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February 17, 2012

[de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” Limited Edition Digipak EP – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Single Version” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Bassmachine Mix by Notstandskomitee” * “Rain of Gold: Original Version” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: From Heaven to Hell Remix by amGod” * “Rain of Gold: Synthetic Raincoat Mix by [de:ad:cibel]” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Remix by Plastic Noise Experience” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Remix by n’angst” * “Beat Plastique: Tour Ordinaire Mix by [de:ad:cibel]” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: video by J. Tochtenhagen

Order [de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” Limited Edition Digipak EP from here.

About [de:ad:cibel]: The band name [de:ad:cibel] alludes to the “loudness war” in music productions – in other words moving towards higher sound levels and decreasing dynamic. Technically measured in “decibel” (dB), in music this dynamic represents the difference between low and loud passages. To get a maximum punchy sound, a dynamic mix aims for the zero level. We have substituted the word “dead” for the cipher zero, which means [de:ad:cibel] signifies very loudly mixed and aggressive music – adequate to describe our sound. (source: Facebook page)

About [de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”:

The latest [de:ad:cibel] release “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” is out now and can be ordered immediately from us! Just send a short eMail with the subject “Prophecy” to: order@deadcibel.com and you will get more information. The cost of the EP is 7.99 Euros plus shipping (so please include address for postage calculation). You can expect a fast shipping. Autographed by request! With nearly 35 minutes of music this 9-Track EP includes four awesome remixes of the title track by Plastic Noise Experience, amGod, Notstandskomitee and n’angst! In addition it will contain the new song “Rain of Gold” in two versions and the dancefloor-burner “Beat Plastique“.  The “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” video clip completes the package. Praise the bass! (source: band site)

[de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” Viva Music Review:

Upon listening to the new EP from Echozone’s [de:ad:cibel], the feeling that stayed long enough to prompt a second listen was that although you can oftentimes go astray with a complex sound, what the guys in [de:ad:cibel] (namely: [da:ni:el ga:ld:a] – vocals and [ar:mi:n kue:st:er] – music) did is nothing risky, but a clearheaded and premeditated outburst of pure musical joy. With help from numerous musicians, and looming over an atmosphere-eager crowd, the sound of [de:ad:cibel], self-titled “the German bass machine” take their mission in all earnest and provoke with their title track, “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”. Its numerous facets, exploited in the remixes and reworks included in the EP are there to show just to what extent the solid gold of the original sound can subsist in new sound grids, without altering its overbearing personality, but with a new change of clothes each new time. Of equal impact, the sexier “Rain of Gold”, which exhales enthusiasm and has such a beautiful sheen, as well as “Tour Plastique”, with its engaging, and somewhat eerier sound, add zest to the compilation and contribute greatly to the definition of a sound we are sure you are going to hear more of in the next few years, when newcomers [de:ad:cibel], who now count up to two their years, will develop into the massive and influential group we hope to see them become.

[de:ad:cibel]Official Website  | on Facebook

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