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March 23, 2012

Vlad in Tears’ Exclusive Official Video Release “Mary” on darkwave.ro Friday Mar-23!

Watch the exclusive official video “Mary” and read exclusive news about the tour, new tracks and PC game from Vlad in Tears after the jump | Order Vlad in Tears’ album “Welcome to Vladyland” from iTunes here | Watch the video “At the End of the Worldhere

About Vlad in Tears:

When Kris Vlad (lead vocals & piano) decided to start his own act in 2005, he did not have to venture far from the idyllic Italian village he lived in to find bandmates. He recruited his brothers Lex (guitar) and Dario (bass) and their best friend Alex (drums). They came up with the band name Vlad in Tears because it had a ring to it that would immediately indicate the style in which the band was playing. They began looking for opportunities to play in front of live audiences, at first covering songs by other artists, but soon coming up with their own material and looking for a label to promote their original compositions. After a tour of 34 concerts in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and former Yugoslavia, they recorded their first demo tape “After The End”. What followed were reviews and interviews and a buzz that announced the “most amazing Italian Gothic Act”. Before long, labels started to become interested in Vlad in Tears. Eventually, the band signed with “Aural Music” where they released their first official record named “Seed of an Ancient Pain”, which gained the reputation of “Best Gothic Indie release of 2007”. The positive feedback Vlad in Tears was getting, led to more sold out gigs all over the world, especially in the UK and South America and eventually to the release of their second album “Underskin”, which will be re-released with additional material some time in 2012. Currently their third album “Welcome to Vladyland” once more demonstrates the versatility and musical depth of Vlad in Tears and is headed to become their biggest success in the charts, yet.

Watch the exclusive official video “Mary” from Vlad in Tears:

It’s a ghost story…  A long time ago, Mary was this girl who was possessed by a demon. Shortly upon her death through exorcism, she started appearing in the very house in which she was exorcised. And then, the leader of a dark rock band called Vlad in Tears decided to make a video documentary set in Mary’s house. Kris, that was his name, had peculiar feelings while shooting the vid, it was like being stunned in the beginning, but as they moved on, he was taken in by the ghost girl. He fell in love, wicked love with her. Some believe that Mary is still around us. Maybe. She’s right here. Behind you. Now.” (Kris Vlad)

Lyrics: She’s like an angel in my dreams/She’s like a dancer on my lips….And now….killing to feel fine…/She’s like fever in my mind, She’s like demon on my side/She brings me to feel fine/She kills me to feel fine as the darkness in my life/My Mary, oh Mary, I’m feeling what you are feeling/My Mary, oh Mary I’m feeling what you are feelin’/My Mary, sweet Mary/I’m loosing my mind in you … you’re the worst and the best of my life…./She’s like a razor in my eyes/She’s like a razor on my side/And now ….Screaming to feel fine/She’s like a stranger in my town, drivin’ me crazy, diggin’ me down …/She brings me to feel fine/She kills me to feel fine as the darkness in my life….

More “Mary” info and some exclusive Vlad in Tears info: tour, exclusive tracks from Vladyland, meet Mary in the Vladyland PC game:

In the fall of 2012 Vlad in Tears will bring their Vladyland to Germany. The longest night in Vladyland will begin mid-September somewhere up north. The name of the place is still a secret. Just before dawn the night in Vladyland will end mid-December in Berlin – where else?

What will the shadows of the night bring for you? A unique sound – brilliant, modern, dark and mysterious. In the setlist you will find the best songs of all three Vlad in Tears albums. Of course the concept album “Welcome to Vladyland“, which tells the story of Mary will be a central element.

There will be unique acoustic sections adding a special flavor to the concert. Witness Vlad in Tears‘ atmospheric songs in the most natural way possible: unplugged. This will render your night with Vlad in Tears your personal once-in- a-lifetime experience. Those of you who have already spent a night at a Vlad in Tears concert are still gushing about it and will most probably never be able to forget the experience – trapped forevermore in the night of Vladyland.

And Vlad in Tears have also thought of another very special surprise for their fans. During these concerts you will be able to get your hands on an EP with 5 (five!) very special songs by the band. This EP will be available nowhere else and is strictly limited. That way you will be able to take a piece of “A Night in Vladyland” home. If that still isn’t enough, you can soon visit Vladyland on your PC. Vlad in Tears are designing a computer game which will lead you into Vladyland on the search for Mary, the mystical and mysterious inhabitant of Vladyland.

In March 2013 Vlad in Tears will continue their tour in order to bring Vladyland to the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Scandinavia.

Vlad in Tears “Welcome to Vladyland” – Viva Music Album Review:

Tracklist: “At the End of the World” * “Circus on the Moon” * “Here Comes the Rain” * “A Song to Say Goodnight” * “Mary” * “After All” * “Pretending” * “Redemption” * “The Black Cat” * “To Be Mine” * “We’ll Never Die” * “A Vlad’s Tale

On first listening to “Welcome to Vladyland” you get some serious shivers, but also the impression you’re being submerged in deep freezing waters under which the spectacle of lights and shadows makes your surfacing both undesirable and the last thing you want to do while you’re still alive. It is a very contriving experience, and musically one of the most interesting projects we have come across of late.

After an ebullient “At the End of the World”, the burlesque “Circus on the Moon” resuscitates the feelings that seemed to give their last breath in the previous heartfelt tune and here is a revolution of sound, very plausibly an induction into ‘Vladyland’, followed by the energetic and convincing “Here Comes the Rain” – dispelling the previous states and undertaking a very sexy mix of carousal and healing. With a very catchy tune to it, it brushes against pop and returns in true gothic fashion to a very captivating set of lyrics and accompanying instrument. “A Song to Say Goodnight” takes out from the box the ballad side of the band, while the ensuing “Mary”, a very character driven track numbs all your senses and then revitalizes them. A Viva Music favorite, “Mary” covers the silence in our lives with beautiful black drawings on the sky. A very charismatic character, Mary fumbles in the darkness in order to elicit from us the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the bad, and return us, mythically, to our shapes and colors. “After All” is a gladdening experience, musically it sounds like a top production and it continues this trend with a very charismatic combo of voice and music. “Redemption” is another Viva Music favorite, and its tune will linger on even after listening to it once. “The Black Cat” marks the return to the eerie and the melodious, while the very luxuriant “To Be Mine” is a very mature song, and a very palatable experience. With “We’ll Never Die” and its zest, and “A Vlad’s Tale” and its vintage touch, the album takes leave from the listener, until the next time you feel the urge to listen to it, which, we think, is pretty soon.

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