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March 22, 2012

Nordstern Festival Lineup Complete 2012

Finally the line up of our second Nordstern Festival 2012 is complete!

We stick to our idea of trying to present bands that you can only rarely see at the big festivals: The Belgian EBM combo Juggernauts is just such a band. The formed in 2010 and the their first song „Phoenix“ was released in July 2011 as part of the „Awake The Machines 7“ sampler. The Juggernauts will open on Friday at the Markthalle. With 18 bands on 2 days and in 2 two venues, a Kick Off – and an Aftershow Party the Nordstern Festival team is going to offer you a superb program in beautiful Hamburg. Below you can find all relevant festival information:

Line Up:
Markthalle (Big Hall), Friday, 13.07.2012:
Dive* Nachtmahr * Haujobb * :SITD: * Blind Passenger *

Markthalle (Marx), Friday, 13.07.2012:
Eisenfunk * Lights of Euphoria * Monolith * X-RX * Neurotic Mass Movement (Winner of the Newcomer Wettbewerb) * MOON.74 (Winner of the Newcomer Wettbewerb)

Stadtpark, Saturday, 14.07.2012:
Apoptygma Berzerk * Project Pitchfork * Mesh* Northern Lite * Solitary Experiments * The Exploding Boy!

Advance sale is running at full speed. Tickets can be purchased from: 2 days ticket: Tickets for Markthalle, Stadtpark & the Aftershow Party on 14 July (limited to 1000 tickets!!!): Those of you who want to buy such tickets should not wait too long. Stock is already low. Karsten Jahnke: www.karsten-jahnke.de/tickets.php (€ 49,90 including all fees) Eventim: www.eventim.de (€ 51,90 including all fees) Day ticket Stadtpark: Day tickets for Stadtpark and Afteshow Party at the Markthalle on Saturday: Karsten Jahnke: www.karsten-jahnke.de/tickets.php (€ 37,90 including all fees) Eventim: www.eventim.de (€ 39,90 including all fees).

All tickets also allow you to use public transport in Hamburg (HVV) free of charge. News and information concerning the festival can also be found at: www.nordsternfestival.de & www.facebook.de/nordsternfestival. (source: promoter)

August 18, 2011

Nordstern Festival 2012 News! Jul-13&14, Markthalle+Stadtpark, Hamburg

The first scene festival in Hamburg had a successful start in 2011 and we are now on the blocks to prepare round two in 2012! Originally we were planning the weekend of 6th & 7th July 2012 for the 2nd edition, but due to a big public event in Hamburg we are forced to move the date by one week. On 13 and 14 July 2012 Markthalle and Stadtpark will open their gates for Nordstern visitors.

First of all we would like to thank this year’s 1900 fans for their constructive feedback. We were overwhelmed by the number of positive comments but at the same time are working on the few negative points which basically referred to the seating situation at Stadtpark and the re-entry to the Stadtpark venue. Concerning the seating situation we have to inform you that due to local conditions and security regulations no further seats (i.e. benches) can be provided at Stadtpark. We will do our best to find some sort of solution to that problem but cannot make any promises towards change. As for the issue re-entry to Stadtpark we guarantee that we will either work with festival wristbands or provide an adequate alternative in 2012. We will inform you in due time. (more…)

July 12, 2011

Nordstern Festival, Hamburg, 08&09-July 2011: Viva Music Review


Viva Music wants to thank Neuwerk Music Management and all the participants in the first edition of Nordstern Festival for an awesome experience. Let’s do it again!

Day One (below) | Day Two

Day One: July-08, 2011 Nordstern Festival @Markthalle


The venue

Hamburg’s own dark and electro festival debuted with a first evening in the generous venue of Markthalle. With a good club and concert venue layout, Markthalle proved not only to be a very accessible location (in the immediate vicinity of Hamburg’s central train station and with a myriad of means of transportation within reach of the avid concert-goer), but also a plausible choice for the size of the event and the needs of the audience. Bedecked with a no-wait bar, food stand, coatroom and merchandise stands, the venue was impressive, with good acoustics and a wonderful coordination of sound and lighting, thanks to Neuwerk’s team of skilled professionals. Though the 2-day festival passes were sold out before even the event kicked off, the management made a few 1-day tickets available at the front counter, so that late-comers to the festival could enjoy it, too.  back to top (more…)

June 27, 2011

Nordstern Festival 2011 – Venues, Schedule and How to Get There

Nordstern Festival 2011 – the first edition is Hamburg’s own festival devoted to the scenes of electro, industrial and dark music in a diverse lineup of 13 live acts over the weekend of 08&09-July, 2011. Below you will find updated information about the festival, the lineup, and how to get to the two enchanting venues of the festival: Markthalle and Stadtpark.


Address: Markthalle, Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, Klosterwall 11, 20095 Hamburg. How to get there: by public transport, take subway line U1, stop at: Steinstrasse.

Markthalle – Hamburg (event center at the main train station) will host on Friday, July-08 the following festival program:  Doors open: 18:00hrs; shows start at: 19:00hrs.  19:00hrs: Slave Republic; 19:40: Architect; 20:25: Klangstabil; 21:15: Empiron; 22:15: Frozen Plasma; 23:10: Sono.


Address: Freilichtbühne, Stadtpark Hamburg, Saarlandstraße 71 (Ecke Jahnring), 22303 Hamburg. How to get there: by public transport, take subway line U3, stop at Saarlandstrasse or Borgweg. Alternatively train (S-bahn) lines S1/S11 stop at Alte Woehr. Buses E17, 108, 113, 118, 179 or 217 are good options, too.

Stadtpark – Hamburg (open-air stage) will host on Saturday, July-09 the following festival program: Doors open: 13:30, shows start at: 14:30hrs. 14:30hrs: Blitzmaschine; 15:00hrs: Absurd Minds, 15:45hrs: ASCII Disko; 16:50hrs: Diorama; 17:55hrs: Combichrist; 19:10hrs: IAMX; 20:30hrs: VNV Nation.

More information available on the official website of the event. VIVA MUSIC is looking forward to meeting everyone there!

June 9, 2011

Sono to replace Zeromancer at Nordstern Festival Open Air

Yesterday the organizers of Nordstern Festival Open Air – Hamburg (Jul-08&09) announced that Zeromancer will be replaced by SONO for the festival lineup.

Read Zeromancer’s statement below:

Zeromancer are very sorry to announce, that we have to cancel all upcoming shows of 2011. As many of you might know, Kim Ljung suffers from severe chronic migraines. Due to a very high dosage of pain relievers he has recently, but abruptly started off a serious detoxication. He is for the time being hospitalized. The process of recovery will be for at least three months. Once again, Zeromancer is devastated not to be able to do the shows, but we hope you understand.” (source)

The complete line-up of Nordstern Festival: (more…)

April 11, 2011

Nordstern Festival News 08- and 09-July: News!

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Today we are happy to announce that we have won an exceptional artist to complete the line-up of the first Nordstern festival: IAMX will be co-headlining on Saturday at the Stadtpark stage. So our visitors can look forward to a summer weekend in Hamburg with 13 top acts in 2 locations and a varied program.


The complete line-up:


8 July 2011 / Markthalle:


9 July 2011 / Open air stage Stadtpark:


Tickets can be purchased at www.karsten-jahnke.de & www.eventim.de. The 1000 tickets that also give you free entrance to the Markthalle on Friday are nearly sold out. So if you want to get a both days for the price of one, you should quickly buy your ticket. For further information about the festival check: www.nordstern-festival.de. You can also visit our facebook site: www.facebook.com/nordsternfestival.


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