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June 23, 2011

Project Pitchfork – New Album Out on August-12: “Quantum Mechanics”

Project Pitchfork surprise us with new material a year after their “Continuum Ride” album and their “First Anthology“! On August, 12 Trisol releases their new album, entitled “Quantum Mechanics“, in a general edition, as well as in limited and fan editions!

Read more about Project Pitchfork on darkwave.ro: Amphi Festival 2010 review: Day 1 | Darkwave.ro Fest 3 review (with photos) – Dj Luca Ew, Tenek, Rabia Sorda and Project Pitchfork – January 29, 2011 | Project Pitchfork Offers “First Anthology” as a 2 Cd Set

Tracklist (general edition):  “Freeze In Silence” * “Lament” * “Run For Cover” * “Radical Business” * “Mute Spectators” * ” Quantum Mechanics” * ” The Queen Of Time And Space” * ” Splice” * “We Will Descend” * “You Rest In My Heart”

Tracklist (limited and fan editions)“Freeze In Silence” * “Lament” * “Run For Cover” * “Radical Business” * “Mute Spectators” * “Quantum Mechanics” * “The Queen Of Time And Space” * “Splice” * “We Will Descend” * “You Rest In My Heart” * “Tempest” * “Insomnia” * “Freeze In Silence (Ice Version)” * “Run For Cover (Antimatter RMX)” * “Lament (Death RMX)” * “Quantum Mechanics (Instrumental)”

The limited edition will come in 2,000 copies and will include: two exclusive tracks, three exclusive remixes, one exclusive instrumental version, book in hardcover-paperback-cover with elaborate ‘Singer’ thread stitching, 40-pages extra-booklet, precious artprint on high-quality paper, as well including all lyrics and additional artwork. The fan edition adds on top of the limited edition selection of tracks a special and exclusive t-shirt! (source)

June 22, 2011

Santa Hates You “Jolly Roger” + Fan Edition Available for Pre-Order!

Pre-order your copy of “Jolly Roger” – general edition | fan edition | Release date: 12-August, 2011 | Label: Trisol


Pack Your Bags Honey We’re Going to Hell” * “Prepare to Be Boarded” * “Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright” * “We Need You Alive” * “The Monster in the Maze” * “Fire the Cannon” * “Raise the Devil” * “Das Leben Fuegt Ihnen und Den Menschen in Ihrer Umbgebung Erheblichen Schaden Zu * “The Mad Scramble” * “Domina Mors” * “Watch Out Motherfucker I Know Karate

For the real fans! A set with the album “Jolly Roger” and an exclusive t-shirt.

This is not a drill. Lock up your women and kids… and best put the men in there too: The Santa Hates You barge has been sighted at sea! Sailing under the proudly hissed skull banner “Jolly Roger“, the anarchistic electro pirates directly aim at the coast. And this time, mercy is entirely out of the question. (more…)

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