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October 18, 2011

The Cruxshadows – “Valkyrie”: Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “Valkyrie” * “Valkyrie (Radio Edit)” * “Anthem” * “Valkyrie (Rise of the Valcyrge –The Dreamside Remix)” * “Strange Skies

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About The CruxshadowsValkyrie:

Following the success of their most recent Billboard #1 single “Quicksilver”, international darkwave sensation The Cruxshadows return to the spotlight with the powerful new club anthem “Valkyrie”. The mixture of dark electronic dance elements, classical elegance, and new wave sensibility compound to produce The Cruxshadows unmistakable signature sound in this five track maxi-single.  The disc features three uniquely targeted versions of their newest track “Valkyrie”, as well as two new bonus tracks. Always a favorite across several genres, the boys and girls of The Cruxshadows have produced yet another song sure to become a fan favorite.  “Valkyrie” is presented as a digipack with cover art by lead singer Rogue. (source: label site)

The CruxshadowsValkyrie”: Viva Music Album Review:

The Cruxshadows’ newest single, “Valkyrie” to be released by Wishfire on Nov-08 includes alongside the title track in various version, two new preview tracks, “Anthem” and “Strange Skies” from their forthcoming album “As the Dark against My Halo”.  The source track for the single release, “Valkyrie” borrows heavily and charmingly from the old Norse myth of the supernatural beings who decided the fate of warriors on the battlefield, transporting the reason and the progression of the battle in the realm of contemporariness and, what is more, in real life. Except for the general release version, which we had the chance to listen to in July this year, and the radio edit, a third excellent version of the track is provided, and we are talking about “Valkyrie (Rise of the Valcyrge –The Dreamside Remix)”, which has a definite edge and carefully transposes the listener into a different realm, inspired by hazy dreams and the same essence of myth, rendered in beautiful music. Added depth comes also with the other two tracks from the compilation, generously released as a sneak preview into what their forthcoming album is going to look like. The definite feel brought over by “Anthem” is not at all vain, it is heartfelt, energetic, and curiously serene, despite its overall dark shroud. Very much in connection with its 1980’s side, the other track, “Strange Skies” is a relevant addition to the single release, and in a more confrontational manner than the preceding “Anthem”, it provokes sheer enthusiasm, encapsulated in great soundscape and perfectionist instrument. It would be a great thing if “As the Dark against My Halo” sounded in its entirety like that, and this is something that’s not only feasible, but also highly probable. For the time being, enjoy the single release of “Valkyrie”!

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