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January 19, 2011

Russian Industrial Project Technology of Silence Fourth Release on February 15

Technology of Silence is a story about a post-nuclear city, a story about the people living in this city, a story about an ecological catastrophe, human madness, human fears and the eternal search for a goal in the loneliness.



Technology of Silence is also a Russian Ambient/Industrial/Experimental-project, existing since 2004. Founder of this project is Denis Romanov, who unites the incompatible opposites silence and music and makes it a whole, while taking a focus on the world that surrounds us and the events that take place in it, watching it from different points of view.



It is a mixture of Ambient, Industrial, IDM and Minimal, although the band isn’t concentrating on a particular style. Environmental problems and man-made disasters are the basic themes, which draw a red line through the back-catalogue of Technology of Silence. The centre of attention in the stories of the band is a post-nuclear city, described as ruins of a high-tech-civilization, corrupted by mankind, and a place full of human recollections, emotions and feelings.



Squad“, the fourth new album from Technology of Silence, is out on February 15 at Ionium Records.





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