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July 22, 2011

Solar Fake – “Frontiers” – Out Today July-22 – Viva Music Review

I write about things that bother me or psych me out. These are usually negative impressions or experiences. I try to enjoy all the positive things happening to me and about all the rest I’m writing lyrics.” (Sven Friedrich, SOLAR FAKE)

Tracklist: “Under the Skies” * “Why Did I Raise the Fire” * “No Apologies” * “More than This” * “Parasites” * “Such a Shame” * “Where Are You” * “The Rising Doubt” * “Pain Goes by” * “Until I’m Back” * “The Line of Sight


The German electro act SOLAR FAKE, created by Sven Friedrich (of ZERAPHINE and DREADFUL SHADOWS fame) presents a really extraordinary work with their new album, “Frontiers”. Though three years have passed since the debut album “Broken Grid” was released, followers of Sven’s musical activities have pleasantly eased their waiting with the “Resigned” E.P. (2009), by SOLAR FAKE, and the album “Whiteout” (2010), by ZERAPHINE. Due to SOLAR FAKE supporting VNV Nation on their last tour and playing several festivals, they have attracted great attention, constantly increasing their number of fans, and not only amongst ZERAPHINE’s audience. What was indicated on “Broken Grid” and “Resigned” now finds a felicitous continuation in “Frontiers”: driving beats and danceable floor fillers melt with great melodies you can’t get out of your head once you hear them. Sven’s voice is multifaceted like never before, but still it’s the element connecting all eleven tracks to a whole complete work. (source)

Read about ZERAPHINE and DREADFUL SHADOWS performing at Amphi Festival 2011 here. | Order SOLAR FAKE’s new album “Frontiershere.

SOLAR FAKE, “Frontiers” – Viva Music Album Review:

Very driving beats open up the perspective of the new album by SOLAR FAKE, “Frontiers” inside a very danceable track, “Under the Skies”. With great vocal exercise from a versatile vocalist such as Sven Friedrich, the track is memorable and not exceptionally so: the entire album provides excellent listening material. A dancefloor collectible, “Under the Skies” is closely followed on by a gem of a track, “Why Did I Raise the Fire”, the anthem texture of which intertwines straightforward electro and ineluctable industrial beats, and really makes for a great addition to any playlist. A Viva Music favorite, “No Apologies” comes up next with zest, but also with a very rewarding arrangement; to the effect that it stands out as a generous tribute to numerous red threads of our favorite music, from the music of the 1980’s to synthpop, and from electro to industrial music.

More than This” debuts on the quieter side, but its quiescence evaporates once the grooves of the track become consistent and very inspiringly so. With a definite feel to it, and very distinct voice, the track is also a moment of clarity before all hell breaks loose in “Parasites”, an energetic and cadenced outburst that takes the sound of SOLAR FAKE to new dimensions. This exploration of sound is also relevant in the case of the ensuing “Such a Shame”; if it were to trade the song for the best of our favorite music of the 1980’s, no one would hesitate! “Where Are You” takes the solid fiber of “More than This” and induces a very positive, outgoing and forward-looking perspective, jointly with the grave and melancholic voice of Sven Friedrich, the track’s minute and attentive arrangement are a golden recipe for a topnotch track!

Worth many a listen, “The Rising Doubt” is electrifying and discreet, but nevertheless a song with great personality. Its tempo is dramatically enhanced in the album listen loop by the track up next, “Pain Goes by”, a sexy track with a great intro and even greater chorus pieced up in total harmony.

A totally distinct key is struck with “Until I’m Back”, a darker and more martial track, the determined nature of which is counterbalanced by a crystal-clear and really appeasing piece such as “The Line of Sight”.

Not only as a first impression, “Frontiers” is an elaborate and advanced album, with great impact and truly making up best for both personal playlists and the club scene. While it is very nuanced and well-wrought, it does not carry, even as an audition aftertaste, the “heaviness” of other albums, it is light and inspiring, and a first-rate follow-up to SOLAR FAKE’s 2009 “Broken Grid”.

SOLAR FAKE Official Website | on Facebook

Watch the video for “More than This” from the album “Frontiers” by SOLAR FAKE:

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