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January 25, 2012

Stahlmann “Quecksilber” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Engel der Dunkelheit” * “Spring Nicht” * “Tanzmaschine” * “Asche” * “Mein Leib” * “Am Grunde” * “Goetter” * “Schmerz” * “Diener” * “Tanzmaschine (Club Remix)” * “Herzschlag” * “Tanzmaschine (Single Version)” * “Mein Leib (Club Remix)

About Stahlmann – “Quecksilber:

“We wanted this album to show an even more danceable side. We wanted to merge metal guitars with danceable EBM and dance, and at the same time focus more on the elements that pertain to electronic music.  And while doing so, we wanted to stay true to ourselves.” (…) Stahlmann stand for a new era of German music. They represent a new generation of harder music sung in German, and they develop the menacing and yet powerful vibrations of the so called Neue Deutsche Härte that began in the 1990’s with Die Krupps and Oomph and were perfected at a later date by Rammstein.  Founded in 2008, the first band engaged in industrial sounds, but also in driving rhythms of metal, and gothic intense melodies, all put together in one furnace, forging their craft from the solid base of their character and music. With catchy lyrics, a deep and distinctive voice, as well as a spectacular appearance, Stahlmann are a very welcome and much awaited addition to our music scene. (source: press release)

Stahlmann – “Spring Nicht” (Video Trailer):

Stahlmann – “Quecksilber” – Viva Music Album Review:

Quecksilber” (English: “Mercury”) is an album that is sure to get your musical attention. Released on Jan-20 with Afm Records/Soulfood, the album departs from a very sound premise of being creative, diverse and at the same time keeping to the straight and narrow of music-making, production and performance. The opening track, “Engel der Dunkelheit” (English: “Angel of Darkness”) is breathtaking, and its effect lingers on, and before you know it, there’s “Spring Nicht” (the track you have probably gotten a taste of from the video trailer). A great composition, both from the point of view of music and lyrical content, the track seems to take one over with the exact dosage of harshness and elegance, and seems to charm even at its most austere. With “Tanzmaschine”, and the very inviting ‘dance with me’ becomes anthemic and manipulates one of the most enticing pieces of music we have heard of late. And taking into account the numerous versions of the track (“Tanzmaschine (Club Remix)” and “Tanzmaschine (Single Version)” are also included in the album), it is not only one of our favorites, but also one of the songs the band themselves give extra credit to. And that’s not random, since the popularity of the track is rising; just the first week of the album release, the single “Tanzmaschine” is soaring in German Alternative Charts, where you can find it at number 4, in a select company made of And One, Eisbrecher and [:SITD:]. The more melancholy ridden “Asche” (English: “Ashes”) is up next in the album, rendering sufficient breathing space before the sound storm of “Mein Leib” (English: “My Body”), with its swooning precision and mesmerizing vocals. In its advance, it makes everything new again in the album, and the ensuing track, “Am Grunde” causes a replenishing sense of grandiose, progressive and overpowering emotion. A pleasure to listen to, just like “Goetter” (English “Gods”) and “Schmerz” (English: “Pain”), the refinement and actual danceability of which contrasts with previous tracks, but also is richer, and promising more permanence. Special mention should be made of “Diener” (English: “Servant”), the energy-packed outburst that consolidates the album’s premise of the band to combine more than one genre under one and the same regulatory principle and still, provoke and emote deeply. And before you can even reflect on the track’s relevance, there’s “Herzschlag” (English: “Heartbeat”) to take you further by surprise, with its musical depiction of a very emotional landscape, in which musical creativity and vocal A+ exercise tell the story of how a person can actually be another person’s heartbeat. Closing the compilation, the remixes of “Tanzmaschine” and “Mein Leib” add poise and substance to the album, making it a well-rounded musical effort, worth revisiting whenever you’re in the mood for energetic, crafty music with edge. Enjoy!

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