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June 7, 2011

Haujobb’s “Dead Market” EP Out Jun-17 – Viva Music Review

Only a couple of days are left until Jun-17, that is, until the release of HAUJOBB’s new EP “Dead Market” – an 8-piece wonder that precedes their forthcoming album “New World March” (tba, 2011). Prior to Jun-17, if you are in Leipzig for Wave Gotik Treffen, don’t miss out HAUJOBB’s club date for Sunday, Jun-12, in Darkflower Alternative Club (18:00 CET) for a special session with previews from the forthcoming album, the international release of the video for “Dead Market”, as well as a generous meet & greet with the artists (Facebook RSVP here).

Pre-order “Dead Market” (EP) here | Read Viva Music’s Artist of the Month entry on Daniel Myer | Watch “New World March” trailer and then read Viva Music‘s review of the “Dead Market” EP (after the jump):


Dead Market” * “Dead Market [Extended Remix]” * “Dead Market [The Horrorist – Remix]” * “Dead Market [Exes – Remix]” * “Letting The Demons Sleep [Nightmare]” * “Dead Market [Nomenklatuer – Remix]” * “Dead Market [Absolute Body Control – Remix]” * “Dead Market [Engineer’s Dub]

Viva Music Review:

After watching the album trailer a while ago, the feeling that we got was supreme: a first-class album, that is what we at Viva Music expect out of “New World March”; and the feeling is further consolidated by the repeat listen of the EP single “Dead Market”. Impressive artwork, impressive title, impressive musical work – all being superlative, it is no wonder that when you listen to it you get the full blaze of glory that is to be “New World March”. The EP includes, beside “Dead Market” in an original version, plus remarkable remixes from The Horrorist, Exes, Nomenklatuer, Paul Kendall (producer of Recoil, Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb) and Absolute Body Control, a second track, “Letting the Demons Sleep”. While it is unclear whether the latter is going to be a single b-side track or included in the extensive tracklist of the new album, it surely strikes as a novel and invasive piece of art.

Dead Market” comes after a busy year for Daniel Myer, whose work with COVENANT’s latest, “Modern Ruin” is a state-of-the-art example for today’s electronica, and the tour with RECOIL and subsequent remixes for the “Want” compilation. Viva Music also had the honor, and pleasure of having HAUJOBB’s Daniel Myer and Dejan Samardzic perform at the second Darkwave.ro fest we organized in November last year.

The feeling the EP “Dead Market” musters is that of being immersed in the soundtrack that very much emulates the world we live in. It would not surprise, therefore, if we woke up one day and the world was covered by “Dead Market”-esque sounds. It is a valid track of antagonistic intimacy and aloofness, a dirge song for the deprecated values of today and yore. “Dead Market” may well speak about any market, the financial one bursting at the seams of a crisis in the discourse of which we failed already to intervene, the musical one being caught up in the beguiling comfort of presets and voice auto-tune; or even the dating market for that matter, with a never seen before emergence of singlehood being the norm. The dead market of the album is all-encompassing metaphor, one that gently wraps up the entire world we live in, one for which redemption seems at times long due.

The invaluable remix work of the EP gives extra depth to a track that is already powerful; astute and with a raised acumen, the various facets of “Dead Market” that the remixes are able to produce make it at the same time a work Depeche Mode would probably kill to have, and a classical Haujobb production: with very subtle and sober infiltrations that make it worthwhile to listen each and every remix as if they were separate songs altogether. If some (the Absolute Body Control remix, for instance) make the track more clubbable in an electro-industrial round-up, then there are others (such as the remixes produced by the Horrorist or Nomenklatuer) that intensify the aloofness and alienation the song entails. The inspirational height of the remixes is definitely put into perspective by Engineer’s Dub and the Extended Remix, altogether making the production work of the track remix a gratifying experience for the listener.

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