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April 1, 2011

Centhron’s Dominator is out today. The album review!

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A couple of days ago we were all thrilled about CENTHRON’s new album release – now that it’s here, we are even happier with their release. To crown their decade-old activity, the Bremen musicians come up on April-01, 2011 with a new release: “Dominator”, a full-length album with Scanner, the label that backed their most recent album, “Roter Stern” in 2009. Their label fidelity seems to work just wonders for them, since the sound both “Roter Stern” and “Dominator” come with is a mature mist well supported by electro and industrial geometry.

The album in itself comes with numerous gems. You can rarely find an album that starts off at full tilt, but “Dominator” is surely your kind of album if that is what you have in mind. “Leitwolf” does not only come as a surprise because of its being the first track of the album, and a generous one for that matter; but also because it conveys atmosphere in a diligent and well-wrought way. One would think that touring with AGONOIZE gets you all the emulation powers you need, but no, CENTHRON’s style is not at all cramped by their influence – they do stand out. 

Kopfschuss” is as alert a track as you can think of; with deep electro core under an unsweetened industrial coating. The track makes great use of both vocals and instrument and delivers a great club experience. So does the conscience-permeating “666”, probably one of the tracks that will get more club and air time than any track from the album, a supposition rendered valid by its articulate tempo.

If you thought that “Gang bang Dolly” would not just make for a good song title, you are wrong. The track is entertaining in its juxtaposition of delicacy and aggressive edge, a quality that makes it danceable and in a twisted way, jingle-worthy. And then it’s time for “Atomschlag” to kick in, a song that plays in a constructive way with mature industrial tempo, a thing one should definitely get accustomed when taking in a new release by CENTHRON. And if you thought that radio off-color un-airables were cut short with just “Gang Bang Dolly”, here is “Cunt” to bare the facts. A very sexy perspective that comes as a two-for-one deal: a song to listen in the quietude of your den, and also a cruising song for the dancefloor.

Die Stalinorgeln” is what quintessentially CENTHRON’s music is about: definite beat, great dance value, and ambient added value. Though not the masterpiece of the album, it is the same feeling that is conveyed by “So sterbe ich”; a track with an interesting melody, but that is not entirely convincing in comparison to the rest of the album. “Kind des Wehrmuts” is trespassing more the electro limits of the album, and works its way toward being a track to remember and keep an ear open for in clubs.

The song that also gives the album title, “Dominator” is truly intriguing, in its savant combination of electro glides and industrial potential. A hide-and-seek scenario would fit very well the song line; where captor and hostage, abuser and victim, hunter and prey deflect one against the other. The theme verges on the next track, “Höllenhunde”; still an incredible track that deals very well intellectually and emotionally with its impact.

Faust” is about unleashed power and grandeur translated in a very industrial setting. A song as if captured within the last level of a video game with massive destruction, “Slave” closes the deal that “Dominator” has in store for you. A deal that means a great display of energy, unambiguous value and straightforward dance floor value.


01. Leitwolf
02. Kopfschuss
03. 666
04. Gang Bang Dolly
05. Atomschlag
06. Cunt
07. Die Stalinorgeln
08. So sterbe ich
09. Kind des Wehrmuts
10. Dominator
11. Höllenhunde
12. Faust
13. Slave


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