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September 13, 2011

Kontaminant – “Monument” – Viva Music Album Review

We are a dark band, we want people to dance and THINK” (Nick Quarm, Kontaminant)

Tracklist: “Monument” * “Burning Book” * “The Last Exile” * “Deception” * “Obsidian

About Kontaminant:

Kontaminant are: D.K. Lovatt – vocals, instruments, production; Nick Quarm – Lyrics, PR.

Davi previously has experience in Blind Before Dawn and is also a live member of Resist. Nick is an experienced writer. An Evolution in every sense of the word, Kontaminant has left behind its synthpop roots, and is the edgier, darker, more danceable cousin of its predecessor. This is Truth, this is a Scripture of Dancefloor fillers, coupled with hard-hitting lyrics, and themes relevant to Society, and survival as a whole. Kontaminant will take Industrial into the next generation, with catchy songs, a refined sound, and memorable synth. (source: band press release)

Kontaminant – “Monument” (EP) – Viva Music Review:

The title that gives the name of the EP, “Monument” opens up in a very atmospheric manner the sound loops that last long throughout the composition. With a decided beat and a proclivity to disinhibit, the track is pure energy and a quite anthemic presence on today’s synthpop scene. Darker than the preceding track, “Burning Book” is an easily digestible, infectious track. A perfect addition to any playlist, “Burning Book” is a novel and fresh composition, and under a not so thick coating of becalmed atmosphere, there are piercing energies and as mentioned before, a darker spectrum of sound. “The Last Exile” is a Viva Music favorite from this EP, and although the only instrumental track of the present compilation, it is a satiating musical experience. As favorite is “Deception”, the danceability of which exceeds many dance anthems of 2011 in power, cohesion and responsiveness. “Obsidian”, the track that seals the “Monument” deal brings about a great deal of superior sounds, and is definitely an effortful musical attempt yielding beyond its frame and measuring well against darkwave benchmarks of 2011.

Monument” is a good listening recommendation and deserves unbiased attention of clubs, club goers and festival organizers. We are looking forward to hearing new material from Kontaminant, just like from any other gifted and dedicated musicians from our scene.

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