projects they prop up, come up with a very enivable promotion tool that we kindly invite you to get your hands on right away! Trigger 10d, Method Cell, Lowe, The Qualia, Stromkern, SMP, Am.Psych, Stiff Valentine, Klutae, Rein[Forced], The Gothsicles, Dead on TV – these are the artists compiled in this free compilation “WTII Records Spring 2012 Free Sampler“, which combines a selection of 2011’s best and 2012’s forthcoming miracles.

Read more about and download the compilation from here.

Track info listing is as follows:  Trigger 10d – “Skies Gone Dark (Wade Alin Remix)” (from “Trigger10d“)  * Method Cell – “Scissors (RPS Mix)” (from “Curse of a Modern Age“) * Lowe – “Mirage (Extended Mix)” (from “Evolver“) * The Qualia – “Guess I Lied (Mister 1234 Remix)” (from “Memorial Gore“) * Stromkern – “Intuit (Demo Version)” (from “Stromken” – to be released Mar-13) * SMP – “Cryonica (Deathproof Mix)” * Am.Psych – “Reasons” * Stiff Valentine – “Suicide Execute (Deathproof Mix)” * Klutae – “I Know It’s Sick But It’s So Much Fun (Psychopomps Remix)” (from “Electropunks Unite“) * Rein[Forced] – “Dichotomy (Demo Version)” (from “Dichotomy” – to be released Apr-03) * The Gothsicles – “Save Dat Mermaid (TBM is SRS EBM Mix by Mangadrive)” (from “Industiralites & Magic“) * Dead on TV – “F*** You, I’m Famous (Single Edit)” (from “F*** you I’m famous” – to be released on Apr-24).

February 6, 2012

Retrogramme “For Our Dearly Departed” Out Feb-17 (Europe)/Mar-09 (US)

Tracklist: “Save without a Grudge” * “Patricia” * “My Advice” * “Heaven Is Closer than You Think” * “Milanah” * “Sanctuary” * “Temporary Love (Retrogramme ReKonstruct)” * “Fell Upon Deaf Ears” * “My Advice (Selfish Boy ReKonStrct)” * “Heaven Is Closer (Models & Machines Remix)” * “Cancer Remissed (Force Drift vs. Retrogramme)” * “Patricia (Your Dirty Habit Remix)

Retrogramme (USA) are: Rob Early (music, production); Nik Allen (songwriting); Dmitry Pavlovsky (voice, lyrics).

For Our Dearly Departed” will be released in Europe with EKP on Feb-17 and in the US with Red Basement Records on Mar-09.

About Retrogramme:

Retrogramme is a Washington DC-based electronic music act that has cultivated a strong underground buzz with their wide-range of sophisticated electronic styles and influences. Rob Early, the principal synthesist and programmer, Nikk Allen, the primary songwriter, and Dmitry Pavlovsky, the lead vocalist weave IDM, synthpop, darkwave, and ambient sounds into their own distinctive style which is easily identifiable as Retrogramme. Chad Collier, the creative mind behind the Washington D.C.-based EBM project Force Drift joins them for live performances as vocalist and keyboardist. Retrogramme have twice been featured on BBC6′s “Tom Robinson’s Introducing” series, and have been reviewed in several electronic/gothic/darkwave-based music magazines including ReGen and Dark Grave. They are frequent remixers and have also contributed to various electronic music compilations including Electronic Saviors II and Synth Scene. Their music is currently streaming on several web radio stations including EBM-Radio.com and GothWave.net.

Listen to the preview track “Heaven Is Closer (Models and Machines Remix):

RetrogrammeOfficial Website | on Facebook

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