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June 28, 2011

Kirlian Camera – “Ghloir Ar An Oiche” – Viva Music Review


Nightglory” * “After Winter MMXI” * “Nightglory (Camera Version)” * “I Gave You Wings – I Gave You Death

Read Viva Music’s review of own event Kirlian Camera in Romania Apr-29, 2011 on electronik.ro | Watch the official “Nightglory” video (after the jump).

From Out of Line’s site (release date: June-10, 2011):

“Grand Italian cult band Kirlian Camera returns with a mesmerizing new single that sports the Gaelic title “Ghlóir Ar An Oóche” (Glory Of The Night). The main track “Nightglory” is a trip to pure Kirlian-Camera-heaven featuring a heady, catchy and anthemic chorus supported by a pulsing sequencer design and forceful electric guitars. Driven by a solid beat, infused with a good dose of innovative elements and sung by an inspired and soulful Elena Alice with what is one of her best vocal performances, ever, this title track of the upcoming Kirlian Camera album is destined to become a future classic. (more…)

Mina Harker – “Bittersuess” – Viva Music Album Review

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Bittersuess” * “Macht” * “Rache ist suess” * “Fort von mir” * “Lolita” * “Schmutzige Haende” * “Wenn ich von dir traeum” * “Nie mehr allein” * “Verdammnis in mir” * “Nackt” * “Nichts zu verlierenBonus CD includes: “Gorzko-Slodki Smak” * “Bittersuess (Rowdio’s MB86 remix)” * “Lauf nicht davon” * “Ewig Kind” * “Fort von mir (Acoustic version)” * “Letzter Kuss (Live in Lindau 2011) * “Tiefer (Live in Lindau 2011)” * “Bittersuess (Live in Lindau)”

Order now Mina Harker’s “Bittersuess” from Out of Line here.

Berlin duo Mina Harker (Mina Harker – voice and Alexander Gorodezki – guitars, programming) released on June-24 with Out of Line records their second album – “Bittersuess”, coming three years after their acclaimed debut “Tiefer”. Mina Harker take their name from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” female character with the same name; just like with Bram Stoker’s Mina Harker, you can tell from the artistic layout of the band the interplay between the young and pure soul beguiled by a mesmerizing vampire and her decidedness of letting love triumph against the odds and mirages of the surrounding world. (more…)

June 27, 2011

Amphi Festival 2011 – The Schedule

More info available on the festival’sofficial webpage and on Facebook. | Read Viva Music’s archive of news for Amphi Festival 2011 here. | Read Viva Music’s review of Amphi Festival 2010 here: Day 1, Day 2.

The lineup and schedule for Amphi Festival 2011:

Saturday, July-16

Mainstage: 10:00hrs: doors open; 12:00hrs: [X]-RX; 12:50hrs: Staubkind; 13:50hrs: Melotron; 14:55hrs: Zeraphine; 16:10hrs: Samsas Traum; 17:25hrs: Tanzwut; 18:55hrs: Die Krupps; 20:35hrs: Deine Lakaien.

Staatenhaus: 11:30hrs: doors open; 12:30hrs: Klangstabil; 13:25hrs: mind.in.a.box; 14:20hrs: Winterkaelte; 15:20hrs: Frozen Plasma; 16:20hrs: Grendel; 17:20hrs: In Strict Confidence; 18:25hrs: Leaether Strip; 19:50hrs: Suicide Commando; 21:15hrs: Hocico; 22:45hrs: Musik Soldat (DJ Set).

Theater: 11:30hrs: doors open – Block 1; 12:45hrs: book presentation for Annie Bertram’s “Obsolete Angels”; 14:00hrs: talk C64 Pornographic art, adult only audience; 15:00hrs talk with dr. Mark Benecke; 16:05hrs: Rome; 17:30hrs: Persephone; 17:30hrs: changeover; 20:45hrs: doors open Block 2; 21:00hrs: DJ Honey (Welle:Erdball); 22:00hrs: DJ Gillian (Nachtwerk Karlsruche); 23:00hrs: DJ Alexx Botoxx (Eisenlager Oberhausen); 00:00hrs: DJ Ronan Harris (VNV Nation) & Jeanny; 01:00hrs: DJ AD3K (Analoguetrash); 02:00hrs: DJ Hive (Vampireparty); 03:00hrs: DJ AMD & DJ Surfin’William (Dark Star).

Sunday, July-17 (more…)

Nordstern Festival 2011 – Venues, Schedule and How to Get There

Nordstern Festival 2011 – the first edition is Hamburg’s own festival devoted to the scenes of electro, industrial and dark music in a diverse lineup of 13 live acts over the weekend of 08&09-July, 2011. Below you will find updated information about the festival, the lineup, and how to get to the two enchanting venues of the festival: Markthalle and Stadtpark.


Address: Markthalle, Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, Klosterwall 11, 20095 Hamburg. How to get there: by public transport, take subway line U1, stop at: Steinstrasse.

Markthalle – Hamburg (event center at the main train station) will host on Friday, July-08 the following festival program:  Doors open: 18:00hrs; shows start at: 19:00hrs.  19:00hrs: Slave Republic; 19:40: Architect; 20:25: Klangstabil; 21:15: Empiron; 22:15: Frozen Plasma; 23:10: Sono.


Address: Freilichtbühne, Stadtpark Hamburg, Saarlandstraße 71 (Ecke Jahnring), 22303 Hamburg. How to get there: by public transport, take subway line U3, stop at Saarlandstrasse or Borgweg. Alternatively train (S-bahn) lines S1/S11 stop at Alte Woehr. Buses E17, 108, 113, 118, 179 or 217 are good options, too.

Stadtpark – Hamburg (open-air stage) will host on Saturday, July-09 the following festival program: Doors open: 13:30, shows start at: 14:30hrs. 14:30hrs: Blitzmaschine; 15:00hrs: Absurd Minds, 15:45hrs: ASCII Disko; 16:50hrs: Diorama; 17:55hrs: Combichrist; 19:10hrs: IAMX; 20:30hrs: VNV Nation.

More information available on the official website of the event. VIVA MUSIC is looking forward to meeting everyone there!

June 24, 2011

Imperative Reaction New Single “Surface” Out July-12!


Surface” * “What Is Left to Say (Club Edit)” * “Surface (Club Version)” * “Surface (Under the Surface Remix by Scandy)” * “Surface (Sebastian Komor Remix)” * “Surface (Shok’s Zeitmahl Remix)” * “Surface (Pull Out Kings Remix)” * “Surface (Rotersand Rework)”

PRE-ORDER: Order now, and we will ship this item to you when it is released on July 12, 2011.

Los Angeles based Imperative Reaction returns with the new single “Surface”. The new single features two new songs and remixes from artists Sebastian Komor, Scandy, Rotersand, Shok and The Pull Out Kings. Surface and the b-side “What Is Left To Say (Club Edit)” show IR’s mastermind Ted Phelps further refining his now signature sound. Catchy hooks and driving rhythms blend with intensely personal lyrics and anthemic choruses, turning “Surface” into a cathartic musical experience and an intriguing hint as to what Imperative Reaction have in store for the next album. (source)

Watch Imperative Reaction‘s “Surface“:

June 23, 2011

Severe Illusion joins forces with CCP

It is a great honor and privilege to present a new addition to the Complete Control Productions artist roster. After a few years of relative silence, Swedish EBM veterans Severe Illusion are preparing a full scale comeback later in 2011. The album “No More Alive Than You Deserve” is due for release on CCP, where Severe Illusion have found a new home along with Arzt+Pfusch, Emu Bomb, Infiltrator and The Pain Machinery. As usual with Severe Illusion, a traditional EBM sound combined with lots of distortion and serious attitude problems is to be expected. The album deals with the perceived freedom of the individual, the failure of democracy and the advantages of ignorance. A journey back to the roots of riot electronics. Severe Illusion have been active since 2000, releasing 3 albums and playing numerous live shows all over Europe. Lately the band have been collaborating with The Pain Machinery: the results will be released before the end of this year.  (source: CCP)

About Severe Illusion:

It all began in the year 2000, some time during the summer. Fredrik Djurfeldt and Ulf Lundblad happened to be in the same place at the same time. Since then they have released three albums and a whole lot of other stuff. First off was the album “Discipline” is reward enough, released by PAF records in May 2003. Soon PAF records ceased to exist and Severe Illusion moved to New Mexico based Dangerous Sharks Biting People (DSBP) who released the next album, “Accomplishments of Leopold II”, in the year 2005. In late 2006, Double Shotgun Barrel Politics (DSBP) also released the album “Shortcut to Civilization”. During the same period, a split 12″ vinyl thing called “Fight your lodging elsewhere/Hyper decease” EP was made together with EBM/Power Noise legends The Pain Machinery. Throughout the years, Severe Illusion have played live shows in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Project Pitchfork – New Album Out on August-12: “Quantum Mechanics”

Project Pitchfork surprise us with new material a year after their “Continuum Ride” album and their “First Anthology“! On August, 12 Trisol releases their new album, entitled “Quantum Mechanics“, in a general edition, as well as in limited and fan editions!

Read more about Project Pitchfork on darkwave.ro: Amphi Festival 2010 review: Day 1 | Darkwave.ro Fest 3 review (with photos) – Dj Luca Ew, Tenek, Rabia Sorda and Project Pitchfork – January 29, 2011 | Project Pitchfork Offers “First Anthology” as a 2 Cd Set

Tracklist (general edition):  “Freeze In Silence” * “Lament” * “Run For Cover” * “Radical Business” * “Mute Spectators” * ” Quantum Mechanics” * ” The Queen Of Time And Space” * ” Splice” * “We Will Descend” * “You Rest In My Heart”

Tracklist (limited and fan editions)“Freeze In Silence” * “Lament” * “Run For Cover” * “Radical Business” * “Mute Spectators” * “Quantum Mechanics” * “The Queen Of Time And Space” * “Splice” * “We Will Descend” * “You Rest In My Heart” * “Tempest” * “Insomnia” * “Freeze In Silence (Ice Version)” * “Run For Cover (Antimatter RMX)” * “Lament (Death RMX)” * “Quantum Mechanics (Instrumental)”

The limited edition will come in 2,000 copies and will include: two exclusive tracks, three exclusive remixes, one exclusive instrumental version, book in hardcover-paperback-cover with elaborate ‘Singer’ thread stitching, 40-pages extra-booklet, precious artprint on high-quality paper, as well including all lyrics and additional artwork. The fan edition adds on top of the limited edition selection of tracks a special and exclusive t-shirt! (source)

June 22, 2011

Santa Hates You “Jolly Roger” + Fan Edition Available for Pre-Order!

Pre-order your copy of “Jolly Roger” – general edition | fan edition | Release date: 12-August, 2011 | Label: Trisol


Pack Your Bags Honey We’re Going to Hell” * “Prepare to Be Boarded” * “Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright” * “We Need You Alive” * “The Monster in the Maze” * “Fire the Cannon” * “Raise the Devil” * “Das Leben Fuegt Ihnen und Den Menschen in Ihrer Umbgebung Erheblichen Schaden Zu * “The Mad Scramble” * “Domina Mors” * “Watch Out Motherfucker I Know Karate

For the real fans! A set with the album “Jolly Roger” and an exclusive t-shirt.

This is not a drill. Lock up your women and kids… and best put the men in there too: The Santa Hates You barge has been sighted at sea! Sailing under the proudly hissed skull banner “Jolly Roger“, the anarchistic electro pirates directly aim at the coast. And this time, mercy is entirely out of the question. (more…)

Amphi Festival Sold Out. Again!

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Amphi Festival sold-out again! / Mandatory reservation of emergency box office tickets!

Due to a sensational demand the Amphi Festival is sold out weeks in advance, for the third time since 2008. All submitted orders will be shipped after payment. Above that, there are no more tickets for the Amphi Festival 2011 available in advance booking.

We kept back a small allotment of box-office tickets, to make sure nobody has to take the trip to Cologne in vain. We put up an online reservation form, through which you can place your mandatory reservation for box office tickets at http://www.amphi-festival.de/2011/kartenreservierung.html. Tickets are reserved for the increased box office price.

In relation to this please beware of black market dealers and faked tickets which will surely appear in the next couple of weeks. For visitors with faked tickets access to the festival ground will not be granted. (more…)

June 20, 2011

Apoptygma Berzerk’s “Black” EP2 Out in September!


Asleep Or Awake? (Spektralized RMX)” *”Eclipse (OK Minus RMX)” * “Shadow (People Theatre RMX)” * “Apollo (Flipside & Parsberg RMX)” * “Green Queen (Stanley Cupid RMX)” * “Love Will Tear Us Apart” * “Adrift (C-64 Version)” * “Green Queen (Client RMX)” * “Apollo (Rotersand Rework)” * “Shadow (Essence Of Mind RMX)” * “Apollo (Alex O’s Old School RMX)” * “Green Queen (Outer/Innerpartysystem RMX)

PRE-ORDER: Order now, and we will ship this item to you when it is released on September 13, 2011.

In the past few years, Apoptygma Berzerk has forged an identity as a unique voice in the musical landscape. APB blends past experimentations in EBM, futurepop, Goth, rock, pop and more into a distinctive mélange that sets APB apart from its contemporaries. This EP is the second installment of the “Black EPseries and a companion to the album Rocket Science“, featuring unreleased remixes and exclusive tracks and a cover of the Joy Division classic “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. APB loves you.


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