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January 11, 2012

Ad Inferna “Ultimum Ominum” – New Album to Be Released in March 2012 – Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “Opus Dei” * “Shed No Tears” * “Hell Within” * “All Shall Die” * “Madone” * “Revelations 17” * “Extinction” * “Das Ende” * “Litanie de Sang” * “Ad Inferna” * “Infinite Si Mal

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Pre-order “Ultimum Ominum” from hereWatch the album trailer after the jump.

Just one year after “There Is No Cure”, Ad Inferna plan to release a new album in April 2012, with the working title “Ultimum Ominum”. We had the immense pleasure and privilege to listen to the new album (as a result of an exclusive pre-listening arrangement), and it’s all fantastic. With a sound degrees away from what we last listened from the band, the album provokes a very pertinent and persistent feeling, what is more, the sound is enhanced by the pivotal philosophy narrated through the lyrics. (more…)

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