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April 7, 2011

Cylix – ‘Alpha’ Viva Music Album Review

Cylix are: plasmaG (aka George Lamparis; synth, guitar, programming & arrangements) and Harry (aka Harry Grypaios; vocals, programming), a Greek synthpop, electro and EBM duo formed in 2000. On and off on the most prominent club venues and on the Greek scene, they took a professional twist until the release of their debut album, “Alpha” with Life Is Painful Records in late 2010, and they are now listed as a top-selling artist on the prestigious merchandiser site poponaut.de.

Cylix claim their influences from artists such as De/Vision, Mesh, Front 242, Apoptygma Berzerk, Neuroticfish, but also VNV Nation and Covenant. As a convincing mash-up of beloved acts of the EBM and synthpop scenes, Cylix provide great listening material (and club scene material) on their debut “Alpha“, with a luminous set of 9+2 (nine original tracks; two remixes). While it would sound convenient to assume that a core set of recognizable tunes of their influencers is audible in their album, it becomes a far-fetched conclusion once you hit play: the album inundates one’s ears with quality synthpop, generously rounded up by EBM in a suite of breathtaking tracks. “Enter” is obviously the first track of the compilation, breaking ground with fresh and persuasive sound, and it is followed at a quick pace by the band’s acclaimed “So Much for Love“, a track that comes in a musical couplet with its remix by Lights of Euphoria, “So Much for Love: Lights of Euphoria Cafe Mix“, and that diverts the original strictly synth score to a more EBM-friendly tune. “Miles Divide” irrupts in a very majestic manner next, and “Heal Me” continues a tradition of great tracks bearing this name. “Heal Me” also benefits from a tremendously intelligent remix, “Heal Me: Psyche After Hours Mix” in the remix section of the album. Mention should be made when it comes to these tracks of the verbal clarity and enticing tone of the voice: Harry does a great job as the maitre d’ who ushers you into the realm of Cylix.

Don’t Let Me Fade” is a great track worth listening to on repeat and, if it hasn’t gotten too much air- and club-time, it surely will – its presence is contagious to the ear, and it has a tune that’s easy to carry on – and pleasurable, too. “Keine Zeit” is a generous display of melodious, synchronized instrument & voice excellence. You should, however, know you’re in for a surprise, since “Deepest Fear” is about to knock you out. Last but not least, “Exit” concludes the album with, again, a generous and multidimensional track with a beat and a twist.


“So Much for Love”
“Miles Divide”
“Heal Me”
“Don’t Let Me Fade”
“Keine Zeit”
“In My Veins”
“Deepest Fear”
“So Much for Love: Lights of Euphoria Cafe Mix”
“Heal Me: Psyche After Hours Mix”


Cylix – “Alpha” album trailer


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Life is Painful Records

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