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October 31, 2011

Torul “Partially Untamed”: Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “In Whole (Original Mix)” * “Show Me Your City” * “In Whole (Noir Frais Remix)” * “In Whole (Tenek Remix)” * “In Whole (Bacteria Remix)” * “In Whole (Qualiass Stomp Remix)

About Torul:

With their first single “Try“, Torul managed to launch a first club hit in our scene! The former Low Spirit artist delivers a fine mix of synthpop, electronic sounds and techno influences to create an own musical sound! Often compared to acts such as Sono, Mesh or Iris, the band stands for a unique modern pop sound. “Partially Untamed” is the second outtake of their forthcoming album “In Whole” which will be released early December 2011! This double A-side single is limited to 500 physical units and features the massive tunes “In Whole” + “Show me your city“, as well as various remixes in different musical styles! A true must have for all fans of good electronic pop music! Listen and enjoy! (source: press release)

TorulPartially Untamed”: Viva Music Album Review:

Out at Infacted Records this month, Torul’s newest single, an insolent peek into what their next album, “In Whole”, expected for December this year is going to be, shows alongside the album title track the new song “Show Me Your City” and what’s more, great remixes of the core track, including one by Tenek! Torul sounds resplendent and carefree, and is proposing an intriguing musical experience with “In Whole”, one that builds up with each sound and creates a safe haven of harmonies and emotions, a pretty good hiding place if you’re looking for shelter. The refined instrumental course of the track shapes up against a great vocal experience, and the production of the track shows that it is indeed a title worthy of giving its name to an album. Of equal interest are the reworks of the track included in the single release, as well as the new track. The remixes are all topnotch and you cannot actually single out one that catches the attention more than the rest, because they are all intent on keeping the track’s efficient use of melody and transpose it in different musical surroundings, embellishing it as if showing it around in a museum of mirrors, which instead of distorting the song’s reality, put it in different perspectives, and are all pulling out quintessential elements from Torul’s track.

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