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April 18, 2013

Tenek – “Another Day” (EP): Viva Music Review

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tenek_another_day_epOana Dorobantu for Viva Music 

Tracklist: * Another Day (Radio Edit) * A New Foundation * Elusive (Alien Six Remix) * Another Day (Airwolf One Remix) *

Release date: 11 March 2013 with Alien Six Productions

About Tenek: Tenek is an electronica act from electro motherland the UK. They’re actually based in the musician city of the Brits, Brighton. Their history starts in 2007 when they were formed and passes through some milestones up to this day: from opening for legendary band The Human League to playing iconic gothic festivals around Europe, including our very own Darkwave.ro Fest in 2011 – where they pretty much stole the moment for the audience. For eager fans, this EP launch is just a tiny morsel of a tease to their upcoming album due to be released this year.

Previously on darkwave.ro:  BAS 2013 – Celebrating Basildon’s Musical HeritageTenek – “EP 2”: Viva Music Review | Tenek @Darkwave.ro Festival 2011: Viva Music Review with Photos

Tenek – Another Day: Viva Music Review

Tenek has been a long time favorite of ours so it comes as no surprise that we were looking forward to this release. Another Day consists of two new songs and two remixes. The starting track is also the title track of this album, “Another Day(Radio Edit)” – a production complimenting pure synthpop treat that will make electronica fans go on a frenzy on the dance floor. Next we’re brought down tempo with an enchanting, dark track “A New Foundation”, a song that shows this more mature direction in which Tenek has been heading for a while.

The first remix off the album for the 2011 song “Elusive (Alien Six Remix)” feels like a well deserved afterthought for really impeccable creation. We’re thinking it was time to revive this song for the current alternative club scene. The last track, “Another Day (Airwolf One Remix)”, definitely brings a new twist on the song, it’s quite a dandy number to dance to. We enjoyed this almost frustratingly short EP, so give it a listen or twenty before their new album reaches stores this year!

April 8, 2013

Desireless & Operation of the Sun – “L’Oeuf du dragon”: Viva Music Review

desireless_operation_of_the_sun_l_oeuf_du_dragon_2013Oana Dorobantu for VIVA MUSIC.

Tracklist: * Sertão * Le Sel sur tes Mains * Joue * Uchronia 2012 * John * Voyage, Voyage * Les Petits Poissons * Sertão [ Remix Oil10] * Joue [ Remix Stolearm] *  Sertão [Remix Electrosexual] * Le Sel sur tes Mains [Remix BakXIII] * Sertão [Remix People Theatre] *

Release date: 26 March 2013 with Urgence Disk Records

About Desireless & Operation of the Sun: Remember that 80s single Voyage Voyage sung by a punk looking chick? Well, that chick happens to be Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop otherwise known as Desireless, 80s chart topper sensation. In 2011, Antoine Aureche of 80s revival project Operation of the Sun was working on a new album and invited Claudie to record vocals for a song. It felt so natural that they ended up doing a double EP together and according to him, she’s not just punk looking, but also punk spirited. Here’s a combination we’re willing to bet some hard earned money on.

Desireless & Operation of the Sun – L’Oeuf Du Dragon: Viva Music Review 

We weren’t expecting this album, but after 2011’s Uchronia, we had definitely set our hopes up for it. Good thing we did, because in the summer of 2012, Desireless & Operation of the Sun delivered a stunning EBM sounding 80s infused synthpop double EP named L’Oeuf Du Dragon which featured 5 original songs, 2 tasty rehashes  of older Desireless songs, and 5 remixes.  (more…)

June 29, 2012

Blackfield Festival 2012 – Jun-23&24 – Gelsenkirchen: Viva Music Review with Photos

Blackfield Festival celebrated its fifth edition with a first-time sold-out arena on Jun-23&24 in Gelsenkirchen. In the already traditional Amphitheater of Gelsenkirchen, the festival was set up as a middle-sized event to the minutest of details. Not only the amphitheater was made-to-fit the crowd and its access to and fro, but it provided excellent venue facilities. All bands were rigorous about their stage time and the schedule allowed everyone to be entertained by a musical diversity which was at the same time well-thought and respectful of people’s tastes and interests. The setup of the festival was complemented by a large array of facilities and the food served met all tastes. Add to that the number of shops for gear and clothing, jewelry and fragrances, as well as the wonderful medieval fair, and you tick all the boxes of a dream festival. Unfortunately, the weather was not so welcoming, but however, did not actually impact the audience, who stood against a first day of scorching sun and wind, and a second day of drenching rain and dark skies.

Viva Music’s presence at the festival was enriching and educational – we have of course met before decent and respectful organization of events, and Blackfield is one of the festivals which actually commit to people’s well-being while on the premises, but we were constantly overwhelmed by the friendliness of space, people, and concept of the festival. So our thanks go to the Blackfield organizing team, to our fellow artists, journalists and music fans – with them, the event felt like a blessing, and within minutes of its end, we would have started this experience all over again! Go back to top


February 17, 2012

[de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” Limited Edition Digipak EP – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Single Version” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Bassmachine Mix by Notstandskomitee” * “Rain of Gold: Original Version” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: From Heaven to Hell Remix by amGod” * “Rain of Gold: Synthetic Raincoat Mix by [de:ad:cibel]” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Remix by Plastic Noise Experience” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Remix by n’angst” * “Beat Plastique: Tour Ordinaire Mix by [de:ad:cibel]” * “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: video by J. Tochtenhagen

Order [de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” Limited Edition Digipak EP from here.

About [de:ad:cibel]: The band name [de:ad:cibel] alludes to the “loudness war” in music productions – in other words moving towards higher sound levels and decreasing dynamic. Technically measured in “decibel” (dB), in music this dynamic represents the difference between low and loud passages. To get a maximum punchy sound, a dynamic mix aims for the zero level. We have substituted the word “dead” for the cipher zero, which means [de:ad:cibel] signifies very loudly mixed and aggressive music – adequate to describe our sound. (source: Facebook page)

About [de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”:

The latest [de:ad:cibel] release “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” is out now and can be ordered immediately from us! Just send a short eMail with the subject “Prophecy” to: order@deadcibel.com and you will get more information. The cost of the EP is 7.99 Euros plus shipping (so please include address for postage calculation). You can expect a fast shipping. Autographed by request! With nearly 35 minutes of music this 9-Track EP includes four awesome remixes of the title track by Plastic Noise Experience, amGod, Notstandskomitee and n’angst! In addition it will contain the new song “Rain of Gold” in two versions and the dancefloor-burner “Beat Plastique“.  The “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” video clip completes the package. Praise the bass! (source: band site)

[de:ad:cibel] “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” Viva Music Review:

Upon listening to the new EP from Echozone’s [de:ad:cibel], the feeling that stayed long enough to prompt a second listen was that although you can oftentimes go astray with a complex sound, what the guys in [de:ad:cibel] (namely: [da:ni:el ga:ld:a] – vocals and [ar:mi:n kue:st:er] – music) did is nothing risky, but a clearheaded and premeditated outburst of pure musical joy. With help from numerous musicians, and looming over an atmosphere-eager crowd, the sound of [de:ad:cibel], self-titled “the German bass machine” take their mission in all earnest and provoke with their title track, “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”. Its numerous facets, exploited in the remixes and reworks included in the EP are there to show just to what extent the solid gold of the original sound can subsist in new sound grids, without altering its overbearing personality, but with a new change of clothes each new time. Of equal impact, the sexier “Rain of Gold”, which exhales enthusiasm and has such a beautiful sheen, as well as “Tour Plastique”, with its engaging, and somewhat eerier sound, add zest to the compilation and contribute greatly to the definition of a sound we are sure you are going to hear more of in the next few years, when newcomers [de:ad:cibel], who now count up to two their years, will develop into the massive and influential group we hope to see them become.

[de:ad:cibel]Official Website  | on Facebook

October 5, 2011

Soulchasm “All I Have to Give” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “So Persistent (Remastered)” * “Love Is Real (Perelandra Mix)” * “So Persistent (Cold Into The Wired Mix)” * “Love Is Real (Remastered)” * “My Facade (See Through Mix) (Remastered)” * “Call Me Back (Remastered)” * “All I Have to Give (Remastered)” * “Carry On (Remastered)” * “Call Me Back (You Make Me Mix)” * “So Persistent (Cold into The Wired Mix) Instrumental” * “Love Is Real (Perelandra Mix) Instrumental” * “Call Me Back (You Make Me Mix) Instrumental

Album orders via iTunes, “All I Have to Givehere | Singles available, “Love Is Realhere, “All I Have to Givehere.

About Soulchasm:

Soulchasm was started by Eric Dillon out of both a love of music, electronic music more specifically, and a desire long held to have a creative outlet of his own. At first, as an anonymous project working under pseudonyms such as Cklay Lee or Klay d. with no hints as to who was really behind it, the material was dark, muddy, and unrefined, yet still managed to garnish glowing and respectful reviews. After a hiatus, Eric decided to compile the “industry demo” material with some brand new, unreleased remixes, give them a nice remaster, and turn it into a proper release, called “All I Have To Give” It was independently released as a digital album on June 22, 2010. Eric is currently writing and recording material for a brand new Soulchasm album, which he hopes to have released Spring or Summer 2012, and Soulchasm is facing a rebirth of sorts again. When asked what could be expected as far as the style of the new album was concerned Eric would only comment, “Imagine if Trent Reznor had produced (Prodigy’s latest album) ‘Invaders Must Die.’ Somewhere around that.” (source: press release)

Soulchasm “All I Have to Give” Viva Music Album Review:

All I Have to Give” is a very interesting album, all the more if you consider the number of mixes and reworks of the songs included. All things considered, it is one more piece of evidence in the heated debate over what creativity and passion can amount to, in today’s technologically evolved scene. And it single-handedly tilts the balance in favor of saying, a lot. Creativity and passion can still work wonders, and here’s one album to prove that. With its great musical scoop, the album succeeds in being convincing, fresh, and a thoroughly good listen.  (more…)

June 28, 2011

Kirlian Camera – “Ghloir Ar An Oiche” – Viva Music Review


Nightglory” * “After Winter MMXI” * “Nightglory (Camera Version)” * “I Gave You Wings – I Gave You Death

Read Viva Music’s review of own event Kirlian Camera in Romania Apr-29, 2011 on electronik.ro | Watch the official “Nightglory” video (after the jump).

From Out of Line’s site (release date: June-10, 2011):

“Grand Italian cult band Kirlian Camera returns with a mesmerizing new single that sports the Gaelic title “Ghlóir Ar An Oóche” (Glory Of The Night). The main track “Nightglory” is a trip to pure Kirlian-Camera-heaven featuring a heady, catchy and anthemic chorus supported by a pulsing sequencer design and forceful electric guitars. Driven by a solid beat, infused with a good dose of innovative elements and sung by an inspired and soulful Elena Alice with what is one of her best vocal performances, ever, this title track of the upcoming Kirlian Camera album is destined to become a future classic. (more…)

June 5, 2011

Suede (The Mono Jacks opening) 04.06.2011 at Arenele Romane, Bucharest – review (with photos and videos)


The EventThe Mono Jacks @Arenele Romane, Bucharest 04.06.2011 – reviewThe Mono Jacks @Arenele Romane, Bucharest 04.06.2011 – photogallerySuede @Arenele Romane, Bucharest 04.06.2011 (The Mono Jacks opening) – review SUEDE @Arenele Romane, Bucharest 04.06.2011 (The Mono Jacks opening) – photogallerySUEDE @Arenele Romane, Bucharest 04.06.2011 (The Mono Jacks opening) – setlistOther reviewsVideos

The Event

The event Suede @Arenele Romane Bucharest 04.06.2011 (The Mono Jacks opening) was presented by One Event (site | Facebook) to whom Viviana (photos) and Octavian (review) thank wholeheartedly for one of the best concert experiences e-vah! Many thanks, and congrats, One Event! With a numerous crowd (less and unfortunately so for the 1-hour show put up by The Mono Jacks), a fine selection of songs on the setlist and a wonderful denouement, the event can be counted among the finest concerts of the year already. It may well be the Suede fan in me saying this, but Suede fans and Suede-curious crowd must agree: the concert, while sounding nothing like the Suede of their past glory, shows Suede are back, and we have to ascertain the more mature-sounding, retro riffs and always and always less falsettos as a sign this could well be the music of a new generation, too.

Suede‘s concert was exactly as I had fantasized about. I had a hunch there would be no “A New Morning” songs, it being the ‘one-too-many’ album lead singer Brett Anderson referred to as being the unnecessary effort that clarified the band’s disbandment in 2003. With a well-represented “Coming Up” (6 songs), “Dog Man Star” (5 songs), as well as 3 songs from “Suede”, 2 from “Head Music” and a totally unexpected and all the more brilliant and valiant “Killing of a Flash Boy” of “Sci-Fi Lullabies” fame, Suede took their audience on a scenic drive with significant halts of their career, showing that, notwithstanding the passing of time (some of the songs are 1-year short of being 2-decade old), the nineties were a wonderful musical playground, worth revisiting.


May 12, 2011

Necro Facility – “Wintermute” – Viva Music Album Review – Out Tomorrow May-13!



01. You Want It | 02. Explode | 03. Cuts | 04. Do You Feel The Same | 05. Fall Apart | 06. Waiting For The Snow | 07. Ignite | 08. Skrik | 09. Supposed | 10. All That You Take

Read the album press release here.

Viva Music Album Review

Note: If the review is overwhelmingly positive, it is because we at VIVA MUSIC are thrilled about the latest release from NECRO FACILITY, “Wintermute”, out tomorrow May-13 with Progress Productions. Not only is the album a delightful listen you feel the urge of listening again when you finished listening to it the first time; but also because it is a well-needed breath of fresh air to the electro and industrial scenes. (more…)

May 3, 2011

Kirlian Camera (+Tanz Ohne Musik opening) – review with photos 29.04.2011


About the event * Tanz Ohne Musik @Control Club 29.04.2011 promoter: Viva Music – Review * Tanz Ohne Musik @Control Club 29.04.2011: Setlist * Tanz Ohne Musik @Control Club 29.04.2011: Photo Gallery * Kirlian Camera @Control Club 29.04.2011 promoter: Viva Music -Review * Kirlian Camera @Club Control 29.04.2011: Setlist * Kirlian Camera @Control Club 29.04.2011: Photo Gallery * Links

About the event

Not of This World” is not only a very plausible name for an album, such as KIRLIAN CAMERA’s best-of album released in late 2010; but also a good description of the show the band put up on April, 29 in a wonderful VIVA MUSIC event in Club Control, with a very artful preface from TANZ OHNE MUSIK. An otherworldly performance brought to you by Angelo Bergamini, Elena Fossi, Lexi Chevalier and Kyoo Nam Rossi kept the avid audience enthralled for almost two hours!

The festive atmosphere of the Labor Day weekend and the opening of the summer season were celebrated by VIVA MUSIC with a great event: the legendary KIRLIAN CAMERA for their first Romanian date. While their 30-year history on the scene of music requires little if any introduction, let it be said that the atmospheric music they perform is vivid, energetic and empathetic – qualities that were appreciated by the audience as well. (more…)

April 1, 2011

Centhron’s Dominator is out today. The album review!

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A couple of days ago we were all thrilled about CENTHRON’s new album release – now that it’s here, we are even happier with their release. To crown their decade-old activity, the Bremen musicians come up on April-01, 2011 with a new release: “Dominator”, a full-length album with Scanner, the label that backed their most recent album, “Roter Stern” in 2009. Their label fidelity seems to work just wonders for them, since the sound both “Roter Stern” and “Dominator” come with is a mature mist well supported by electro and industrial geometry.

The album in itself comes with numerous gems. You can rarely find an album that starts off at full tilt, but “Dominator” is surely your kind of album if that is what you have in mind. “Leitwolf” does not only come as a surprise because of its being the first track of the album, and a generous one for that matter; but also because it conveys atmosphere in a diligent and well-wrought way. One would think that touring with AGONOIZE gets you all the emulation powers you need, but no, CENTHRON’s style is not at all cramped by their influence – they do stand out.  (more…)

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