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April 22, 2013

Moon.74’s “How I Feel” new video premiers on Darkwave.ro on Apr-22


Tracklist: “How I Feel (Radio Edit)” * “Endlose Träume” * “How I Feel (Frozen Plasma Remix)” * “How I Feel (Bitchy Remix by Ginger Snap5)” * “How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix)” * “Endlose Träume (Club Version by Rob Dust)” * “How I Feel (Syrian Remix)

The song is written by Dominic Hein (MOON.74)| Music by MOON.74 and Rob Dust | Lyrics by MOON.74 | Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Rob Dust | Logos and Artworks by MOON.74 | The song “How I Feel (Radio Edit)” is taken from the limited Single Edition “How I Feel“. Worldwide available as MCD and via download. Published by INFACTED RECORDINGS ©2013. “How I Feel” will be also available on the upcoming studio album with the same title, “How I Feel”.

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About the singleMOON.74 is back to earth with the new Hit-Single “How I Feel” taken from the upcoming and album with the same title, to be released by Infacted Recordings. “How I Feel” is modern, catchy, brutally honest and better than ever before! So be careful, while “How I Feel” will take over the clubs and enter the charts! Take also attention to the B-Side with the De/Vision all time classic “Endlose Träume” in a absolute incredible brandnew version of MOON.74. Don’t miss the new video of “How I Feel” as well.

MOON.74 – “How I Feel” – New Video:

MOON.74 is back on earth! After the successful debut album “Newborn” and the following strictly limited edition remix album “Reborn“, now the second studio album called “How I Feel” by MOON.74 will be released soon. Much straighter, more emotional and also more personal than the first album. “How I Feel” satisfies from the first tune and leads you into the world of MOON.74. The album is completely written by Dominic Hein again and will be released by INFACTED RECORDINGS. In a very close collaboration with producer Rob Dust, who has worked in the past with artists such as De/Vision, Camouflage or Joachim Witt, a masterpiece of electronic music was born. “How I Feel” includes a lot of hit singles that have the potential to become classics of electronic music. Synthesizers of the 80s and 90s meet modern crunchy sounds and fat beats. Hymnal melodies and deep touching lyrics blend with the unmistakable charismatic voice of singer and songwriter Dominic Hein. The album also covered an enormous range and is absolutely unique! In the last years MOON.74 has been made a tremendous development and now with “How I Feel” at least gained a lot. So welcome back on Earth! Welcome to the Sound of MOON.74!

Moon.74 – Official Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

Jean-Marc Lederman (Fad Gadget, The The, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Weathermen, Front 242, Ghost & Writer) about “How I Feel“:

“The latest song released by Dominic Hein (MOON.74) is a wonderful musical jigsaw that sums up and climaxes in a great chorus that’s not unlike Depeche Mode‘s best moments. They say that our brain expects its rewards when a chain of events pushes the expectations and, with this song, we’re very much at home, enjoying this cool tune. As it always happens with MOON.74, the music and the vocals intertwine and chase each other with inventive subtlety. A definite must-have.”

Jean-Marc Lederman introduces himself as “JML of Ghost & Writer“. After sharing his thoughts about the new MOON.74 new release with Darkwave.ro, he also stated:  “as it often happens with composers, we don’t like to speak much about other composers. All I have to say is: Bravo, Dominic, I just hope you don’t do many other perfect electropop songs like this one ;)”.

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Ghost & Writer on Bandcamp

April 18, 2013

Tenek – “Another Day” (EP): Viva Music Review

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tenek_another_day_epOana Dorobantu for Viva Music 

Tracklist: * Another Day (Radio Edit) * A New Foundation * Elusive (Alien Six Remix) * Another Day (Airwolf One Remix) *

Release date: 11 March 2013 with Alien Six Productions

About Tenek: Tenek is an electronica act from electro motherland the UK. They’re actually based in the musician city of the Brits, Brighton. Their history starts in 2007 when they were formed and passes through some milestones up to this day: from opening for legendary band The Human League to playing iconic gothic festivals around Europe, including our very own Darkwave.ro Fest in 2011 – where they pretty much stole the moment for the audience. For eager fans, this EP launch is just a tiny morsel of a tease to their upcoming album due to be released this year.

Previously on darkwave.ro:  BAS 2013 – Celebrating Basildon’s Musical HeritageTenek – “EP 2”: Viva Music Review | Tenek @Darkwave.ro Festival 2011: Viva Music Review with Photos

Tenek – Another Day: Viva Music Review

Tenek has been a long time favorite of ours so it comes as no surprise that we were looking forward to this release. Another Day consists of two new songs and two remixes. The starting track is also the title track of this album, “Another Day(Radio Edit)” – a production complimenting pure synthpop treat that will make electronica fans go on a frenzy on the dance floor. Next we’re brought down tempo with an enchanting, dark track “A New Foundation”, a song that shows this more mature direction in which Tenek has been heading for a while.

The first remix off the album for the 2011 song “Elusive (Alien Six Remix)” feels like a well deserved afterthought for really impeccable creation. We’re thinking it was time to revive this song for the current alternative club scene. The last track, “Another Day (Airwolf One Remix)”, definitely brings a new twist on the song, it’s quite a dandy number to dance to. We enjoyed this almost frustratingly short EP, so give it a listen or twenty before their new album reaches stores this year!

April 8, 2013

Desireless & Operation of the Sun – “L’Oeuf du dragon”: Viva Music Review

desireless_operation_of_the_sun_l_oeuf_du_dragon_2013Oana Dorobantu for VIVA MUSIC.

Tracklist: * Sertão * Le Sel sur tes Mains * Joue * Uchronia 2012 * John * Voyage, Voyage * Les Petits Poissons * Sertão [ Remix Oil10] * Joue [ Remix Stolearm] *  Sertão [Remix Electrosexual] * Le Sel sur tes Mains [Remix BakXIII] * Sertão [Remix People Theatre] *

Release date: 26 March 2013 with Urgence Disk Records

About Desireless & Operation of the Sun: Remember that 80s single Voyage Voyage sung by a punk looking chick? Well, that chick happens to be Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop otherwise known as Desireless, 80s chart topper sensation. In 2011, Antoine Aureche of 80s revival project Operation of the Sun was working on a new album and invited Claudie to record vocals for a song. It felt so natural that they ended up doing a double EP together and according to him, she’s not just punk looking, but also punk spirited. Here’s a combination we’re willing to bet some hard earned money on.

Desireless & Operation of the Sun – L’Oeuf Du Dragon: Viva Music Review 

We weren’t expecting this album, but after 2011’s Uchronia, we had definitely set our hopes up for it. Good thing we did, because in the summer of 2012, Desireless & Operation of the Sun delivered a stunning EBM sounding 80s infused synthpop double EP named L’Oeuf Du Dragon which featured 5 original songs, 2 tasty rehashes  of older Desireless songs, and 5 remixes.  (more…)

April 1, 2013

IAMX – The Unified Field: Viva Music Album Review


Oana Dorobantu for VIVA MUSIC 

Tracklist:  “I Come With Knives” * “Sorrow” * “The Unified Field” * “The Adrenalin Room” * “Quiet the Mind” * “Under Atomic Skies” * “Screams” * “Come Home” * “Animal Impulses” * “Walk With The Noise” * “Land of Broken Promises” * “Trials” *

Release Date: PledgeMusic – International 22-Mar.

About IAMX: IAMX  is Sneaker Pimps’ frontman Chris Corner’s multimedia project, a melting pot of music and visual art experiments. Bordering somewhere between dark and sensual electro with an agressive or nostalgic beat, IAMX has been the talk of the town since its debut in 2004. Come 2013, the project has more unified aural and visual roots which stand up to the test with this new album based on the scientific theory of a universal consciousness that binds all people together. Chris Corner has stated that in this body of work he is attempting to “accept human nature for what it is and learn to love it”. Not an easy task, but when creative juices are pumping and flowing, the end result is both mesmerizing and challenging.


Right off the bat one of our most contemplated upon releases in 2013 was the new IAMX album. With every release, this band raises the bar higher and higher for their scene and it never stays in the studio. The creative force behind IAMX is one encompassing music production, visual aesthetics, and powerful performances that make you yearn for more. After 2011’s Volatile Times, both the album and the associated tour left audiences everywhere with a sugar tooth that wouldn’t stop aching. With “The Unified Field“, Chris Corner delivered big time on a promise he silently made to his fans everywhere – a promise to never be forgotten.  (more…)

March 4, 2013

Swedish Electro vol.1 Compilation

viva_swedish_electro_scene_vol.1Tracklist: “Me and You” – Moist feat. Smith & Thell * “Devil & I (Control Mix)” – Optic * “Obscurity” – Rezonance * “Saudade (Swedish Electro Scene Mix)” – Arachnophobias * “Memories” – Avantgarde * “Quiet as a Knife” – Liebe * “European Lover” – International * “Bright” – Cold Connection * “Be Silent (Currency of Joy Remix)” – Dpoint * “Do You Want to Go” – Social Ambitions * “Lifeline” – Radiant * “Secrets & Lies” – Emmon * “Twilight Zone (Swedish Electro Remix)” – Endless Shame * “In Your Arms” – Vanguard * “Providence” – Neurobash * “Unknown” – Additive Nil * “Miscreation (Version)” – Unitary * “The Iron Sky” – Chaos All Stars * “Victims of Fashion” – Steelberry Clones * “Kick” – The Pain Machinery * “The Devil’s Just a Man” – A life lived-Bible * “Never Follow Anything” – Atari Cowboy * “Hela din Varld” – Spark! * “Progenitor” – Code 64 * “Zero G” – Cryo * “A Day Worth Time” – Libra * “Glas” – Fatal Casualties

The Facebook-based project “Swedish Electro Scene” delights us with a free/name-your-price compilation entitled “Swedish Electro vol.1” (release date: Jan-05). Compiling no less than 2 hours of quality Swedish electro, with 27 tracks (see above detailed tracklist), the Bandcamp compilation indulges in the vibes of Swedish electronic music with vying tempos, showing throughout the compilation just how vibrant and varied the scene is. Some of the tracks are exclusively reworked for the sake of this compilation, while others are standalone works of artists, both published and previously unreleased. If you want to make your way in the thicket of Swedish electro of today, “Swedish Electro vol. 1” is a well needed primer. Enjoy!

Facebook project page | Bandcamp (download) page

December 3, 2012

Ad Inferna – New Album “im mortelle” out 07-Jan 2013: Viva Music Album Review

 Tracklist: “Eternity Regained” (feat. Melissa Ferlaak) * “The Freezing Light” (feat. MyLucina) * “Extra Life” * “ReBirth” (feat. Annie Bertram) * “One Million Miles Away” * “Equinoxe” (feat. Alina Dunaevskaya) * “In-Human” * “Moira” (Bewitched by Jana Cova) * “Ad Vitam” (feat. Melissa Ferlaak) * “Eternity Regained” (Acoustic Version/Bonus Track)


Other Ad Inferna news on darkwave.roDsm, the new release from Ad Inferna | Ad Inferna “There Is no Cure” Viva Music Album Review – Out April-26  | VoA VoXyD from Ad Inferna – the Exclusive Viva Music Interview  | New Ad Inferna Single “eXsangue” Out! | Ad Inferna “Ultimum Ominum” – New Album to Be Released in March 2012 – Viva Music Album Review


About: With their 6th album called “im mortelle“, the French unclassifiable band unveils an intimate and very personal part of their soul. Their trip into space takes us where the reason ends & where madness begins. Magic, bewitching, disturbing and so sensuous, “im mortelle” won’t leave you indifferent. Release date: 07-Jan 2013 on DSM Records, CD and digital (source: press release).


Ad Inferna – “im mortelle”: Viva Music Album ReviewWith the release of their previous material “Ultimum Ominum” just months away, and with the sharp effect of their “There Is No Cure” still active, Ad Inferna announce new material under the name “im mortelle“: the French word for “immortal” ripped through comes to mind, but also a different spelling of the phrase “I’m mortal” kept in the shell of the same word “immortal“. The album, to be released on 07-Jan 2013 is preceded by the release in early December 2012 of the single “Moira“.


im mortelle” comes with a very specific red thread: the interplay of life and death, with suspensions thereof in immortality and unbornness/pre-existence. A very good material, it comes packed with numerous collaborations which give voice to the anima of Ad Inferna, which, with few but extremely notable exceptions, was kept silent in the works, with a limited set of feminine voices in the spotlight, but as if giving a hint that before life and death come into the equation, our gender is irrelevant, Ad Inferna give a lot of space to feminine voices on the new album. From very early on in the album, and to back this up there is “Eternity Regained” (feat. Melissa Ferlaak), this becomes an obvious reason why you should listen to the good work of Ad Inferna. They whole-heartedly take us on this round trip that starts and ends with “Eternity Regained“, trip in which you will have to shed your clothes and beliefs and join in the continuum of existence. With “Freezing Light” (feat. MyLucina) which undertakes the task of putting into music and word the legend of the ultimate truth found in the Vatican, the beats become a fusion of dark electronica and religious chants, not unlike we have heard before from Ad Inferna, but with an unheard before dynamism and drive. It is not until “Extra Life” that we realized that the sound work of Ad Inferna is indeed the needed link between the rich imagery of the album and the philosophical (or be it, theosophical) context thereof. And if what you mean, after listening to the new lease of life given by “Extra Life“, is to go on a treasure hunt with this album, you need no go too far. “ReBirth” provides another instance where music fuses around a strong core of elegance – and that’s a condition checked when artists such as Ad Inferna meet another multitalented artist such as Annie Bertram, while the ensuing “One Million Miles Away“, with its provocative swirl, takes us to the old Ad Inferna sound, under the wings of which we can feel secure and at the same time exposed to the darkness of the surrounding world. On a more lyrical side, “Equinoxe” (feat. Alina Dunaevskaya), is, not only because of the heartbeats sampled into the track, a sort of heart of the album, heart and hearth, at the same time. And after you listen to the efforts of combating de-humanization captured in “In-Human“, with equal shares of temptations on either side of keeping human on the one hand and communing with the otherworldly, it is high time you listen to “Moira” (Bewitched by Jana Cova). “Moira“, which can in fact be listened to here, although more danceable than the rest of the compilation, in which the philosophical acumen takes control and dons different clothes than previously with Ad Inferna‘s music, is probably – further listens of the album and of course the fans’ feedback will decide that – a center piece in the puzzle of the album, illuminating with its sound, and obscuring with its imagery, but keeping within the bounds of the common theme of what is before life and after death. “Ad Vitam” (feat. Melissa Ferlaak) is profoundly dual with an interplay of optimism and clair-obscur landscapes, which shows the great strides one has to make in order to become alive. Last but not least, the acoustic version of “Eternity Regained” is offered as a bonus track, closing the circle of life opened with the same piece in the album debut.

im mortelle” is not one million miles away (to quote an album track title) from the previous productions of Ad Inferna, and luckily so. Although, due to the diligent choice of topic the album gains a different consistency and changes more often colors, you can still recognize the veins that created Ad Inferna music before, and that’s a definite relief in a musical landscape dominated by change. Not only a very fecund act, but also one with total substance, Ad Inferna will amaze you starting 07-Jan with “im mortelle“. Enjoy!

Ad Inferna – Official Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

October 12, 2012

The Cranberries (The Mono Jacks opening) 11.10.2012 at Romexpo, Bucharest: Viva Music Review and Photos

We were very happy to attend a special event last night; and it was, according to our opinion, but we hope not only ours, one of the best – if not the best event of the year in Bucharest. We are talking about the concert performed by The Cranberries (opening: The Mono Jacks) on Oct-11, at Romexpo in Bucharest, promoted by Events. We would like to take a moment to thank the artists, their crew, the promoters, and last but not least the lively audience who gathered in the cozy ambiance of Romexpo in order to witness the band’s second Romanian concert.

 The Mono Jacks @Romtexpo, Oct-11: Viva Music Review and Photos | The Cranberries @Romexpo, Oct-11: Viva Music Review and Photos: Setlist | Introduction | Review

The Mono Jacks @Romexpo, Oct-11: Viva Music Review and Photos

Official | on Facebook

Click here for the gallery The Mono Jacks @Romexpo, Oct-11

Previously on darkwave.ro: The Mono Jacks (opening for Suede) @Arenele Romane: Viva Music Review and Photos

The Mono Jacks already have a renown for very elegant and professional shows, and their opening for The Cranberries is no exception. They have a flair for how to fuse and dissipate at the same time energies, and their gracious and uplifting set was greeted very positively by the audience. Most likely, their songs were already known, and there were definitely at least some dozens of people who were there to support and sing along with their favorite act. Avoiding monotony with a set that included among others “What Do You Know“, “Woman“, “We’re All Getting Older” or “Maria“,  they managed to put up with the quite difficult task of opening for a world famous act such as The Cranberries. The 30+ minutes of their set were meant to put in the mood people for a party of alternative rock, and they checked off the task nicely. It is a pleasure to see The Mono Jacks perform, and we are happy every time we have the opportunity to attend their concerts.back to top

The Cranberries @Romexpo, Oct-11: Viva Music Review and Photos

 Official | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs


Click here for the gallery The Cranberries @Romexpo, Oct-11


Just My Imagination”  * “When You’re Gone” * “Losing My Mind” * “Linger” * “Free to Decide” * “Ordinary Day” * “21” * “Tomorrow” * “Still Can’t” * “Sunday” * “Can’t Be with You” * “Conduct” * “Fire and Soul” (canceled) * “Shattered” (instrumental) * “Not Sorry” * “Show Me the Way” * “Ridiculous Thoughts” * “Salvation” * “Zombie” * “Schizophrenic Playboys” * “The Journey” * “Dreams” back to top


A performance by The Cranberries is the kind of experience you know – even before it started – that it is going to please you. Natural talent has proved, many times before, to be the essential, guiding force behind their performances – and it’s been like this ever since they shyly set foot on stage in their early years, twenty years before.


The past two decades have been a carousel of emotions for The Cranberries, and even though a few years ago it seemed as if the games were made, and there was no The Cranberries anymore, their recent comeback (plausibly at the same time as other of their contemporary acts among which Skunk Anansie, Suede, or Pulp came back) meant coming in front of new audiences. Their Romanian one – which greeted their first concert with unparalleled emotion – who, after all, was still expecting a concert from The Cranberries? – was not the only audience – basically The Cranberries came in front of a new Europe and new world. Their reputation was still rock solid and no one expected them to flunk in any regard – how could anyone have possibly believed so, since their history of concerts is basically flawless?


The Cranberries are conveyors of feel-good music. Wherever they go, they charm their audiences with songs that have already claimed – and were allowed into – a rock canon of the 1990’s. Practically it would be difficult to disentangle them from the musical tumult of the 1990’s – and their story,  which is one of young local talents who meet up and decide that what they want to achieve in life is larger than their city and more than their average peer, is still told in the present tense. Even when addressing worldwide known hits, and The Cranberries are never short of that – we still talk about the common consensus and feeling gathered by “Zombie” or “Salvation“, about how sharp and crisp is the communion of people who listen to “Dreams“. And even if their hits ‘linger’ on, without the possibility of being forgotten (even the generations that grew up during their disbandment are as aware of the importance of their tracks), there are numerous other signs of their success.


Firstly, they hail from Ireland, and as most Irish acts (should we remind of U2?) have a story to tell – it’s a story of their own devise, but also one raising the spirits of Irish lore, carried on the melodiousness of Irish folk music, but also impinging, not with brute force, but with gentleness, and self-possession, on the current issues that societies within and without experience. It’s rare to find such an astuteness and acuity about the impact of hatred, or about war children in music as we find it with The Cranberries – it’s nowhere near abusive or judgmental, but takes a stand in a very personal way. A personal way which came to be allotted willy-nilly to the person Dolores O’Riordan, not the band, even if, were it not for the creative web of emotions they brought together, The Cranberries would never be.


Secondly, it is also a fact that unlike other, similarly talented acts, they made it big from the very beginning. A difficultly earned, but solid record deal, concert dates, MTV air time when it was still hip, when band members were in their early 20’s – and they knew how to use that and evolve instead of stagnate, propose more instead of settle for less.  They grew up to fame, but never let fame to be the ruler – rather, they knew somehow that in leading their private lives the way they used to when they were anonymous lies the secret of their future success.


Thirdly, The Cranberries, in their popularity, never left the arena. TV contestants in China made it big in front of audiences of several million covering their songs. “Dreams” was used in a 2011 independent movie, “Sound of My Voice” to represent the bridge between epochs: the character of Maggie, a self-professed time traveler from the future, sings to prospective cult followers “Dreams” when asked about music from her (future) time. The fact that not only cult members – but also the film’s audience can clearly and distinctly recollect the song, and pin it down, as being a (past) song from The Cranberries, adds flavor to the role The Cranberries play in popular culture today. back to top




The Cranberries went on stage minutes before the expected time, and ‘going on’ stage barely describes their vivid outburst, on the notes of “Just My Imagination“, a recent live favorite of the band, and also one of their most spontaneous, carefree and vivid songs, ever. They caused a stir in the audience, and animated everyone with the delicate acoustics of the song, and the strong message conveyed throughout. Not before thanking everyone for coming and showing her admiration of our beautiful country, Dolores made it clear for everyone that she means business, and set on to enchant us for the rest of the evening.  Setting from the very beginning a cadence of contrasts, they went on to play “When You’re Gone“, which in a theory of extremes, would be one of their most intimate and heartfelt songs – with a melancholy fragrance and a lushness easily comparable to the world’s most long-lasting love ballads. A song of yearning and genuine emotion, played in front of our very eyes, as if we were the estranged or departed lover from this song.


Going on with “Losing My Mind“, one of their new releases from “Roses“,  The Cranberries reverted to the original feel of their show, only teasingly so, since the next piece, “Linger” went back to musing and the openness of lovers on the edge. One of the most loved pieces by The Cranberries, it was hummed along by the audience in tune with the band. Their next choice of music was “Free to Decide“, and it became fiercer and very outspoken – the first song in which Dolores O’Riordan joined bandmates on her guitar. Casual and at the same time serious, demanding the right of one’s own options stubbornly like a child, but with the eloquence of maturity, the song was applauded lavishly.


Up next, The Cranberries delighted us with Dolores O’Riordan’s solo comeback of 2007 – “Ordinary Day” – a song she confessed she had composed thinking of her daughters. Evasive and at the same time leaving an indelible mark on the listener, “Ordinary Day” is a mother’s lament, one that makes it clear that there are hardships ahead, but they could at all times and on all occasions be overcome by the strength of the bond between mother and infant.


After asking casually how many people in the audience were aged twenty-one, it became clear that the next track on the setlist was going to be “21“. Lyrical, balanced and sentimentally plausible, the song was delivered with genuine zest by the band, and they made sure to gain and capture a feel of their early days. It was extremely pleasing to see them on stage perform this song; they seemed to go back themselves to the era in which the song was a novelty even for themselves, so easily and so unpretentiously that it became clear for everyone that their unexpected comeback had solid grounds, and that they are here to stay, until further notice.


Tomorrow” was their second choice of the day, or evening rather! from their newest album, “Roses“, and though it was less known by the audience, or had a shorter history with them than the previous tracks, it was extremely well received. “Still Can’t” and “Sunday“, both from their emotional “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?“, followed; about the latter song, Dolores O’Riordan mentioned that it’s been until last night 12 years since they last played the song live; and it was carried out in a very elegant manner, it sounded fresh and not rusty at all, it emerged as one of the most neat and tasteful additions to the evening’s setlist.


Going back to carefree liveliness, “Can’t Be With You” continued only in the red thread of love affairs that end, well, in other ways than we initially expect, but changed the tone completely. “Conduct” followed, with its unobtrusive, but clearly pointed out couple politics. After a short technical indisposition which boiled down to canceling “Fire & Soul“, “Not Sorry” proved that a song that gathers less critical attention from a debut album is up to the challenge of delighting an audience almost twenty years after its release. “Show Me the Way” was again a highlight of the concert, similar in intent and in frankness to “Free to Decide“, delivered earlier. An acoustic version of “Shattered“, with a lot of instrumental added value ensued, leaving a needed breathing space before the sound storm of “Ridiculous Thoughts“. We are unaware of what exact feelings can actually plunge one in the state of creating such a masterpiece, and even less of how it is possible to recollect exactly the feeling and its musical rendition after so many years, because not all resides in the very personal touch added to the very turbulent stream of thought, and not all can be explained by a flawless musical line and a very plausible tact.


The main set was concluded with two of the band’s most known songs, applauded wildly, and sung along by the entire audience, young and … not so young anymore. To begin with, “Salvation“, which was possibly re-arranged for the new live version of their show, with its fierceness, its almost burlesque elements, and its captioning on the absurd of the situation in which one is caught when trying to have a personal and humane approach to substance abuse. And without any need for an introduction, “Zombie“, which left everyone beaming, despite the sad circumstances that brought about the composition of the song, because after all it is a personal statement of unparalleled grace and lack of resilience in front of the brutality of the world.


For their encore, The Cranberries chose to delight us first of all with their catchy “Schizophrenic Playboys“, with its shifting sands of vocals and instrument, and then with the lively and optimistic “The Journey“, again, like “Ordinary Day“, a Dolores O’Riordan solo. The closing, as everyone anticipated, was ensured by the most loved song from the band, namely “Dreams“, delivered in splendid fashion, with utmost enthusiasm and a great attention to the inflections that make the song so loved and so popular with music lovers.


Altogether, the show put up by The Cranberries is an example to be followed closely. Not only did they benefit from great organization of the event, but also they stepped in with professionalism and delivered a high class show, in which emotions were carefully calibrated and the finetuned setlist provided sufficient entertainment for the audience. Thank you, The Cranberries, and definitely, next time it’s a date! back to top



October 8, 2012

The Cranberries @Romexpo, Bucharest: Oct-11

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Events proudly presents the second Romanian concert of rock/pop sensation of the 1990’s The Cranberries on Oct-11, at 20:00hrs at Romexpo in Bucharest. The concert will be opened by Romanian act The Mono Jacks (we saw their awesome performance in 2011 opening for Suede: Viva Music review & photos).

The Cranberries are a genuine lovemark of the 1990’s and their early hiatus in the 2000’s left many audiences in a melancholy wait for their performances. Known to fuse elegantly and bluntly at the same time Irish lore and poetry (quite a few of their songs dwell on references from the poetry of W. B. Yeats), pervasive rock sounds, and a dark approach to the issues that convulse mankind (wars, addiction, lack of humanity in addressing the world’s problems), the band managed to raise to success within the shortest of whiles. Albums such as “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We” or “No Need to Argue“, which are soon to step into their third decade, procured them a solid audience and their personality left an indelible mark on the way we perceive music today.

With their darker shades, explored mainly in albums such as “To the Faithful Departed” or “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee“, which approach diligently issues such as death, parental carelessness, the effect of war on people, depression, as well as alienation, they not only succeeded in offering a musical feast for their fans, but also open up a personal debate with their listeners on issues that impact our lives. Charismatic lead singer Dolores O’Riordan continued this self-assigned mission even after the band split; her solo albums, released in the mid-2000’s addressing personal issues such as bereavement, death from cancer of beloved ones, and the inability of the individual to cope with the great shattering experiences that shape our world today.

For their 2012 Bucharest concert, The Cranberries propose a musical treat of 2 hours: songs of their musical past, as well as a tour promo of their newest album, released in Feb-12, “Roses“. The Bucharest date of their tour is eagerly awaited by fans – and the venue of Romexpo suits very well the acoustics and audience needs of such a concert. You can purchase tickets here. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here. You can read more about the Romanian promoter of the event here.

September 19, 2012

Nocturnal Culture Night Sep-07-09, 2012 in Kulturpark Deutzen, Deutzen bei Leipzig: Viva Music Review and Photos

NCN is a festival for the heart. Every time we leave NCN on Sunday night, we leave a piece of our heart in Deutzen bei Leipzig. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as the end of each festival also brings along the thrill for the next one and the feverish curiosity to see what incredible bands are already announced for next year.

More than 35 bands played on three stages, there were fashion shows, after parties, reading sessions and movies. The medieval fair entertained the approximately 2000 visitors with amazing art performances, crafts, games, poetry, joggling and even a girl on stilts and a guy riding a huge dragon (who spoke perfect Romanian). Everyone was relaxed and everything started as scheduled, the food was awesome ranging from the superdonuts at the entrance to the grilled sausages and all kinds of meat and we could buy souvenirs and band merchandise.

NCN 2012 (Sep-07-09) was even more special for us as we met our dear friends and we had the chance to see for the first time live so many new bands! Our special thanks go to the organizers of NCN, very hard working people who really go the extra mile when it comes to the participants’ comfort and entertainment. We feel like home in the Kulturpark Deutzen every year, and we hope we can keep the tradition of visiting NCN from now on. Congratulations and thanks!



Day One | Day Two | Day Three

Day One – Friday – 07-Sep: Kleine Buehne | Grosse Buehne

Day One – Kleine Buehne: Coinside | Dance or Die | Nosferatu | Orange Sector


August 22, 2012

Dark Bombastic 4 @Alba Iulia Citadel, 17&18-Aug: Viva Music Review and Photos

Dark Bombastic Evening 4 was an amazing experience, and it was yet another reason to make us feel proud of being Romanian! We would like to thank the organizers, bands, participants, technicians, cooks, press, entertainers and all the other supporters and DBE fans who made this event happen within the walls of the Alba Iulia citadel.

The excellent weather and perfect location, the food and general relaxed atmosphere were unexpectedly beautiful add-ons to the music that conquered our souls. The venue accommodated the hundreds of participants offering generous spaces for entertainment, a food court, a bar, an exhibition hall, a large parking lot and a very well positioned stage. The directions and advice from the organizer were welcome who did not hesitate to go the extra mile in every aspect. Here are some photos of the location, audience, unforgettable moments that we will cherish forever.

Click here for the gallery Dark Bombastic Evening – Audience.

 Day One | Day Two

Day One, Saturday Aug-17: Falloch | Isole | Oranssi Pazuzu | Alcest | Lantlos | Unholy | Dark Buddha Rising | The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation | Solstafir

Falloch (Scotland)

 Official | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

Click here for Falloch @Dark Bombastic Evening 4 (2012) photo gallery.

About: Celtic / Rock / Metal band Falloch (in Scottish: ‘hidden/in hiding’) are a young act, barely created in 2010, but the renown of which is on the surge with the release of their first album, “Where Distant Spirits Remain”, acclaimed thoroughly as ‘debut of the year’ (mortemzine.net) and ‘album of the year’ (ragherrie.com). With an intrinsically clockwork sound and haunting poetry, Falloch are a breathtaking stage presence and inborn performers.

Review: As the first day of festival was dedicated to more aggressive guitar riffs and harsher voice performances, we expected to witness a lot of energetic shows and vibrant displays of metal excellence. The first band scheduled to open Dark Bombastic Evening 4 was a perfect choice, as the young Scots from Falloch gave everything and more and enjoyed being on stage as much as the eager audience enjoyed dancing to the infectious rhythms. Although it was very difficult for us to pin down the different styles Falloch approach in their music, we could sense not only a devotion to metal and post rock, but some folk influences and melodic sequences that brought flavor to the music of the very talented Scottish band. back to top (more…)

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