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May 26, 2011

TourdeForce – Album “Colours in Life” – Viva Music Review


I Am the Phoenix * Modern Affair * Grey Is not Enough * What You Wanna Do with Your Life * Dancing Days * Love Hideout * Masterplan * Psychoanalysis for the Masses * Breathe with Me * We’re NOT Underground * Marry Me * Stagioni * Interrupted Boys * Colours in Life * Consensi (hidden track)

About [TDF]:

TourdeForce is an eclectronic music project from Bergamo, Italy, dated 2004. With a 2010 release of their album “Colours in Life” with Breakdown Records, usually hailed as fresh and original in an overly saturated electronic and alternative scene, and with live performances in 2011 with acts such as Covenant and Frozen Plasma, [TDF] have a message about decadence, loss of tragic sentiment, love and the dark side of love, with a feel for introspection and taking nuanced inspiration from literature, sociology, psychology and cinema.

TourdeForce – “Colours in Life” – Viva Music Album Review:

Artwork By – NON * Electric Guitar – Max Raiden, Samuele Palazzolo (tracks: 14) * Lyrics by – Christian Ryder * Mastered By – Alessio Sogno * Mixed By – Alessio Sogno, Christian Ryder * Photography – Marcello Modica, NON, Vittorio Bedogna * Programmed By – Christian Ryder * Recorded By – Lucky Chiva * Vocals – Christian Ryder, Eric Raven, Roby Bergamini * Written by – Christian Ryder, Eric Raven (more…)

Birthday Massacre “Imaginary Monsters” Out August-09 + Pre-Order Info


01. Forever * 02. Burn Away * 03. Left Behind * 04. Pale [Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie ‘Rubber Unicorn’ Mix] * 05. Control [tweaker Mix] * 06. Shallow Grave [Combichrist ‘Good For Her’ Mix] * 07. Pins And Needles [SKOLD Mix] * 08. Shallow Grave [Assemblage 23 Mix]

Following up on the success of the most recent album “Pins And Needles“, The Birthday Massacre returns with “Imaginary Monsters“, a new EP consisting of three all new songs and five remixes. The three new songs, “Forever”, “Burn Away”, and “Left Behind” find the band at its creative apex. Dark, personal, and atmospheric, The Birthday Massacre builds on its compelling blend of gothic, rock and electronic music into a sound that is all their own. To give the fans another perspective on the aforementioned sound, The Birthday Massacre has had five colleagues offer their unique perspectives on tracks from “Pins And Needles“. SKOLD, Combichrist, tweaker, Assemblage 23, and Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie add their own spin to TBM’s distinctive style. As a bonus, the EP also features the video for “In The Dark“!

PRE-ORDER: Order now, and we will ship this item to you when it is released on August 9, 2011.


May 24, 2011

Cover-ep “Gitarre kaputt” by Reizstrom will be released in June!


1) Vagabonds * 2) Human Fly * 3) The Passenger * 4) All Shook Up * 5) Rawhide * 6) Blister In The Sun * 7) Michelle

After the last two albums “Zettel am Zeh” (2009) and “Dwarfs Like Giants” (2010) MeCha and Skip decided to relax and record a coverversion just for fun, which they’ve planned a long time ago and which would be a difficult one. Both were very enthusiastic, that suddenly there were 7 songs and the decision was made, to release an ep, to share the love for these Indie-evergreens with friends and fans.

The EP received the matching name “Gitarre kaputt” (Guitar broke), ’cause all songs are guitar pieces, which were pulled to the dark electronic side of the force, but also trying to keep their magic. Equal it is Indie-Rock, Rockabilly or Wave, oneself just had to love the songs and due to this reason, they decided to start the project and create the interpretations, which are good to be silent, but also bring people closer together, who hadn’t have the luck to grow up with these songs. (more…)

Truemmerfrau – New Album “Geschmacksmusterverletzung” – Viva Music Review


I AM BACK” * “Grande Dame” * “Ein Saeugetier Wie Ich” * “Heisser Scheiss” * “Ode 2 Friendship” * “Berlin” * “Another Song” * “Mongo, Mongo!” * “A Place” * “Hit (By a Meteor)” * “Die letzte Party

About Truemmerfrau:

Truemmerfrau are an electronic music duo formed in 2006 by Janne Pawelczyk (vocals, music, lyrics) and Toni (live keys, backingvox). After a first album in 2008, “Musika Mottekki”, they come back with a new release on June 24, 2011:Geschmacksmusterverletzungwith Remote Music. Meanwhile, the duo kept themselves busy with various performances and also contests: they were a top finalist in Dortmund Dance Track competition, and won the Urban Electronics DJ Battle in Osnabrueck – thus proving that their merits of mixing genre boundaries and getting together the acts of electronic, EBM and even dance and techno are not a far-fetched musical contraption, but a genre in itself. (more…)

May 20, 2011

mind.area “means to an end” Out May-24!

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mind area‘s new ep “ means to an end” consequently keeps the way, which was chosen with the debut album ‘long distance side trip’ and the ep “stagnaton//death” released shortly after that. Though the ep is a further evolution of the dark-ambient sound with distorted industrial sound, it also is a hint to the upcoming album: more uncompromising the different stylistic devices of electronic music become a dangerous and at the same time fascinating soundrack. Not at last the vocals of friendly singers give the songs the life, which aims constant change.

mind area prove again, that the creativity of this genre is far away from reaching the end with this appetizer. The ep will be available as a free download on Ionium Records (DE), X-Line (RU) and Aphotic Audio (AU), released on the 24th of May 2011. (more…)

Degrees – New Album Out May-24: “Dream on Dreamy” – Viva Music Review

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01. The Great Big Void * 02. Oakland Mountain High * 03. Boys of Distortion * 04. Beach Loveison * 05. At Least Rock & Roll Won’t Leave A Hole In My Back * 06. Idiot Dreaming * 07. A New Dawn Fades, A New Dawn Waits * 08. Roads Again * 09. Dream On Dreamy

Album review:

Dream on Dreamy” is truly a gem of an album: out on May-24 with Af-music on May-24, it is already available as a digital download from the band’s bandcamp.com account, and can be found in stores in traditional format and also as a limited edition hand-numbered jewel case CD lot of 100.

What is striking from the first seconds of this beautiful album is the serene, almost immobile atmosphere the album transports you to: the small town atmosphere that on the surface suggests unvarnished simplicity and stillness, while deep down the turmoil and the ecstasy are boiling and erupting in a typical Swedish manner. This is how “The Great Big Void” welcomes you to the world of Degrees, a task that is further taken up by the elegant sound of “Oakland Mountain High“. The quietude subsists in subsequent tracks such as “Boys of Distortion” and “Beach Loveison”, which penetrate and drill down layers and layers of sound profusions and portions effectively emotions that are at the same time intimate and delicate. (more…)

May 19, 2011

VoA VoXyD from Ad Inferna – the Exclusive Viva Music Interview

We have often spoken, and written about Ad Inferna (as witnessed by the links below). But what we enjoy most, is to listen to Ad Inferna (and we do our share of listening, steadily and thoroughly). Ad Inferna’s VoA VoXyD was so kind to answer our questions for an exclusive interview: the lighter note on which questions flung forth and answers ricocheted back should not fool you though: Ad Inferna means serious business!

| Read Viva Music’s Ad Inferna band bio here. | Read Viva Music’s review of Ad Inferna’s album “DSMhere. | Read Viva Music’s review of Ad Inferna’s newest album “There Is No Curehere.

How many times a day do you eat? And what?

VoA: Well… I am not really fanatic about hours and plans, so, it really depends on the day of days… And about my food, humans of course (especially their liver, lol).

How many hours do you sleep per week on average?

VoA: There again, it depends on the day, but I am not really a big sleeper, as I am usually very skeptic about my mood on waking up. But, let’s say something like 4/5 hours per night.

Do you party? Where?

VoA: Nope, not anymore, I don’t like people around me and their proximity.

How do you spend your free time?

VoA:  I don’t know the meaning of the words “free time”, not for several years… but except work and making music, I spend my time thinking, worrying, thinking, worrying etc. (more…)

PAIL return with the third album “Faith in the Void”

CAUSTIC RECORDS presents “Faith In The Void” – the third album from PAIL, and a truly EBM piece of work of the 90’s.

Order now!

The album echoes of big names like FLA, X-Marks the Pedwalk, NUMB, Hocico, Mentallo & The Fixer, Leather Strip, VAC or Skinny Puppy, all mixed with the distinctive and personal style that PAIL has been promoting since the beginning of their journey in 1998.

Faith In The Void” is a Molotov cocktail in both structure and content, solid with a fighting spirit and very critical of the economic, social, political and religious structures that form our modern society. (more…)

May 18, 2011

Necro Facility – the Exclusive Viva Music Interview

Necro Facility‘s recent album release of Friday May-13 received a lot of positive attention from the scene and media. Since we encourage their progress on the scene, and fully trust their potential, we were also curious to find out more about what lies beheath Necro Facility – hence the interview below. Enjoy!

Read Viva Music’s review of Necro Facility’s new album here. | Read the album press release here.

How did you come up with the name Necro Facility?

Oscar Holter (OH): A friend of ours just came up with the name: “hey guys, why don’t you name the band Necro Facility”? And we thought it sounded cool so there you go! It doesn’t stand for anything special! Just a cool name!

Henrik Backstrom (HB): Yeah, that’s pretty much it. There’s no hidden message or anything behind it. It’s just two words that sounded cool.

Back in 2000 when you came together as Necro Facility, what did you think you were going to be like in 10 years’time?

OH: Seriously we never thought of that. Necro Facility never had the intention to earn money from this, nor being super rock stars playing shows all night. Necro Facility mainly is the friendship between Henrik and me. Necro facility is also a place where we can experiment on music!

HB: As Oscar says, none of us had any intentions being “big” with Necro Facility. The desire to earn money and become huge rock stars has never been there. It’s nice that people listen to our music and support us as much as they do, though. We are really thankful for that. But the main things have always been hanging out, making cool beats and experimenting with different ideas. (more…)

The 5th edition of Zita Rock Festival – News!

After the cancellation of the Blackfield Festival in Querfurt, we increased our 5 +1 group ticket quota for the Zita Rock Festival in Berlin! We want to offer all disappointed festival fans an attractive alternative, to still be able and come to enjoy a festival highlights in June!



With bands like Schandmaul, Eisbrecher, Apocalyptica, Project Pitchfork, Blutengel, and many others, the Zita Rock experience offers for its fifth edition of 2011 once again a high quality, diversified program of gothic, folk rock, metal and industrial rock. One of the highlights of the Zita Rock Festival is also the Citadel itself, which combines unique scenery and the historic ambient with the spirit of Zita Rock Festival. Down to earth, direct, honest and friendly Zita Rock Festival is the most beautiful open-air festivals of this summer: a perfect blend of thundering rock bursts and relaxed atmosphere! (more…)

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