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November 8, 2012

a.p.a.t.T. and Secret Chiefs 3 @Silver Church, Bucharest, Nov 07, 2012 – Viva Music review with photos

Without exaggerating a bit, I would say that last night I had my most notable musical experience of the year 2012.

The two beautiful and heart-felt shows of a.p.a.t.T. and Secret Chiefs 3 charged me with energy enough to last until I make sure I see them again, somehow. And I will. These are shows to look forward to, this is the music anyone can and should enjoy. Radio stations should make a rule of sharing excellent music, not mainstream music, perfect music gems that will surely survive the test of time and still be great 200 years from now. Last night the participants’ musical tastes were irrelevant; we all vibrated like one to the crazy experimental awesomeness of a.p.a.t.T. and then to the majestic musical occult of Secret Chiefs 3.

Why was I so excited? Why did I feel this was a night to remember? Not easy to explain… Most probably the infectious pleasure of the two bands to be on stage and share their passion, the impeccable execution of the instrument parts, the modesty and openness…


 Official | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

a.p.a.t.T. stroke me as a jazz orchestra with a social message embedded in distorted and confusing melodies, a pizzicato of energy and regular human experiences, all topped with virtuoso instrumental tours de force from all band members. The show was theatrical and expressive, with all band members dressed in white and moving around like mad. They sang, danced, explained things and got into a trance just as the music was developing into a kind of short movie.

a.p.a.t.T. photos:

Secret Chiefs 3

 Official | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

Secret Chiefs 3 can and should headline festivals and play stadiums.

However, I think they are too busy creating masterpieces, expressing their beliefs and enjoying live performances to have time to become famous. I know too many underground bands who choose to stay underground and I think they are right. Still, more people should enjoy the music of Secret Chiefs 3.

From the very beginning the band strikes as a group of introvert people with deep convictions and living in their own universe. They create a film on stage; the monks antagonistically placed next to a punk rocker who plays his heart out on violin, guitar and trumpet tell stories of lost souls and dark experiences, having us travel with them to faraway lands. I could hear and literally feel the Arabic music influences, the depth of metal and the darkness of Gothic tunes, I felt like riding a horse in the wild, wild West to switch quickly to a Balkan traditional songs mixed with some Bach and spiced up with Badalamenti. The energy, the determination to complete every piece with utter professionalism while having the best of fun and laughing and cheering moved all participants in an indescribable way. We asked for more and we received encores that seemed to project our experience in a parallel dimension, a timeless place where we could save this night forever.

Thank you, Secret Chiefs 3!

Secret Chiefs 3 photos:

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