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September 30, 2011

Tenek – “EP2” Out on Oct-10! Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “What Do You Want? (Full Length Version)” * “Elusive (Full Length Version)” * “The Art of Evasion (Alternate Version)” * “Higher Ground (Alternate Version)” * “Elusive (Radio Edit)” * “What Do You Want? (Radio Edit)

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About Tenek – “EP2:

Available from Monday 10th October on CD & mp3 “EP2” features brand new material from Tenek for 2011. The romantic “What Do You Want?” features none other than Chris Payne on violin. Chris played with Gary Numan from 1979 to 1989 and contributed the awesome violin solos for such tracks as “Complex“, “The Joy Circuit” and “Cold Warning“. Also included on the EP is another brand new song “Elusive” and alternate versions of two of the most popular tracks from their current album “On The Wire“. These serve to remind us of how great Tenek‘s song writing can be and add yet another perspective to some of their best work to date. (source: press release)  (more…)

September 29, 2011

Schoengeist – The Exclusive Viva Music Interview!

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Meeting with Schoengeist is always fun, fresh, and intriguing. On the occasion of this interview we had much fun, because of the openness of lead singer Timur Karakus and of his willingness to answer the quirkiest of our questions. This is how we found out what he likes to do before going on stage, whom he would like to share the stage with, and what his feeling is, as an artist, about the scene and the demands artists face and comply with in their careers. It was a very enjoyable experience and we warmly recommend listening to Schoengeist and paying attention to their plans – you are going to hear a lot about them, if you haven’t yet. Enjoy!


VIVA: What is the story of Schoengeist? And how did you come up with the band’s name?

SCHOENGEIST:  It is quite simple. You know, Schoengeist means a kind of beautiful spirit of human kind. A spirit we have totally lost in the last decade. More and more people are getting poor and are afraid of their lives, and what is in store for them in the future. The reflex is selfishness and a permanent, destructive fight one against another. No room left anymore for the beautiful things from our environment. So the consequence for me was to build an opposition against this inhuman attitude.

VIVA: Your band on stage seems like a get-together of friends. How did you guys meet and when did you decide to work together in the present formula?

SCHOENGEIST: Oh yes I love my band very much. They are high qualified in their art and also very honest and fair people. The relation between us is awesome. It is three years already that we work together in this format. We all come from the same city, Munich, where the scene is quite small. It was only a question of time before we met each other ;-)

VIVA: For your latest material, “Keine Zeit” you collaborated with Eisbrecher’s Alex Wesselsky. How did you meet and how did your collaboration go? (more…)

September 28, 2011

Leaether Strip – “Untold Stories” Out on Oct-01! Viva Music Album Review

This album has been in my head for many years, and after completing the somewhat aggressive Klutae album “Electro Punks Unite”, I really felt it was time to dig for my roots and to really embrace my melancholic and melodic side more than I have done over the years. The Songs have a very retro electronic sound that most of my listeners knows I love, and on most of the songs you will hear me actually sing like the good boy I also have deep inside. It was a hard job to dig him out.” (Claus Larsen)

Tracklist: Leaether Strip – “Untold Stories – The Melancholic Sessions”: “Reunited with My Bitterness” * “Listen to the Children Pray” * “Blind Man’s Buff” * “Untold Stories” * “True Glory – False Heroes” * “Ever Changing Landscapes” * “Love Is Dead” * “Connubialis” * “Giants” * “I Feel No Shame” * “Silver Mist” * “I Am Him – He Is Me” * “The Queen of the Dusk” * “For the Ones We Lost” | “CD-rom Number One”: “Hate Me 2011” * “Budapaest Noir” * “Unerzaehlte Geschichten feat. Rummelsnuff” * “Leaether Strip and Rummelsnuff – Vollnarkose” * “Reunited with My Bitterness – Club Mix by Psychopomps” * “The End of the Road – Final Words Mix by Front Line Assembly” * “Reunited with My Bitterness – Endless Dark Mix by Why the Misery” * “Listen to the Children Pray – Gospel Mix by Implant” * “Reunited with My Bitterness – Nu retro Rmx by Implant” * “Listen to the Children PrayBitch Slap Mix by Decoded Feedback” * “Listen to the Children PrayRobotiko Rejekto Remix” * “Bonus Track – Reunited with My Bitterness – Deadboy Mix by Decoded Feedback” * “Bonus Track – Reunited with My Bitterness – UCNX Remix

Other Leaether Strip news on darkwave.ro: Leaether Strip at Amphi Festival 2011 (review) | Leaether Strip at Amphi Festival 2011 (photo gallery) | Leaether Strip at E-tropolis Festival 2010 (review) | Leaether Strip at E-tropolis Festival 2010 (photo gallery)

Leaether Strip “Untold Stories – The Melancholic Sessions” – Viva Music Review:

Self-released on Oct-01, the new material from stage and studio veteran Leaether Strip is a must of the season. “I love and need the direct contact with the listeners and sure I know I will not have a big distributor behind me but to have this contact is more important for me than sales, yes it sounds cheesy , but that’s how I feel.” says Claus Larsen, and we have to agree – this is a step that reduces at the same time the tiresome discussions about how much technology brings us together and rips us apart, and the unwanted hiatus that listeners might feel when not being able to be in contact with the artists they cherish.“Untold Stories – The Melancholic Sessions” is an amazing listen, and definitely one of the most creative and intriguing things we are going to listen to until the end of the year. The impression their album gives is one of plenitude and reassurance, with a mist of cockiness and a solid base of imaginative musicianship. A maverick album of sorts, “Untold Stories – The Melancholic Sessions” is, in Claus Larsen‘s own words, retro electro – the concept itself rhymes and slides – so does the album, listen to it and you will be proud to be able to present to your friends one hell of a music find. (more…)

September 27, 2011

Severe Illusion “No More Alive than You Deserve”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Mockingbird” * “Try Harder” * “Clear Head” * “To the Wall” * “Nar helvetet kom till byn” * “Inside Your Narrow Little World” * “Them Unwitting” * “Rotating Knives, Yes” * “Cultural Identity +” * “And Them We Kill” * “Dirt

Prior to “No More Alive than You DeserveSevere Illusion released two digital singles, “Clear Head (Single Version)” (+) and “The End of Flowers” (+). | Other Severe Illusion news on darkwave.ro: Severe Illusion joins forces with CCP

Severe Illusion – “No More Alive than This”: Viva Music Review:

The very atmospheric album from Severe Illusion, “No More Alive than You Deserve” with Complete Control Productions astonishes in many ways, not unlike their previous discography. It is a very dense album, and very intuitively invested in by the two musicians who take part in the project. Unlike their previous releases, which are chronological, this release comprises material produced and performed between 2004 and 2011, that is more than half through the artists’ career.  (more…)

September 26, 2011

Autodafeh – “Act of Faith”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Heaven Screams” * “Killer” * “Land of Nothing” * “Reality Shock” * “Make Us Believe” * “Watch Out” * “Treasure Hunt” * “Wheel of Faith” * “Promises” * “Camp Intel” * “Fuel of Fire (2011)” * “Divided We Fall (2011)

Other Autodafeh news on darkwave.ro: Autodafeh to Release “Act of Faith” on September-16!

About Autodafeh:

Autodafeh are: Mika Rossi, Jesper Nilsson, Anders Olsson.  The ADF project started in the middle of November 2007, the two lads Rossi and Jesper, friends since childhood, decided to launch a new EBM campaign. They both had been growing up with lots of electronic music in their body and mind. Since November, lots of hard work and lots of sweat has been taken the band where they are today. Hard pumping, aggressive tracks have been constructed, in order to have loads of material to show both listeners and record companies. The third member in the band is Anders, an important person that makes it complete. He too has EBM pulse floating in his veins. (source: band bio)

Autodafeh – “Act of Faith: Viva Music Review:

With their third album, “Act of Faith” released on Sep-16 with Scanner Records (Europe) and Sigsaly Transmissions, Autodafeh prove listening to their music is worthwhile and the progress musicians can make in the shortest of whiles – it’s not unusual for bands who are in their prime to release their third album in their third full year of existence, but it’s only more rarely the case that it also means something. And “Act of Faith” stands out as a very fresh and easily approachable new material this fall. With the year closing soon, it is not risky to claim that it also is one of our favorite materials this year! So the recommendation to buy and listen to the album is inherent to this review. (more…)

September 23, 2011

Global Citizen – “Nil by Mouth”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Kimochi Ii” * “Don’t Make It Slow” * “Things” * “New” * “Nil by Mouth” * “Broken Doll” * “Early Morning Star” * “Hilton” * “Your Majesty” * “Immaculate Ejaculate” * “Sleep Precious Sleep

About Global Citizen:

In the works since 1994, then under the moniker of Constructive Noise, Global Citizen took their name from the title of one of their initial b-side tracks; in its turn the name of the track was inspired by a combination of a cosmopolitan mercenary of the likes of “Leon” and the notion of globalization entailed by the early years of the internet. In their contemporariness, Global Citizen released two album, “Master Stroke” (2008) and “Nil by Mouth” (2011), as well as numerous singles and extended versions of tracks from these albums: “Tea Time”, “Early Morning Star”, “Broken Doll”, as well as “Don’t Make It Slow” (forthcoming).

Global Citizen – “Nil by Mouth” – Viva Music Review:

Nil by Mouth” was a 1997 movie written and directed by Gary Oldman, which remained in cinema history not only because it is a good movie and incidentally Oldman’s debut as both writer and director, but also for saucy trivia such as the number of times the f-word is repeated through the movie (428 or 3.54/minute – yes! someone counted!). Global Citizen cannot take pride in the same record with their album “Nil by Mouth” – only one such use of the f-word may seem in total opposition with the movie, and in fact it is. Global Citizen don’t need the f- word in order to get dirty, seems to be the moral of the album. Without being a general audience movie (keep on reading and you will find out why), “Nil by Mouth” aims high and scores bull’s-eye in no time. With a very good, competitive edge to their electronica, the guys in Global Citizen take a deep dive into sonic pleasures they wish to share with their listeners, and in fact they manage to create quite a stir! With their “dark, moody, twisted, sexy and often downright perverse music with striking imagery”, they are clearly setting on a mission to seduce. And while to some it may be altogether x-rated content, “Nil by Mouth” is also a conveyor of good music and good feelings. (more…)

September 22, 2011

VNV Nation – “Automatic” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “On Air” * “Space & Time” * “Resolution” * “Control” * “Goodbye 20th Century” * “Streamline” * “Gratitude” * “Nova” * “Photon” * “Radio

Other VNV Nation news by Viva Music: VNV Nation – “Automatic” – New Album Out in September + Preview + Tour Dates | VNV Nation at Nocturnal Culture Night 2011 | VNV Nation at Nocturnal Culture Night 2011 (photo gallery) | VNV Nation at Nordstern Festival 2011 | VNV Nation at Nordstern Festival 2011 (photo gallery) | VNV Nation at Amphi Festival 2010 | VNV Nation at Amphi Festival 2010 (photo gallery) | VNV Nation at Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 (photo gallery)

VNV Nation – “Automatic”: Viva Music Album Review:

 After a very packed full summer, filled with concert and festival dates, VNV Nation regale us with a very beautiful album, really in time for those who set in their autumn melancholy. “Automatic”, tracks from which were previously first-time listens during summer festival dates, and snippets of which were made available earlier this month, is finally out with Anachron Sounds and Sep-16 and Sep-19 as US and continental release dates. With an inspiring sub-title “Marking 100 years of progress”, the album, redolent of very much of what you are accustomed to listen to when the name of VNV Nation pops in your mind, it also is an exclusive encounter with the newer edge of the band, and their definite shift to more optimistic, and beat-driven music. Definitely not a commercial album, but a compositionally healthy one, the album is in many respects similar to their previous 2009 “Of Faith, Power and Glory”, thus bridging their fans’ experience to a new lot of songs, but also enriching their experience with a great deal of good songs. (more…)

September 21, 2011

Imperative Reaction “Imperative Reaction” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Side Effect” * “What Is Left to Say” * “Siphon” * “Song of the Martyr” * “Torture” * “Surface” * “Time Doesn’t Care” * “The Signal” * “Hype” * “Permanent” * “Closure” | Artwork by: Sam Pfannkuche; Guitar: Adam Vex (tracks: 2, 4, 6, 7); Photography: Chad Michael Ward; Producer, mixed by, mastered by: Krischan Wesenberg*; Vocals [Additional]: Adam Vex (tracks: 6), Clint Carney (tracks: 6); Written by, recorded by: Ted Phelps

Read Viva Music’s review of Imperative Reaction’s “Surface” single release here.

Imperative Reaction “Imperative Reaction” – Viva Music Review:

Every time we encounter a band who title their album with their band name, there’s a different reason behind it. For Imperative Reaction, with their renewed musical creed, it’s like a definition album, pacing slowly but surely into what the band want themselves to be – and are nowadays.

The 11-track album is superlative. You can actually sneak listen to the hard work it incurred, and the novel manner in which the band wants to sound, and be received with. “Surface” was a good starting point for this vision, and their music surely makes one eager for more after their appetizing single release. Not long, so that the feeling rendered by “Surface” could actually fade away, there is “Imperative Reaction” to listen to and convince the listener of the quality music Imperative Reaction are up to. Two of the tracks, namely “Surface” and “What Is Left to Say” were already available in the single release of this summer, whilst the remaining nine are first-time and first-class listens. (more…)

September 20, 2011

Apoptygma Berzerk “Black EP vol. 2” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Asleep or Awake (Spektralized RMX)” * “Eclipse (OK Minus RMX)” * “Shadow (People Theatre RMX)” * “Apollo (Flipside & Parsberg RMX)” * “Green Queen (Stanley Cupid RMX)” * “Love Will Tear Us Apart” * “Adrift (C-64 Version)” * “Green Queen (Client RMX)” * “Apollo (Rotersand Rework)” * “Shadow (Essence of Mind RMX)” * “Apollo (Alex O’s Old School RMX)” * “Green Queen (Outer/Innnerpartysystem RMX)

Order Apoptygma Berzerk’s “Black EP – Volume II” from here | Watch the compilation’s official video after the jump.

Apoptygma Berzerk – “Black EP  vol. 2” – Viva Music Review

The first thing you need to know about the new compilation from Apoptygma Berzerk is the fact that it sounds amazing! Actually, that’s the second thing, since everyone knew that much even before buying and listening to it, but the first thing you need to know about “Black EP – vol. 2” is that its cover features a scannable QR code that reads actually the hidden link to a special download package from Metropolis Records’ site. So activate your geeky side and take pleasure into this thing we can do with today’s technology. Yes, we can do it. (more…)

September 19, 2011

IAMX “Volatile Times” Single Release on Sep-23. Watch the video and the single teaser!

After “Ghosts of Utopia” and “Bernadette” (read Viva Music‘s review here), “Volatile Times” is the third single release from the homonymous 2011 album from IAMX. The release on Sep-23 will be made both as a phyisical package and a digital download. The lucky ones who pre-order will get hand signed copies from the man behind IAMX himself, Chris Corner.

The tracklist of the single is already known, though slight variations in track order may occur before the release: “Volatile Times (IAMseX UNFALL Rework)” * “Volatile Times (Clayton Worbeck Mix)” *”Volatile Times (Glen STRANGERS Trip Wave Remix)” * “Volatile Times (Noblesse Oblige Remix)“.

The single release is preceded by the video release for “Volatile Times” last Friday, as well as by a single and new tour (Into the Asylum – October 2011) teaser, both of which you can watch below. (more…)

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