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September 16, 2014

Tribute to Industrial – Oblivion Sound Wave party – Friday, September 19 @Private Hell

Tribute to industrial- oblivionsoundwave_v4p

Industrialul nu a murit, ci reînvie de fiecare dată prin petrecerile Oblivion Sound Wave! Vă aşteptăm  vineri, 19 septembrie, în noua locație Private Hell pentru deschiderea noului sezon.

You wanted, you get it! În boxe se vor auzi ritmuri ale trupelor KMFDM, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Deathstars, Celldweller, Lord of the Lost și Combichrist, mixate de către DJ MndFk, DJ Morph și invitatul nostru special, DJ Cesare (Italia).

Auzul va fi îndulcit de genuri muzicale întunecate, iar văzul va fi încântat de Red Elf Design – alternative clothing, care vă pune la dispoziție o gamă de produse goth handmade, iar la ora 2.00 AM vă aşteptăm cu două premii speciale.

Vă așteptăm în număr cât mai mare, să reînviem beat-urile de industrial! Intrarea liberă începând cu ora 22:00.

Oblivion Sound Wave este o comunitate înfiinţată în Octombrie 2013 care promoveză  subculturile EBM, Industrial, Goth. Încă de la prima petrecere încântăm simțurile celor prezenți prin inițiative tematice diferite, unice în Romania. Află mai multe pe Facebook.

Sursa: Oblivion Sound Wave

February 13, 2014

Oblivion Sound Wave – PornOblivion (Valentine’s Party at Joker’s Club)


Oblivion Sound Wave – PornOblivion

 În decembrie am reușit să furăm Crăciunul, iar acum e rândul lui Cupidon să-și piardă săgețile. Data de 15 februarie am transformat-o într-o zi a dezmățului, a iubirii și totodată a perversiunii prin decor si atmosferă, așa cum echipaOblivion Sound Wave vede ziua îndrăgostiților.

Ne vom dezlănțui pe ringul de dans, pe ritmurile de EBM, Industrial și CyberGoth asigurate de cătreMndFk, Morph și Julius. Iar pentru această seară,Joker’s Club va prepara cele mai dulci cocktail-uri tematice. Cu toate acestea, noii membri, cât și veteranii, sunt rugați să se poarte cât mai frumos și să nu uite: săgețile lui Cupidon sunt la noi și-s ascuțite!

În schimb, petrecerea va începe de la 22:00 și va ține până dimineață, iar gazdele se vor asigura de buna-dispoziție cu diferite jocuri. Intrarea este gratuită doar pentru Domni si Doamne de peste 18 ani. Dresscode recomandat – Office, Kink or Gothic.

 Pentru mai multe surprize, vă așteptăm în Joker’s Club.

 Oblivion Sound Wave este o comunitate de promovare a subculturilor EBM, Industrial, Goth înfiinţată în Oct 2013. Incă de la prima petrecere încântăm simţurile celor prezenţi prin iniţiative tematice diferite, unice în România. Povestim pe site sau pe Facebook.

October 7, 2011

Tanz Die Revolution 1st Year Anniversary on Oct-14

Tanz Die Revolution, the electro-gothic-industrial community of Bucharest organize their first year anniversary party on Oct-14, starting 22hrs in Indie Club (2, Inisor St.). Entrance is free.

RSVP here.

Blending 1980’s synth and future pop to harsher sounds of aggrotech and ebm score, the event will do justice to gothic music as well.   A full battery of DJ’s is going to be there for your entertainment: DJ MNDFK, DJane Malice, DJ Xenomorph and DJ Sentinel.

The Romanian-based project Violent Backpropagation will also provide a 30-min set to guide you through their most recent work and remixes.

A raffle with free enrolment will take place at 3am. Full info is available on the Facebook event page and on the official website of the community.

May 17, 2011

Surgyn – “Vanity” New Album Release – Viva Music Review


Beauty (Intro) * Sever * The Stranger (Vanity Mix) * Code Black * Aesthetics (Vanity Mix) * Faceless (Vanity Mix) * Hemmorhage * Speak No More * Hit The Nerve * Agony (Outro)

Before reviewing the album, a signage caught our eye on the SURGYN website: “items are guaranteed to hide up to 90 percent of all hideous human flaws”. This line, referring to merch from the SURGYN shop, surely makes sense if you think of a hoodie that is branded with one of the band’s taglines, such as “fake what you lack”, but it also makes like total sense when applied to each of the songs (i.e. items) from their debut album “Vanity”. Released on an ominous Friday the 13th just less than a week ago as a digital download (and with a forthcoming physical disc release to be announced), SURGYN’s first album creates quite a vanity case with their medispeak inspired industrial music. Between the intro “Beauty” and the outro “Agony”, what is showcased is a world that is adamant to attaining beauty via processes of deconstruction and reconstruction again. (more…)

May 12, 2011

Surgyn New Album Release – “Vanity” Out May-13!

Can you smell the Iodine? Taste the chloroform? Hear the soft beep of your life as you’re hooked up to the only thing keeping you alive?

Scotland’s leading practitioners of Hard-edged Medical Fetish Industrial, Surgyn, are about to release their debut album “Vanity” digitally on Friday 13th, with a physical release soon afterwards. Sharp as a scalpel making the first cut into plastic flesh, peeling away the layers slowly and methodically, this is an album that will literally get under your skin. (more…)

April 13, 2011

Alter Red Debut Album “Mind Forged Manacles” Out May-02!

Free Download: “Like April Fools

Info: “…a demented quality to the music which makes it feel fresh, exciting and a little edgy. A band with great crossover potential and material that I feel may well be the future sound of the scene” – Unscene Magazine

Formed in the Spring of 2008, AlterRed has appeared on the same bill as KMFDM, London After Midnight, Rotersand, Straftanz, CombiChrist, Clan of Xymox, Assemblage 23, to name but a few, and has made a dramatic and impressive impact on a wide variety of audiences, from the EBM crowd to the Electro/Industrial crowd. (more…)

April 8, 2011

Tanz die Revolution – no. 7 – April-16 in Underworld Club

Tanz Die Revolution and Viva Music invite you on 16th April, in Club Underworld (48, Coltei St.), at Tanz Die Revolution Party, the monthly electro-industrial event from Bucharest. Reaching the 7th edition, we expect you, Saturday night from 11:00 PM for a night full of surprises.

Tanz Die Revolution is a regular electro-industrial night that blends the ‘80s’ synth-pop with future pop or more harsh sounds like aggrotech/ebm, all this “sprinkled” with the very gothic hits and electric guitar riffs.

The ones who will make you dance all night will be DJ TadasusDJane Malice and our special guest, DJ Sentinel.

DJ Tadasus will offer us a one hour warm-up based on industrial rock, alternative and electronic, to prepare us for a night that we will never forget.

DJane Malice (Tanz Die Revolution) will “pamper” you with famous gothic hits and consecrated electro-industrial tracks.

DJ Sentinel, our special guest from South Africa and also the author of successful parties in Cape Town (Serpent Events), will pleasure our ears with new rhythms that will make us dance ‘till morning.

Surprises won’t be missing from this edition. With the help of Viva Music, we have the pleasure to present you the prizes from 2:00 AM (participating is free!)
-2 tickets to Kirlian Camera + Tanz Ohne Musik concert on 29 April, in Control Club
-2 Project Pitchfork – Beholder (Single CD)
-1 Tenek – Blinded By You (Single CD)
-2 customized t-shirts

We will also have band stickers for the fans and glowsticks for the party animal within you.

Free Entrance!

Come and join us to the new sounds of the underground!


April 1, 2011

Centhron’s Dominator is out today. The album review!

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A couple of days ago we were all thrilled about CENTHRON’s new album release – now that it’s here, we are even happier with their release. To crown their decade-old activity, the Bremen musicians come up on April-01, 2011 with a new release: “Dominator”, a full-length album with Scanner, the label that backed their most recent album, “Roter Stern” in 2009. Their label fidelity seems to work just wonders for them, since the sound both “Roter Stern” and “Dominator” come with is a mature mist well supported by electro and industrial geometry.

The album in itself comes with numerous gems. You can rarely find an album that starts off at full tilt, but “Dominator” is surely your kind of album if that is what you have in mind. “Leitwolf” does not only come as a surprise because of its being the first track of the album, and a generous one for that matter; but also because it conveys atmosphere in a diligent and well-wrought way. One would think that touring with AGONOIZE gets you all the emulation powers you need, but no, CENTHRON’s style is not at all cramped by their influence – they do stand out.  (more…)

March 29, 2011

Fractured ‘Beneath the Ashes’ Album Review

Earlier this March, FRACTURED’s official site released a couple of B-side tracks prior to the release of “Beneath the Ashes”, their sophomore studio album. The B-side tracks, which FRACTURED’s Nick Gorman called “a bit incomplete”, are ever since unavailable on the site: a re-release, after the thick of enthusiasm caused by the new album release wears off, is scheduled for late 2011.

The B-side tracks, a coveted memorabilia for FRACTURED fans already hailed a great album preview: ‘Beneath the Ashes” is indeed a masterpiece, and VIVA MUSIC is happy to shortlist it for an album of the year nomination on our site darkwave.ro. “Beneath the Ashes” comprises 12 tracks and was dually released by Metropolis in the Americas and Dependent for Europe on March-25. (more…)

March 18, 2011

Tanz die Revolution — editia a 6-a — 26 martie in Club Underworld

Ajuns la a 6-a editie, Tanz Die Revolution va invita sambata seara, 26 martie, de la ora 23:00, in Club Underworld (Str. Coltei nr. 48, Bucuresti) la o noua petrecere special dedicata genului electro-industrial. Cum surprizele nu lipsesc nici de la aceasta editie, va prezentam un invitat special – DJ Luca EW (Italia), totul fiind posibil cu sprijinul Viva Music.

[scroll for English version]

Luca este un DJ binecunoscut in Italia si totodata cel care a dat nastere unui webzine/ forum dedicat muzicii electronice, in special industrial/ebm – ElectroWorld. Placut impresionat de reactia publicului, a infiintat alaturi Alberto Brandi (DJ Nox) Italian Body Music, o serie de compilatii muzicale ce au reusit sa insumeze tot ce poate oferi Italia acestui gen de muzica. Compilatiile lor cuprind formatii precum Dope Stars Inc, Alien Vampires, :Bahntier//, XP8 si multe altele.

Invitatul nostru nu e strain publicului din Romania. El fost DJ-ul oficial al festivalului Darkwave.ro III (Project Pitchfork, Rabia Sorda, Tenek) din data de 29 ianuarie, organizat de Viva Music si a incantat simturile auditive ale participantilor printr-un mix reusit, ce includea numeroase formatii ca And One, Combichrist, X-RX, Covenant etc.

DJ Luca EW va mixa alaturi de DJane Malice (Tanz Die Revolution) si DJ No Request, avand grija ca publicul sa primeasca o seara de neuitat.

Tanz Die Revolution este un party cu specific electro-industrial, ce inglobeaza atat stiluri ‘80s cum ar fi synthpop-ul, cat si ritmuri actuale, foarte dansabile de genul ebm/aggrotech, totul fiind presarat cu celebrele hituri goth si cu riff-uri agresive de chitari.

Suprizele insa nu se incheie aici. Cu aceasta ocazie anuntam lansarea site-ului Tanz Die Revolution (www.tanzdierevolution.ro) si un cadou din partea formatiei Frozen Plasma!

Intrarea este libera!

Come and join us to the new sounds of the underground!





[English version]

The 6th edition of Tanz Die Revolution invites you on Saturday night, the 26th of March, starting 23:00 in Underworld Club (48, Coltei St., Bucharest) to another party especially dedicated to electro-industrial music. Surprises won’t be missing from this edition either, as we bring you a special guest: DJ Luca EW (Italy), all this made possible with the support of Viva Music.

Luca is a well-known DJ from Italy, who is also the man behind a web-zine/forum dedicated to electronic music, particularly industrial/ebm, called ElectroWorld. Pleased by the public’s reaction, he co-founded with Alberto Brandi (DJ Nox) Italian Body Music,a series of compilations, which gathered the best of Italian electronic music (including bands such as: Alien Vampires, Dope Stars Inc., XP8, :Bahntier// and many more).

Our guest is not for the first time in Romania. On the 29th of January 2011, he was the official DJ at Darkwave.ro Fest III organized by VIVA MUSIC, and he “sweetened” our ears with a great DJ set-list that included artists like And One, Combichrist, X-RX, Covenant etc.

DJ Luca EW will mix alongside with DJane Malice (Tanz Die Revolution) and DJ No Request, making sure that everybody will have an unforgettable evening!

Tanz Die Revolution is a regular electro-industrial night which takes place monthly in Underworld Club (48. Coltei St., Bucharest) and blends the ‘80s’ synth-pop with future pop or more harsh sounds like aggrotech/ebm, all this “sprinkled” with the very gothic hits and electric guitar riffs.

But this is not all! Along with this event, we want to announce that our brand new website www.tanzdierevolution.ro is up and the band Frozen Plasma has a gift for you!


Come and join us to the new sounds of the underground





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