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August 31, 2011

Angelspit “Hello My Name Is” Out October-11!

It’s time again to “F*** the Revolution. This is war.” Because Angelspit, the Australian New York/Berlin-based wonder who played major festivals and who shared the stage with names such as KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Sisters of Mercy or Nitzer Ebb, as well as producers of very viral remixes for various bands (again KMFDM and also Ministry) are back this autumn with “a non-stop audio assault on all things that hold back creativity and freedom of expression“, their new album “Hello, My Name Is” with Metropolis Records, out on October-11.

Tracklist: “Cubicle” * “Counterfeit” * “Vermin” * “Catatonic” * “Monkey Byte” * “Defibrilator” * “Bullet Proof” * “Static” * “Jailbait” * “Deadly” * “Violence

Their new music is a revolt of synthesizers, drum machines and samplers – add to that guitars and you get a picture of what they are coming up with! Audio previews are already available on the band’s Facebook welcome page! Pre-order the album from Metropolis Records as a disc or digital download from here.

August 29, 2011

VNV Nation – “Automatic” – New Album Out in September + Preview + Tour Dates

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“The new VNV Nation album “Automatic” will be released in September. The album has been in production for a while and so far it looks to be an incredibly energetic and anthemic release (and then some). We’ll be premiering some of the new songs at our show at the Nordstern Festival in Hamburg in July and snippets and previews will be posted online over the Summer. There’s so much we want to tell you about this album and what we have planned around it but we prefer to keep it a surprise, for the moment. There are lots of things planned that we’ve never attempted before and we’re really excited about it.” (source)

Read about the wonderful performance of VNV Nation at Nordstern Festival 2011 here (Viva Music review). | Read about the album (release date: September 16, 2011) here. | Read about the 2011-12 VNV Nation tour across Europe and the US here. | Listen to the album snippets below.

VNV Nation – Automatic (Snippets) by VNV Nation

August 26, 2011

Placebo Effect – “Gargoyles & Galleries” Re-Release – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Mystress” * “Intoxication” * “Psychotrauma” * “Poison Tree” * “Brain Entrophy” * “Galleries of Pain (Bloody Pain Remix)” * “Intersection” * “Move (Animation Remix)” * “Psychological Drama” * “Devoid Soul (Salvation Remix)” * “Autopsia” * “Agony of the Mind” * “Dawn and Death” * “Lumph” * “Move” * “Galleries of Pain” * “Last Day” * “Hard WorkTracks 1-14 from the original tracklisting of “Galleries of Pain”. Tracks 15-18 from the original tracklisting of “Gargoyles”.

About Placebo Effect:

Christoph Kunze, Achim Windel and Axel Machens started Placebo Effect  in 1988. While Christoph and Axel already dabbled in music making with their project Pleasure and Crime, Achim brought to the band his interest in contemporary electronic music, from Skinny Puppy to Cabaret Voltaire, and from Kraftwerk to Gary Numan. After early live experiences that were on the verge of trespassing ban limits with their gory musical content and medical gowns they donned on stage, the acclaim came to the band with the 1990 Danse Macabre release of their “Gargoyles” EP and their success in a Zillo band contest. Also from this date, their collaboration to Das Ich’s Bruno Kramm dates; a collaboration that also brought their “Galleries of Pain” to fame. Their first full-length album of 1992 was followed by “Slashed Open” and “Manipulated Mind Control”, adding to the band’s portfolio sufficient material for their 1996 compilation “Past and Present”, a selection of the band’s finest. In 2003, after several years’ hiatus, the band got together again, and in 2011, Infacted Records honors their music by releasing a digital remastering of their first two materials under the contracted “Gargoyles and Galleries” title in their classics collection.

About Placebo Effect – “Gargoyles and Galleries” – Viva Music Review:

The placebo effect is a pharmaceutical expression of patients feeling improvement due to their belief in medication’s curative effect, notwithstanding the overall inefficiency of the treatment or inaccuracy of the diagnosis on the basis of which the drugs were medicated. Often, in clinical research, the term of ‘blind test’ is used to describe the assignment of medication to patients of the same ailing: to some the real research drug is offered, while to others a ‘blind’ substance is given, and the effects are monitored for research purposes. Taking further the analogy, being ‘served’ in 2011 Placebo Effect is similar in strength: you could be tricked into believing you’re listening to music created in recent years, but get out, twenty years ago! So there is a lot of context defamiliarization, of the good kind, when listening to Placebo Effect. (more…)

August 25, 2011

Unitary – “Safe from Harm” – Viva Music Album Review

Unitary is a narrative composed of order and disorder, longing with endurance and the dreams of imaginary bliss in an age of conformity.” (source)

Tracklist:  “Cold” * “Calm” * “Renitent” * “Aria” * “Clarity” * “Zenith” * “Repair” * “Closer Apart” * “Travesty” * “Woven Heart” * “Der Perfekte Traum” * “No SignalMixed by: Walter Baecklin; Music, words, mixed and recorded by: Johan Hansson; recorded by: Daniel Soedeberg

About Unitary:

Unitary is the brainchild of Johan Hansson coming all the way from Uppsala/Sweden. Unitary is a narrative composed of order and disorder, longing with endurance and the dreams of imaginary bliss in an age of conformity. After bands such as Covenant, Cat Rapes Dog or recently Necro Facility, Sweden proves once more that it’s the leading country for innovative alternative electronic pop music! After a first compilation appearance on „Infacted Compilation #1” and the vocal guest appearance alongside Frozen Plasma on the song “Ebb and Flow“, Unitary present their first official studio album under the seal “Safe From Harm“! A sound mixture in between early Covenant and modern influences of bands such as Assemblage 23, Frozen Plasma, or Diorama. Twelve masterpieces on one album far away from today’s uninspired electro hear-a-likes! Innovative electronic pop music with an edge!

Unitary – “Safe from Harm” – Viva Music Album Review:

After a first album released in 2003, “Second to None” with Off Label Productions, Unitary is back in 2011 with the album “Safe from Harm” with Infacted Recordings. While the whole creative process behind the album’s mastermind, Johan Hansson, is laid out in the open, the major merit of not becoming artificial in the process. With a very quiet tectonics of sound, but with erupting vocal lava beneath, “Safe from Harm” is a good listening recommendation of 2011, and one we would like to see develop in a multifaceted manner in the future.

Unitary means one, and this trite statement is however necessary in order to remind of one of the major merits of the album – as a one-man enterprise, it is really astonishing. With all due respect to all trained ears, the album could easily sound as the endeavor not of one, but many. However, it is true that today’s technology, put into the right hands, can make a band from just one person – and from this perspective, Unitary stands for something we want to see replicas of in many genres. (more…)

August 23, 2011

Amphi Festival 2012 – 5 new bands confirmed!

VIII. AMPHI Festival – The ORKUS Open Air 2012 – Facts: 

Date:  Jul-21&22, 2012
Venue:  Köln – Tanzbrunnen


+ many other artists and supporting program!

Tickets:  Orginaltickets, 5+1 group tickets are exclusively available at our Amphi Ticketshop under www.amphi-festival.de/tickets . Furthermore you can buy festival tickets online at www.protain-ticket.de & www.dark-ticket.de and all nationawide EVENTIM box offices.

Just a few weeks ago we shared the experience of celebrating the 7th Amphi Festival together at the Tanzbrunnen Cologne. 16.000 attendants from all over the world turned that incredible weekend into THE event of the dark festival summer! Unfortunately this summer turned out to be much darker than usual, with almost no festival passing along without at least one major rainstorm. And the Amphi had not been spared though. Thanks to its solid pavement, the rain sheltered main stage, the additional program at the Theater stage and the newly introduced festival café at the Staatenhaus, it had proven capable again to offer an uncompromised festival experience, even while St. Peter opened up his flood gates! (more…)

August 22, 2011

Vic Anselmo – “In My Fragile” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist:  “Introduction” * “More than You Can Comprehend” * “Open Wide” * “Horizon” * “Wellspring” * “Bone’s Blues” * “Ashes” * “Secrets of the Universe” * “Das Dunkle Land” * ”In the Darkness” * “The Day” * “Who?” (Bonus acoustic live track recorded at Offenbach Capitol) * “Bone’s Blues” (Bonus acoustic live track recorded at Offenbach Capitol) * “Leaving Eden” (Bonus acoustic live track recorded at Offenbach Capitol) * “Tumsha Nakte” (Bonus acoustic live track recorded at Offenbach Capitol)

About Vic Anselmo:

German/Latvian singer and songwriter Vic Anselmo is born under the sign of achievement. Ever since her 2008 release of her debut album “Trapped in a Dream”, she got quite an impressive number of quotes – newcomer of the month with Orkus and ranked 2nd in Zillo’s soundcheck and 7th with Sonic Seducer. A tour with Deine Lakaien ensued, as well as most of the important festival dates: WGT and Castle Party (2009), Waregem, Elf Fantasy, and Dark Mills (2010). In 2011, she joined Das Ich on stage at Amphi Festval. Vic Anselmo took her nickname from her own name, Victoria, and Pantera’s Phil Anselmo.

About Vic Anselmo – “In My Fragile:

The album can be thought of as a soundtrack to imaginary nuclear catastrophe movie. Sometimes desperate, sometimes ironic, it reflects a personal collapse through the images of global disaster. Through the entire album we could hear clicks of radiation, air-raids, explosions, and wireless noises. The album artwork completes the whole picture. On the CD cover you can see ruins of Riga, the city Vic comes from. “In My Fragile” contains a cover of Das Ich’s “Das dunkle Land”, as well as four exclusive acoustic bonus tracks recorded live during Vic Anselmo’s most recent tour.

In My Fragile” is recorded in Latvia, at Fenix studio by Gints Lundbergs and produced by Herman Rigmant and George Kadolchik. Vic Anselmo‘s band includes: Herman Rigmant – guitars, electronic percussions, George Kadolchik – keyboards, Pēteris Pāss – bass, Mārtiņš Miļevskis – drums. Cover art and photo by Arthur Berzinsh. Inside photos by Alexander Trinitatov. Booklet photos by Sandy Worm. (source)

Vic Anselmo – “In My Fragile” – Viva Music Album Review:

Vic Anselmo’s second album came out this weekend on August-19 with Danse Macabre, to whom the artist signed just this spring. The overall composition of the album includes ten original new tracks, one cover, as well as four live renditions of past/new material, all recorded at Offenbach Capitol. Although the album strikes with its dark variety, a point of pride of both Vic Anselmo and her crew should be the fact that most, if not all of the material included in the album is a provocative task carried out while constantly touring. As it happens, the recess of studio did not exist as a prolonged introspection, but as a plausible end result of constant communication to their audience. (more…)

August 18, 2011

Nordstern Festival 2012 News! Jul-13&14, Markthalle+Stadtpark, Hamburg

The first scene festival in Hamburg had a successful start in 2011 and we are now on the blocks to prepare round two in 2012! Originally we were planning the weekend of 6th & 7th July 2012 for the 2nd edition, but due to a big public event in Hamburg we are forced to move the date by one week. On 13 and 14 July 2012 Markthalle and Stadtpark will open their gates for Nordstern visitors.

First of all we would like to thank this year’s 1900 fans for their constructive feedback. We were overwhelmed by the number of positive comments but at the same time are working on the few negative points which basically referred to the seating situation at Stadtpark and the re-entry to the Stadtpark venue. Concerning the seating situation we have to inform you that due to local conditions and security regulations no further seats (i.e. benches) can be provided at Stadtpark. We will do our best to find some sort of solution to that problem but cannot make any promises towards change. As for the issue re-entry to Stadtpark we guarantee that we will either work with festival wristbands or provide an adequate alternative in 2012. We will inform you in due time. (more…)

E-tropolis 2011: Rotersand show cancelled / [:SITD:] playing instead!

Venue: Berlin, Columbiagelaende, Columbiadamm, 13-21, 10965 Berlin

Date: September-03, 2011 13:00hrs doors open, 15:00hrs start

Lineup: VNV Nation * Suicide Commando * Agonoize * Front Line Assembly * Welle:Erdball * Haujobb (Stage Reunion) * [:SITD:] * Ascii.Disko * Faderhead * Xotox * Spetsnaz * Santa Hates You * Fabrik C * Formalin

Aftershow party, autograph sessions, two outdoor chillout areas

E-tropolis Festival 2011Rotersand show cancelled / [:SITD:] playing instead!

On 3rd September 2011 the second E-tropolis Festival will take place at the Columbia compound in Berlin. Few days before the festival, we are sorry to inform you about a recent change in the lineup. Due to health issues, Rotersand had to step back from the festival lineup. Though the band would have loved to play the festival, they are very sad not being able to perform. Please read their following statement:

“We are sorry to announce that we needed to cancel our show at the E-tropolis-Festival in Berlin on Sep 3rd 2011. Rasc’s recovery process is going well, but playing a show would be too early for him. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone, who left ‘get well soon’-wishes in our guestbook / facebook-page….” (more…)

August 12, 2011

The first international interview with PAKT!

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For a few weeks now, the entire scene has been reading about the latest developments following the split of And One. We, at Viva Music, have also been watching closely the outcome of this separation. Yes, we are selfish. Yes, we chase good bands. Yes we work for the fans! We always hope that each band in our scene will produce great music for the fans to enjoy, so we looked forward to being able to officially welcome the newly formed PAKT! More about the birth and first video of PAKT, here. Read below the first interview with Chris Ruiz and Gio van Oli of PAKT, and do not forget to order their “Freiheit” single out tomorrow here!

Chris, Gio, thank you for agreeing to answer to Viva Music’s questions. We take pride in being the first webzine to interview PAKT, and we know your fans will be thrilled!

 PAKT is such a young project, and still at Amphi festival 2011 we saw an impressive number of fans wearing PAKT T-shirts! So here we are, so curious to find out what is the secret of your success before even launching your first single. Let’s shoot!

VIVA: How did you come up with the name of PAKT?

PAKT.: …I found the name years ago. I liked the name because you can really play with it very well. It has no real meaning like we’re now a PAKT against someone or whatever.

 VIVA: It is very easy to speculate why your first single is called “Freiheit”, considering the split from And One. Does the title of the single mean more than freedom from the past, from And One?

PAKT.: …Everyone says that. But it doesn’t really have much to do with the split. “Freiheit” means more breaking free from the chains of a manipulated society. We see it every day, how easy people take an opinion without asking what is the story behind….

VIVA: For a ‘new’ act, to be eagerly awaited at M’era Luna is an important achievement. Who gets the credit for such great promotion for PAKT?  

PAKT.: …yes that’s really fantastic for us, to have such a chance to be on stage at M’era Luna two days after our first single release. We’re really happy for it, and the Oscar goes to Steven, our Manager ;).

VIVA: When should we expect full-length material from PAKT? You have already planned out a very outgoing release strategy, including four parties in different cities in Germany plus autograph sessions just in August. What’s next? Is there a tour to accompany the single/album release?

PAKT.: …We’re already in the studio to record more songs, we’ve planned to release our first full length album in early 2012. It will be followed by a tour.

VIVA: The tagline you chose for your website reads ‘two guys who just wanna play with you’. Is it going to be just you two guys, or is the studio/live formula of PAKT going to include other artists as well?  

PAKT.: …Live we have a drummer with us on stage, his name is Cani, an awesome guy! He also plays drums in the studio for us. The rest is just Gio and me. Two simple guys who just wanna have fun. :)

VIVA: “A dance-floor-compatible coup that encourages thinking and is perfect for letting go, singing along and going wild”, says your home label, Out of Line. Do you find that description of PAKT satisfying or would you like to add more to it? 

PAKT.: …no, that’s a perfect description for the moment. No more we can say…. PAKT will.

VIVA: Chris, you are a wonderful photographer – and the PAKT artwork is just another proof of your talent. It’s remarkable how you are photographer, and subject at the same time; not too many, if any, artists do that. Do you plan to be the official PAKT photographer?   

PAKT.: …Oh, first of all, thank you! I guess I will be our official PAKT photographer. It’s for free, so… ;) If one day a pic won’t come out right using the self timer, I will let someone else take the photographs for sure.

VIVA: DAF, FUNKER VOGT, FORMALINE – how did the collaboration with them for the “Freiheit” single remixes go?  

PAKT.: …I met Robert (Robert Görl of DAF, Ed.) a few times over the last years, we met in the studio again and he asked me if I wanted to make a video for his next single. I said “of course”, and I asked him if he was interested in doing a remix for us. With Funker we had a barter, I would take pictures for them in exchange of a remix for us. Formalin are really very talented and lovely guys, we met them in the studio and so we arrived to this.

VIVA: Is there anything else you would like to add? Maybe a little bit about your personal life? Any recent changes?   

PAKT.: Everything feels much better now. We are free to put all our ideas into practice, (and we have a lot!) and can’t wait to bring them to life on CD and on stage.

VIVA: What do you know about Romania? What’s your message for your Romanian fans?   

PAKT.: …uhm, not much. So time has come for us to pay Romania a visit and have a gig, I guess :).

VIVA: Thank you very much for answering Viva Music’s annoying questions! We look forward to seeing our first PAKT concert live.

PAKT.: …thank you!  Do you have any coffee??

AESTHETIC PERFECTION signs to Metropolis Records!

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On March 20 and May 01, 2011 Viva Music played Aesthetic Perfection on Romanian national FM radio (Bucuresti FM), probably for the first time in the whole wide world. If you know any other national (not online) radio that has done the same, let us know. We are really proud of all our achievements, but the Electro/industrial radio show beats them all! Here is the (hi)story of our show.

Aesthetic Perfection immediately got fans and supporters in Romania, fans who have repeatedly inquired about a live show in Bucharest! Viva Music is still trying to book AP, so we may have the pleasure to see Mr. Graves in flesh and blood in Bucharest. As much as we would like to offer an unforgettable show to the Romanian fans, we also understand that Mr. Graves is really busy becoming famous! Here is the excellent news we have just received in a report from Metropolis Records:

  AESTHETIC PERFECTION Signs to Metropolis Records
New album ALL BEAUTY DESTROYED Scheduled For November 8th

in regular and Limited 2CD versions

Salzburg, Austria – Daniel Graves, the founder and sole creative member of AESTHETIC PERFECTION, announced today that he has signed his signature project to Out Of Line Records in Europe and Metropolis Records in North America. Both labels will be releasing ALL BEAUTY DESTROYED, his fourth album, in November of this year. There will be a standard single CD edition and a limited double CD version. “There’s an intentional irony in having a band called “Aesthetic Perfection” and naming your album All Beauty Destroyed,” notes Graves “It’s this struggle between personas, the dark and the light, the Jekyll and the Hyde.”

Fans of Grave’s previous albums won’t be disappointed as All Beauty Destroyed continues in the dance floor tradition set by A Violent Emotion, Close To Human and Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound (recorded as Necessary Response), though with this new album, things take a decidedly darker and more sinister turn. “The Devil’s In The Details”, the first single self-released by Graves in a special hand-packaged CD and as a downloadable track in the Rock Band Network showcased the evolved sound that Graves expounds on with the new release. The second single, “Inhuman”, with its synthesized chant of No hope, No pain, No loss, No gain, is bound to keep DJs satisfied with its pulsing rhythm and shout-along vocals. “Under Your Skin”, arguably the most unique track on the album, was recorded using no instruments other than Grave’s multi layered voice. The title track features piano accompaniment from Panzer AG’s Lauren Krothe and is the closest thing to a ballad as one can expect from Grave’s twisted mind.

Aesthetic Perfection’s live incarnation, which includes drummer Tim Van Horn, recently wrapped up its first headline tour of the USA (with support from Germany’s Faderhead)and included a blistering sold-out performance at Los Angeles’ legendary club Das Bunker. The band is preparing for their first headline tour of the UK in November and will be announcing additional European dates shortly. This constant touring, including previous runs supporting Combichrist, Imperative Reaction, S.I.T.D., Grendel and others have cemented Aesthetic Perfection’s hard earned reputation as a powerful live force in the electro-industrial scene.

All Beauty Destroyed promises to be the darkest and most dynamic piece of work Graves has created. As the LA Indy Media Blog notes, “Aesthetic Perfection is more than just rain in the desert, more than just food to a starving man: it is like having a friend jump into the fray as I am getting my butt kicked by 12 or 13 faceless stinking zombies.”

All Beauty Destroyed will be released in a single CD and 2CD edition in Europe by Out Of Line on November 4, 2011 and in North America by Metropolis Records on November 8, 2011. European dates and a US tour will be announced shortly.

aesthetic-perfection.net | facebook.com/aestheticperfection | twitter.com/daniel_graves

 Source: Metropolis Records 


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