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April 8, 2011

Tanz die Revolution – no. 7 – April-16 in Underworld Club

Tanz Die Revolution and Viva Music invite you on 16th April, in Club Underworld (48, Coltei St.), at Tanz Die Revolution Party, the monthly electro-industrial event from Bucharest. Reaching the 7th edition, we expect you, Saturday night from 11:00 PM for a night full of surprises.

Tanz Die Revolution is a regular electro-industrial night that blends the ‘80s’ synth-pop with future pop or more harsh sounds like aggrotech/ebm, all this “sprinkled” with the very gothic hits and electric guitar riffs.

The ones who will make you dance all night will be DJ TadasusDJane Malice and our special guest, DJ Sentinel.

DJ Tadasus will offer us a one hour warm-up based on industrial rock, alternative and electronic, to prepare us for a night that we will never forget.

DJane Malice (Tanz Die Revolution) will “pamper” you with famous gothic hits and consecrated electro-industrial tracks.

DJ Sentinel, our special guest from South Africa and also the author of successful parties in Cape Town (Serpent Events), will pleasure our ears with new rhythms that will make us dance ‘till morning.

Surprises won’t be missing from this edition. With the help of Viva Music, we have the pleasure to present you the prizes from 2:00 AM (participating is free!)
-2 tickets to Kirlian Camera + Tanz Ohne Musik concert on 29 April, in Control Club
-2 Project Pitchfork – Beholder (Single CD)
-1 Tenek – Blinded By You (Single CD)
-2 customized t-shirts

We will also have band stickers for the fans and glowsticks for the party animal within you.

Free Entrance!

Come and join us to the new sounds of the underground!


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