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January 20, 2012

mind.in.a.box “Revelations”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Remember” * “Cause and Effect” * “Transition” * “Doubt” * “Control” * “Fragments” * “Unknown” * “Not Afraid” * “Second Reality” * “Sanctuary

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Released by Dreamwebmusic today Jan-20 in Europe and within a few days with a second US release, mind.in.a.box’s newest, “Revelations” has a well-chosen title and a very corporeal bearing to take in on first listen. To start with, the album surely is packed with ‘revelations’ for the novice listener, but they do not neglect the usual crowd that knows how to carry a tune whenever the keyword is mind.in.a.box.

mind.in.a.box  – “Revelations” – trailer:

The thing with “Revelations” is that it constantly brings to mind all the things that we admire in music, but rendering them in a manner that seems at the same time disarmingly familiar and strikingly new. Older mind.in.a.box, but as well as connections as diverse as Moby and VNV Nation come to mind when listening to the album, and that is not because of influences, but of the multifaceted sound that is proposed by the album. Prefaced by a lyrical, but poignant “Remember”, the album takes off in no time toward the level of sound that mind.in.a.box accustomed us with; and once the blaring madness of “Cause and Effect” kicks in, your ticket for the ride is guaranteed. A lot of feel-good, good-natured music ensues, and that is only the icing on the big tasty cake of “Revelations”. A Viva Music favorite, just like “Cause and Effect”, “Transition” operates a shift of paradigm in the album’s structure, minimizing the sound variety in favor of a very heart-rending, and philosophically healthy overview of an end-of-the-world scenario. “Doubt”, which will no doubt bring to mind a heavy rotated track such as “Amnesia” is definitely a good listen, no matter the latter comparison, since good music, no matter the vested inspiration, is still good music. And if the familiarity is growing, that only makes the up next “Control” and “Fragments” more likely to surprise and be the unexpected swerve that makes any party lush and sensuous. With “Unknown”, in which the blend of true to life electropop and a 1980’s feel is truly amazing, the album is sure to charm more than one ear; and with another Viva Music favorite, “Not Afraid”, the charming effect is crucial. And the vivid, well-wrought “Second Life” is just as amazing, you can actually feel each beat of the composition and you crawl out of your shell in no time. To cap a great album, “Sanctuary” offers a great deal of sheer emotion, and does so in a musical wrapping that is at the same time enticing and glorious.

If you enjoyed “Revelations”, you will be happy to hear that a remix album thereof will be released in March 2012, comprising five dance-friendly versions of tracks from this album. And if meanwhile you keep on listening to this great album, it is as if the release date of the remix compilation is tomorrow!

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