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January 7, 2013

Darkwave.ro in figures – 2012


In 2012 we, Viva Music, continued our pledge to promote music, artists, and events that we enjoy and that are relevant for the dark, electro and industrial scenes.


Darkwave.ro is our most known platform, and it blends well with social instruments to which we resort every time in order to inform, and at the same time render our information popular, and why not, viral. In 2012 we provided 30 album reviews, band-by-band reviews with extensive photo sets for 10 local and 4 international events, as well as many party and festival news. We increased our fan base, presently counting on 2.9k+ Facebook fans and almost 1k Twitter followers.


Check out our extensive photo galleries here.


In 2012 darkwave.ro received numerous hits, amounting to 26k+ pageviews from 14k+ unique visitors. The surprise element of 2012 was not only the number of visits (if you take into account less than 50 posts, that’s a decent audience for a local site), but the fact that more than 70% of these unique visitors were new visitors, which means we attracted new audiences.


We were curious to find out where these people came from. First off, which sites send us visitors (and of course, why). Besides search engines, numerous festival, artist, fan and news sites, we were happy to find individual stories of people who liked our information and further promoted it. Secondly, demographically, we were happy to find out that English-, German-, French-, and Spanish-speaking countries rank high in visitor counts, fact confirmed by our Facebook fan demographics: Germany, the USA, the UK,  Spain, France, Mexico etc. alongside countries with whom we border such as Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. Thirdly, we found in visitor stats that we have more than 50% of our audience in the age group of 25-44 years old, with both male and female demographics up to 50%


As regards the interests of our visitors, we got the confirmation that they centered around main topics of interest we take pride in providing. Of course, hot and trending information prevailed, and therefore our visitors were interested in news related to Amphi Festival, Apollo 440, Kinetic Festival, Hocico, Industrial Booom, as well as Antony and the Johnsons, the Cranberries, etc. The recurrent visits also yield in terms of social interactions – we were the happy recipients of numerous ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Our most liked pieces were: the exclusive video release of Vlad in Tears’ “Mary” (1,128 likes) the festival review of Nocturnal Culture Nights 2012 (254 likes), Industrial Booom Festival 2012 – review and photos (169 likes).


In 2013 we intend to maintain our online presence bearing in mind our activity guidelines: to provide relevant and recent information, to document our album and event reviews thoroughly, to communicate openly with promoters and acts, to contribute to the promotion of our beloved scenes.


September 19, 2012

Nocturnal Culture Night Sep-07-09, 2012 in Kulturpark Deutzen, Deutzen bei Leipzig: Viva Music Review and Photos

NCN is a festival for the heart. Every time we leave NCN on Sunday night, we leave a piece of our heart in Deutzen bei Leipzig. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as the end of each festival also brings along the thrill for the next one and the feverish curiosity to see what incredible bands are already announced for next year.

More than 35 bands played on three stages, there were fashion shows, after parties, reading sessions and movies. The medieval fair entertained the approximately 2000 visitors with amazing art performances, crafts, games, poetry, joggling and even a girl on stilts and a guy riding a huge dragon (who spoke perfect Romanian). Everyone was relaxed and everything started as scheduled, the food was awesome ranging from the superdonuts at the entrance to the grilled sausages and all kinds of meat and we could buy souvenirs and band merchandise.

NCN 2012 (Sep-07-09) was even more special for us as we met our dear friends and we had the chance to see for the first time live so many new bands! Our special thanks go to the organizers of NCN, very hard working people who really go the extra mile when it comes to the participants’ comfort and entertainment. We feel like home in the Kulturpark Deutzen every year, and we hope we can keep the tradition of visiting NCN from now on. Congratulations and thanks!



Day One | Day Two | Day Three

Day One – Friday – 07-Sep: Kleine Buehne | Grosse Buehne

Day One – Kleine Buehne: Coinside | Dance or Die | Nosferatu | Orange Sector


August 22, 2012

Dark Bombastic 4 @Alba Iulia Citadel, 17&18-Aug: Viva Music Review and Photos

Dark Bombastic Evening 4 was an amazing experience, and it was yet another reason to make us feel proud of being Romanian! We would like to thank the organizers, bands, participants, technicians, cooks, press, entertainers and all the other supporters and DBE fans who made this event happen within the walls of the Alba Iulia citadel.

The excellent weather and perfect location, the food and general relaxed atmosphere were unexpectedly beautiful add-ons to the music that conquered our souls. The venue accommodated the hundreds of participants offering generous spaces for entertainment, a food court, a bar, an exhibition hall, a large parking lot and a very well positioned stage. The directions and advice from the organizer were welcome who did not hesitate to go the extra mile in every aspect. Here are some photos of the location, audience, unforgettable moments that we will cherish forever.

Click here for the gallery Dark Bombastic Evening – Audience.

 Day One | Day Two

Day One, Saturday Aug-17: Falloch | Isole | Oranssi Pazuzu | Alcest | Lantlos | Unholy | Dark Buddha Rising | The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation | Solstafir

Falloch (Scotland)

 Official | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

Click here for Falloch @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Celtic / Rock / Metal band Falloch (in Scottish: ‘hidden/in hiding’) are a young act, barely created in 2010, but the renown of which is on the surge with the release of their first album, “Where Distant Spirits Remain”, acclaimed thoroughly as ‘debut of the year’ (mortemzine.net) and ‘album of the year’ (ragherrie.com). With an intrinsically clockwork sound and haunting poetry, Falloch are a breathtaking stage presence and inborn performers.

Review: As the first day of festival was dedicated to more aggressive guitar riffs and harsher voice performances, we expected to witness a lot of energetic shows and vibrant displays of metal excellence. The first band scheduled to open Dark Bombastic Evening 4 was a perfect choice, as the young Scots from Falloch gave everything and more and enjoyed being on stage as much as the eager audience enjoyed dancing to the infectious rhythms. Although it was very difficult for us to pin down the different styles Falloch approach in their music, we could sense not only a devotion to metal and post rock, but some folk influences and melodic sequences that brought flavor to the music of the very talented Scottish band. back to top (more…)

August 8, 2012

Antony and the Johnsons – “Cut the World”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Cut the World” * “Future Feminism” * “Cripple and the Starfish” * “You Are My Sister” * “Swanlights” * “Epilepsy Is Dancing” * “Another World” * “Kiss My Name” * “I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy” * “Rapture” * The Crying Light” * “Twilight

About Antony and the Johnsons – “Cut the World”:

Antony and the Johnsons will release “Cut the World” through Rough Trade August 6th and August 7th via Secretly Canadian. “Cut the World” is a collection of live symphonic performances of songs from the band’s 4 full length albums (“Swanlights”, “The Crying Light”, “I Am a Bird Now”, “S/T”). Recorded in Copenhagen, with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra, “Cut the World” features arrangements by Nico Muhly, Rob Moose, Maxim Moston and Antony. Additionally the title track “Cut The World” is featured here for the first time. It is one of Antony’s new songs for “The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic” directed by Robert Wilson and staring Antony, Marina Abramovic and Willem Dafoe. “Cut the World”was recorded live on September 2nd and 3rd, 2011 at the DK Concert Hall in Copenhagen, DK and represents Antony’s continued meditation on light, nature & femininity. Antony discusses his ideas on the track “Future Feminism“, a speech he made during one of the concerts. Addressing the affects of patriarchy on the global ecology, Antony explores the possibility of shifting towards feminine systems of governance in a gesture to restore our world. (source: press release)

Antony and the Johnsons – “Cut the World”: Viva Music Review:

Antony and the Johnsons are a legendary act and any new release from them is accompanied by a premeditated excitement, which outlasts the releases and lingers on until their next one. On Aug-07, “Cut the World”, an unromantic yet appealing compilation of live renditions of Antony and the Johnsons’ best, recorded in September last year in Copenhagen with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, part of the 2011 minitour the band performed in Denmark and Italy (with Bari’s Orchestra Petruzzelli). We had the immense joy and privilege to attend the Rome concert of their tour and be able to witness the virtuosity and creativity of one of the key artists of recent years and also years to come. With almost identical sets throughout, what Antony and the Johnsons did in the tour, was a roundup of their career so far, with non-equivocal choices of classical pieces, which unpretentiously describe the vibrant inner world everyone has come to associate with the persona of Antony Hegarty.


June 29, 2012

Blackfield Festival 2012 – Jun-23&24 – Gelsenkirchen: Viva Music Review with Photos

Blackfield Festival celebrated its fifth edition with a first-time sold-out arena on Jun-23&24 in Gelsenkirchen. In the already traditional Amphitheater of Gelsenkirchen, the festival was set up as a middle-sized event to the minutest of details. Not only the amphitheater was made-to-fit the crowd and its access to and fro, but it provided excellent venue facilities. All bands were rigorous about their stage time and the schedule allowed everyone to be entertained by a musical diversity which was at the same time well-thought and respectful of people’s tastes and interests. The setup of the festival was complemented by a large array of facilities and the food served met all tastes. Add to that the number of shops for gear and clothing, jewelry and fragrances, as well as the wonderful medieval fair, and you tick all the boxes of a dream festival. Unfortunately, the weather was not so welcoming, but however, did not actually impact the audience, who stood against a first day of scorching sun and wind, and a second day of drenching rain and dark skies.

Viva Music’s presence at the festival was enriching and educational – we have of course met before decent and respectful organization of events, and Blackfield is one of the festivals which actually commit to people’s well-being while on the premises, but we were constantly overwhelmed by the friendliness of space, people, and concept of the festival. So our thanks go to the Blackfield organizing team, to our fellow artists, journalists and music fans – with them, the event felt like a blessing, and within minutes of its end, we would have started this experience all over again! Go back to top


June 14, 2012

Desdemona – “Endorphins”: Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “Bring in All” * “Desdream” * “Poison” * “Jealous Sky” * “Devil’s Game” * “Sorrow” * “Let’s Play Love” * “In Flames” * “Euphoria” * “XXX

About Desdemona:

Endorphins” is the title of the fourth album by Polish band Desdemona. In Poland the band is often regarded as one of the representatives of the dark independent scene. Their new album brings new energy to the scene, with combinations of diverse musical styles such as industrial, metal, electro and even dubstep with a fresh, intriguing and energetic set of songs. Desdemona toured so far with Tiamat, Pain, opened for Type’O’Negative and Katatonia and on several festival occasions shared stage with VNV Nation, Front Line Assembly, Dreadful Shadows, Deine Lakaien, Clan of Xymox or Suicide Commando. (source: press release)

Desdemona – “Endorphins”: Viva Music Album Review:

Released on May-28 with Danse Macabre and distributed by Alive!, the new album from Desdemona is a wonderful occasion to let yourself immerse in a hot energy bath without being scalded one bit by their flaming electro of their devise. Upon listening to the album, it becomes clear, if need be to confirm, that Desdemona take their work seriously and are thoroughly engaging and enchanting. Although the album comes after a certain amount of time away from the studio (with the exception of one EP of 2011, their studio work dates from the early 2000’s), you can feel a firm hand (or more!) in the album’s concept, layout, sound and production.

Bring In All” is a great overture for the album, with sleek sounds and enticing vocals wrapped up in a deep electro atmosphere. Just as convincingly, the advance of “Desdream”, with its convincing tempo, and with its darker hues, makes a good addition to today’s electro spectrum – it has nothing short of the scene’s greatest! A Viva Music favorite, “Poison” is teasing and conveniently dark; and provoking, too. With fierce, valiant vocals, at the same time sexy and ready to combat, “Poison” is a dark electro masterpiece that reminds in intensity and genre, but by no means  by comparison early Skunk Anansie songs. We also loved just as much “Jealous Sky”, which makes a great addition to the album, with a lighter but more dance-oriented pattern, as well as the ensuing “Devil’s Game”. “Sorrow” sounds fresh and intriguing, with sufficient elements of composition to make it rich and at the same time light. The second Viva Music favorite of the album, “Let’s Play Love” is very mobile and captivating, and coming up next, “In Flames” explores the darker core of danceability, so you should really give it a try. “Euphoria” adds an extra metal flavor to the electro and dark foundation of the album and plays eagerly with sound and vocals to an amazing effect, just before the final unleash of “XXX” takes by surprise and leaves a very plausible aftertaste.

Endorphins” is a good listening experience, and diverse, too. Not only does it convey a variety of emotions with eloquent musical illustrations, but it also shows that quality electro does not come with a country of origin label on it – which is something that we always are happy to see more of, anytime. Enjoy!

DesdemonaOfficial Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

May 16, 2012

Zita Rock Festival – One Month to Go – Running Order & News!

The Zita Rock Festival is one month away (Jun-15&16, Berlin Spandau Citadel – one of the most beautiful and important Renaissance castles, built between 1559 and 1594)! Once again, the citadel will be invaded by rock fans for the special musical program of Zita Rock Festival. With an impressive musical program, combining the best of alternative, gothic, medieval and electro-rock music, the two-day festival announces itself as one of the best summer events of 2012! No less than US megastar Evanescence are headlining the festival, in addition to world-famous acts such as Lord of the Lost, Oomph!, Staubkind, Zeraphine, Mono Inc., Saltatio Mortis, ASP and The 69 Eyes.

The final schedule and running order are decided upon, and here are the important times you need to set in your agenda, should you wish to spend the two days of the festival in the company of music: Jun-15: 17:00h – doors open, 18:30-19:10h – Lord of the Lost, 19:40-20:40h – Oomph!, 21:20-22:25h – Evanescence; Jun-16: 13:00h – doors open, 15:00-15:40h – Staubkind, 16:00-16:50h – Zeraphine, 17:10-18:00h – Mono Inc., 18:20-19:10h – Saltatio Mortis, 19:30-20:30h – The 69 Eyes, 21:00-22:00h – ASP.

Day tickets are available at EUR36,-, while weekend tickets are at EUR59,- plus booking fees here. For orders places before Mar-23 for day tickets, full festival upgrades are available, inquire at upgrade@zita-rock.de). More and updated information is provided on the official website of the festival, as well as on the festival’s Facebook page.

May 11, 2012

No More – “Sisyphus” – Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “All Is Well – Senza Macchia” * “The Beautiful Life of the Wasted Youth” * “This Was ‘Die Modernistische Welt’” * “Sisyphus” * “Take Me to Yours” * “Gritty Existence” * “La Defense” * “123456789” * “The Grey” * “Hypnotized” * “Leaving Berlin” * “Les Girafes sur mer” * “Heroes” | Producer: Andy Schwarz, Tina Sanudakura, UK Rattay | Vocals, guitar, bass: Andy Schwarz | Keyboards, theremin, electronics: Tina Sanudakura | Lyrics by: Andy Schwarz (tracks 2-12).

Other No More news on darkwave.ro: No More at Nocturnal Culture Night in Deutzen bei Leipzig 2011

About No More: The band became known through the genre-crossing classic “Suicide Commando”, a title that since its release in 1981 not only appeared in numerous compilations, but was also placed in the limelight again and again through remixes, among others, by DJ Hell. The song is therefore, even today, an essential item of many DJ-sets from darkwave to electroclash, from EBM to postpunk, from electronica to indie. The band,  founded in 1979, broke up in 1986, but in the fall of 2008 Tina Sanudakura and Andy Schwarz go on stage as No More once again. In 2010, the album “Midnight People and Lo-Life Stars” is released. No More tour clubs all over Europe, play at festivals such as M’era Luna and NCN, they support DAF and play with Psyche in the concert series entitled Electronic Legends. (source: band press release)

No More – “Sisyphus”Album Trailer:

No More – “Sisyphus”: Album Review:

Released on Mar-23 on Rent A Dog Records, No More’s new album, “Sisyphus” is a superb blend of genres that yield very precious musical results. “Sisyphus”, one of those rare albums that triggers love at first listen, and each additional listen brings up new hues and new intentions and new innuendos in the reading of the album. If you take a great deal of emotions and try to pour them into an album, it will most of the times sound insincere, far-fetched, or who knows, it will appeal to less people than if it were a more linear album. But this is a rule No More know how to break – with style – with their “Sisyphus”. Mention should be made of the variety of feelings stirred by the album, but also of the variety of musical shapes in which these emotions are clad – at times sumptuous, at others melancholy, with enough vulnerability to make one feel closer, and not, as it is with humans, reject. It’s a fine world of psychology, but also a fine exercise in musicianship. And that is something that acts who, without being their fault mainly, did not witness the polymorphism of music more than one or two decades.

If it were a matter of life and death to choose just one adjective to describe “Sisyphus”, it would be warm. Warm is how you feel inside when you listen to “All Is Well – Senza Macchia”, and warm is how you wish it were for the hero of “The Beautiful Life of the Wasted Youth”. And then there is the superb “This Was ‘Die Modernistische Welt’” to chant away the end of the civilizations we all put efforts into, and did not succeed or fail dramatically, if this song is left with us. “Sisyphus”, the track that gives the name of the album is fair and accommodating, like a march anthem of the survivors and reborn who had departed in the previous song. “Take Me to Yours”, more on the courtship side, but also with sufficient zest to qualify for a Viva Music favorite from this album. “Gritty Existence” and then “La Defense” are provocative and with a sharper edge of avant-garde electronica, the kind of tracks one hears less and less in 2012, and it’s a pity. “123456789” is again a Viva Music favorite, and one we definitely wish to hear about from various contexts – we want other reviewers to feel its vibe, listeners to confirm our taste, and audiences at No More concerts to applaud wildly. After “The Grey” and “Hypnotized”, our favorite track of the album is up: “Leaving Berlin”, a considerate and very good fix in the album, just to let you know, when you thought you had figured it all out, that there’s more diverse creativity in No More to take heed at, and rejoice. And then, after a stupendous “Les Girafes sur mer”, there is a gift – or at least we prefer to call it so – David Bowie & Brian Eno’s “Heroes” – a wonderful No More cover that rounds up a very profound, and emotionally intense album.

Sisyphus” is a wonderful playlist in itself – it needs not to be mixed or harmonized with songs from other artists – it works just like magic all by itself. Enjoy!

No MoreOfficial Website | on Facebook  | Discography on Discogs

May 8, 2012

Out Tomorrow: Moonlight Cove – “Hearts of the World”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Stranger” * “This Is Euphoria” * “Moment of Light” * “Last of the Heartbroken” * “Save” * “Forever We” * “Embrace of Your Shadow” * “New Sad Ones” * “Hero of Mine” * “Lost Angel

Info: Moonlight Cove’s debut album, “Orphans of the Storm” was nominated for Best Synth at Manifest Awards in 2009. “Hearts of the World” is produced by the band and released on May-09 through their own label Kinetophone. Moonlight Cove are: Markus Landgren (vocals), Mattias Lofroth, Marcus Karlsson (synths).

Moonlight Cove – “Hearts of the World”: Viva Music Album Review:

Hearts of the World” is a great find of this season, one that made us listen to the new release from Moonlight Cove several times, enthralled by the acoustics and very welcoming lyrical content. It would be difficult to catalog their music in any other rubric than Swedish spectacular. And our enthusiasm was not quenched easily because each of their 10 tracks included in the new album have a particular twist and they all sound novel, fresh and very musically pertinent. To begin with, there’s “Stranger” – a quick induction into the feel of Moonlight Cove, with diverse hues of electronica and with a sinuous vocal effect that makes the track simply terrific. And next “This Is Euphoria” is the kind of track that tells you exactly what it does from the very title – it’s a flood of sound that instills a feel good, relaxed and tense at the same time, atmosphere. “Moment of Light” and “Last of the Heartbroken”, although dilute the enthusiasm that gathers up in previous tracks, are among Viva Music favorites from the album, and the cozy feel that becomes patent with “Hearts of the World” keeps on rolling with each new track: there’s “Save”, with a resplendent scenery and a fantastic background, and then there’s also “Forever We” that reminded us of a wide range of artists from Kiethevez to Hurts, both in intensity and maturity of sound. “Embrace Your Shadow”, again a Viva Music favorite, is followed by “Next Sad Ones”, again on the more melancholy side, but nevertheless true to itself and with an authentic feeling and musical line, as well as by “Hero of Mine”, which, we must confess, stays as a compilation favorite of ours if we were to select Moonlight Cove tracks for a wider audience. “Lost Angel” closes the album with a majestic feeling and a great performance of sound.

Hearts of the World” is definitely one album we will quote at the end of 2012 as the fresh change we needed in our playlist this year. It’s wonderful, actually, what can be done with voice and synth, and maybe it’s the kind of return of classical electronica that needed to be clad in contemporary subjects and feelings. We warmheartedly recommend “Hearts of the World”, enjoy!

On Facebook | Discography on Discogs

May 5, 2012

Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival – Apr-27-29, in Budapest, Hungary: Viva Music Review

Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival is one event we were definitely eager to attend. To begin with, we are always happy to see the scene evolve and manifest itself in our part of Europe, and the scene of Budapest, especially after last year’s Industrial Booom, was something we were curious to check out. Then this year’s lineup screamed thrill coming our way, and we could not resist it. Guided and welcomed by the extremely helpful and accommodating professionals who organized the Budapest event, Black Head Agency, we attended Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival in Budapest, Hungary, between Apr-27 and Apr-29 and were simply thrilled. Our thanks go to the organizers, to the nice emerging dark scene of Budapest, and needless to say, to the artists who gave their best on the stage of Barba Negra Music Club, a truly great venue, with everything from a VIP lounge to a kitchen, as well as a great stage and sound system, a welcoming concert hall, and a smoking ban that was appreciated even by smokers.

The event lasted for three days, and each day was given a special name to accommodate the genres and acts who were performing. The first day, Fri, Apr-27, entitled Mechanix Day, was the day in which First Aid 4 Souls, Decoded Feedback, Haujobb, The Neon Judgement, 32Crash and Project Pitchfork went up on stage. Then on the second day, Sat, Apr-28, we witnessed the Electronic Body Day, with acts such as Escalator, Absolute Body Control, Klutae, Spetsnaz, Front 242, and The Juggernauts. Finally, the Dark Side Day, on Sun, Apr-29, meant incredibly good performances from The Arch, Sonar, Dance or Die, In Strict Confidence, Clan of Xymox, and Diary of Dreams. Belgium was the most represented country if you think of the nationalities of bands, with seven acts, closely followed by Germany with five. Local acts from Hungary, two of them, as well as acts from Canada, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, one each, completed the beautiful and clever lineup of the festival.

Detailed festival concert reviews illustrated with event photography can be accessed below by scrolling or by clicking on the days and act names from their respective menus.


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