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September 16, 2011

God Module – “Seance” – Viva Music Album Review

I worked my ass off to try to make this CD something special and it means a whole damn lot to hear so many of you guys dig it so quick!” (God Module Facebook fanpage)

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Tracklist: “Ouija” * “Devil’s Night” * “Plastic” * “Doppelganger” * “M.D.K.” * “Extinct” * “Rituals” * “Into the Outside” * “Video” * “Remember” * “Fake Fame” * “Afraid of the Light

God Module – “Séance” – Viva Music Review:

 Horror industrial/black electro/murder wave/spooky dance music act God Module, the fandom of which increased a lot in recent years, have been around for long enough in order to accustom us with quality music. Therefore, the expectations from their Sep-13 release with Metropolis Records, “Séance” were high, and what’s more, stirred by their early August “Rituals” single release. In fact, “Rituals”, which contains three preview tracks from the album, namely the multiple renditions of “Rituals” and also the tracks “Devil’s Night” and “Remember”, made it clear: God Module’s new album was going to be terrific. So the listening process of the album per se was conditioned by this awareness, and also by very good vibes.

A séance is a session in which one attempts to communicate with the spirits. The whole array of spiritualism is put in place by the original track of the album, “Ouija”, which is a charismatic and enticing piece of dark music. The opening of the album, which is also the opening of the séance, sends shivers down one’s spine with its choral conjuring and with the hard beats that promptly occupy the song’s core. The invitation to “commune with us”, iterated in the song, becomes relevant to the album as we move on to the next track, the spiritual “Devil’s Night”, the devastatingly decided and dance-oriented rhythm of which sounds really good. A feel good version of the track is also to be encountered on the single release of “Rituals”. It is not unlike the preview we had to the album, “Rituals” in particular, but it is a track that can stand on its own both musically and content-wise. Its imperative tone, as well as the condensed manner in which sound is kept to a very positive level make this track one hell of an encounter!

After the conflict-based “Plastic”, which talks at a metaphorical level about the encounter between the human who wants to be spiritualized, and the spirit who wants to be humanized, all coated with a plethora of psychiatric ward jargon in order to induce the notion that there’s an overpowering malaise taking the floor, and no trifle, it’s time for “Doppelganger” to enchant. A vibrating song conveying a very inimitable musical context and feel, “Doppelganger” stands out of the album creatively, and one we would quickly catalogue as a sensuous dancefloor filler. “M.D.K.” and “Extinct”, both musically interesting and conducive of a very special atmosphere, are followed by the track we had already listened to in its raw and numerous remix versions in the single release of “Rituals”. “Rituals” is one of a kind, and it borrows itself easily to interpretation, therefore we cannot but approve of the band’s choice to release it independently. An austere and terrifying track, “Rituals” is also a preternatural story with a lot of appeal. Just listen to it, and you will surely enjoy it.

The less provoking, but all the more pleasant feel emanated by “Into the Outside” plays with space and our conceptions thereof in a story of creation and trespassing, not unlike stories of the kind we’ve heard ever since the Bible, but with an added value of spiritual chic. If you add to the equation the killer beat and the very emphasized magical element, you will know that the séance put up by God Module is one that does not avoid the darker specter of the world we live in, and most certainly does not limit itself to merely plausible realities, but speaks in tongues, and advances further into the darkness of the unknown.

After the quick and high jump of “Video”, here we meet again “Remember”, the acquaintance of which we had previously made in the single release, with a pulsating and very well worked rhythm, as well as with very evocative vocals. “Fake Fame”, which comes back to the line of previous tracks such as “Into the Outside” and even “Doppelganger”, is bedecked with very rich music and simply makes waves. Its rhythm also seems to push in the very beautiful ending of the album, “Afraid of the Dark”, which is a truly unconventional and unruly track that captures the spiritual feel of the entire album.

Séance” is not an album about a story, but about many stories, told with the vision granted only to few. While it seems thematically and stylistically marked in a coherent and manner, it also comes out as a very baroque construction. Listening to it is a spiritual journey, with beckoning lights and tempting darkness, the mirages of which call one’s attention to the multilayered realities out of which we oftentimes choose to live just one. Enjoy!

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