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June 13, 2012

E-tropolis Festival: Date Postponed, But New Acts Announced

As festival authorities just confirmed, the third E-tropolis Festival at the Columbia compound in Berlin has been postponed. Already bought tickets remain valid for the new date!

Initially scheduled for September 2012, the alternate date has been set to 23.03.2013. The postponement of the entire festival became necessary, after the original date collided with the agendas of various high-profile artists. In order to provide you with the strong musical line-up, the festival is acclaimed for, featuring the best of EBM, industrial, electro- and synthpop, we decided to pull the plug and to reconfigure the control board again, in order to gather up a diversified billing for the system re-boot in March. Finally we don´t need to hold back any longer, what will offer a total blast of electronic dance music!

Before we get to the new announcements, all fans of NACHTMAHR, DIORAMA, GRENDEL and [X]-RX shall feel relieved. All four of these previously announced bands agreed to the postponement and will perform at the E-tropolis Festival in March 2013.

Accompanied by a large bite of “now more than ever!”-attitude we meanwhile managed to add 7 striking reasons for your festival-trip to the German capital of Berlin:


In addition to that we have even more artists in the pipeline, soon to be announced! So anticipate the electro-event of the year with us and salute spring 2013 in Berlin with a threefold thundering: “Darker:Harder:Louder!” – no holds barred!

Tickets: As usual, original tickets and our highly-requested 5+1 group tickets are exclusively available from our festival ticket shop www.etropolis-festival.de/tickets. Additionally standard festival tickets are available nationwide on all CTS/EVENTIM, ADTICKET and TICKETMASTER outlets! Tickets are priced 38,00 € plus charges and shipping. Tickets bought for the festival date in 2012 stay valid for the new date! (source: press release)

For further information visit the festival’s official page and their Facebook page.

April 19, 2012

Industrial Booom in Budapest Apr-27-29: One week left!

Next week, Viva Music team is going to be in Budapest, to witness an awesome festival: Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival, in Budapest’s Barba Negra Music Club. We will give you more news on the way, as well as updates while we are there. Lastly, we will provide you with a review of the event shortly after its completion.

Black Head Agency presents Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival between April 27 and 29: three days with a great lineup in Budapest’s Barba Negra Music Club (Prielle Kornélia u. 4.). It’s not the first time the festival happens, last year’s edition was one we are sorry to have missed: still in late April, acts such as Vomito Negro, Suicide Commando, Blitzmaschine, or The Klinik provided during the 3-day festival sufficient entertainment for the dark crowd.

Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival, Apr-27-29, Budapest, Barba Negra Music Club video trailer:

This year, the festival lineup includes a lot more acts, and in addition, their names together spell the lineup of a reputed festival. Although not complete to date (negotiations with Blutengel and Plasma Pool, as well as a DJ set by Covenant’s Eskil are also under the organizers’ scrutiny), the lineup includes:

Day One, April 27 – “Mechanix Day”: Project Pitchfork, The Neon Judgment, Haujobb, 32 Crash, First Aid for Souls, Decoded Feedback  + Eskil (Covenant) – DJ Set

Day Two, April 28 – “Electronic Body Day”: Escalator, Absolute Body Control, Klutae, Spetsnaz, Front 242, the Juggernauts

Day Three, April 29 – “Dark Side Day”: Sonar, The Arch, Clan of Xymox, Diary of Dreams, In Strict Confidence, Dance or Die

Regular and VIP festival tickets are available on the agency site (http://www.black-head.eu/) as well as on the venue site (http://music-club.barbanegra.hu).

March 26, 2012

Zita Rock Festival 2012 News!

One of the most beautiful festivals this summer, Zita Rock Festival takes place this Jun-15&16 as usual in Berlin‘s Spandau Citadel, already at its 6th edition! And, even if each and every edition was special, this awesome Zita Rock Festival edition is truly magnificent. To begin with, the festivla was expanded to be a 2-day festival. Expect bestselling artist Evanescence and alongside them on Jun-15, a to be announced co-headliner, but also Lord of the Lost. The lineup for Jun-16, there’s going to be ASP, Saltatio Mortis, Mono Inc., Zeraphine and Staubkind plus one more band to be announced!

Tickets are available at the official ticket shop on Zita Festival’s site: www.zita-rock.de/tickets and additionally on nationwide CTS/Eventim as well as Adticket outlets. You can also buy tickets from www.protain-ticket.de. For those who have already purchased their tickets as one-day tickets, they can use them as day tickets for Saturday, but there are very profitable options for upgrading your day ticket to festival ticket – if you bought your ticket prior to Mar-23, just drop a line at upgrade at zita-rock dot de and you will receive a confirmation for your upgrade.

Further festival info can be viewed on the festival’s site, as well on the festival’s Facebook page.


December 7, 2011

Amphi Festival 2012: More News!

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Counting Amphi Festival among the reasons to look forward to 2012, organizers are happy to announce that the preparations – not for Christmas but at Christmas time – for the 11th edition of the Orkus Open Air Amphi Festival of Jul 21-22 next year are as thick as if the festival were to start tomorrow! And what preparations they are, ladies and gentlemen!

New bands are added to the lineup, with more than 20 confirmed acts to date. The Sisters of Mercy, And One, Eisbrecher, Blutengel, Project Pitchfork, Combichrist, Camouflage, Front Line Assembly, DAF, Mono Inc., Corvux Corax, Nachtmahr, 18 Summers, Coppelius, [:SITD:], Solar Fake, Haujobb, Assemblage 23, Seabound, Aesthetic Perfection, A Life Divided, [X]-RX, Tyske Ludder, Whispers in the Shadows, Eisenfunk, Schoengeist, Lord of the Lost. Also, Dr. Mark Benecke, the expert forensic specialist is going to take you in the fascinating and bizarre world of forensic biology.

Amphi camp, located in the beautiful Jugendpark is going to open its gates at festival time, and you can already purchase camping tickets exclusively from the Amphi Festival ticket shop. Information on camping, facilities and rules can be found here. www.amphi-festival.de/2012/camping.html

Christmas special offers abound in the Amphi Festival shop, with 25% off 2011 edition merchandise like t-shirts, girlies and tank tops as well as special discounts on car stickers. This opportunity is open until Dec-18, so you can still order and have gifts shipped in time for your dear ones.

Festival tickets can be booked via the Amphi Festival ticket shop, from Protain and nationwide CTS/Eventim offices. Keep yourselves up to date about the event on the festival page: www.amphi-festival.de, and their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/amphifestival.

October 17, 2011

Amphi Festival 2012 – Great News Keep on Coming

July 21&22 next year are going to be some busy days! Amphi Festival organizers announce the great news for their 8th edition; the open-air venue of Cologne’s Tanzbrunnen will be taken over by more than 40 acts on three stages. Add to that the merchant galleries, the beach club and the cafe’s, and you get the picture.

Will the 8th edition be again sold-out? Chances are the answer to that question is YES, since all three past editions were sold-out successes. If you take into account the forming lineup, chances become clearer and clearer: The Sisters of Mercy, And One, Eisbrecher, Project Pitchfork, Combichrist, Camouflage, Front Line Assembly, DAF, Mono Inc., Corvus Corax, Nachtmahr, but also 18 Summers, Coppelius, [X]-RX, [:SITD:], Solar Fake, Haujobb, Assemblage 23, Seabound, Tyske Ludder, Whispers in the Shadow, Eisenfunk, Schoengeist, Lord of the Lost – we wouldn’t have written all the names announced so far if they weren’t – all – so great!

The 5+1 ticket package is soon to be sold-out, so hurry up if you’re going to travel with a group of friends to the festival. Other than that, tickets are sold in regular premises such as Eventim offices, but also online on the dedicated page of the Amphi festival site (http://amphi-festival.de/tickets) and on Protain web page (http://protain-ticket.de). As always, you can keep yourselves up to date with festival info by checking the festival official page and the festival Facebook page.

October 13, 2011

E-tropolis Festival 2012 News, Acts, Tickets!

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If words like ‘Darker! Harder! Louder!’ are music to your ears, it means that either you know the slogan of one of the most revered festivals you can get into, or that you love the music it promotes. Either way, Sep-15 is the date you should circle in your 2012 calendars for the next run of E-tropolis Festival in Columbiagelaende, Berlin, where the best of EBM, synthpop and industrial music are ready to get you in a fine mood.

The first set of artists who are going to perform in next year’s E-tropolis are now Nachtmahr, Diorama, Grendel, and [X]-RX, quite an appetizing lineup, and definitely one that raises the standards of expectations for next summer’s scene. Organizers wish to thank everyone who took part in their annual poll for their constructive feedback and of course, for the numerous band suggestions.

Tickets are already in pre-sale and both original tickets and 5+1 group tickets, which are as always in high demand, are available in the E-tropolis festival shop: http://etropolis-festival.de/tickets, but also in regular CTS/Eventim and Ticketmaster outlets. You can keep yourself up to date with the latest on E-tropolis festival by visiting the official site: http://etropolis-festival.de, as well as their Facebook page: http://facebook.com/etropolisfestival.

October 7, 2011

ElectriXmas on Dec-17 in Malmo

The 10th edition of ElectriXmas will take place on Dec-17 in Malmo’s Inkonst, a well-known venue for artistic activities. This year’s edition confirms performances from Tyske Ludder, Necro Facility and Hocico. You  can read about past edition rosters here.

ElectriXmas is an annual alternative electronic music event. Based in Malmo, Swedens 3rd largest city, the festival usually scheduled for the middle of December. It’s the perfect round off to the year and the years most anticipated electronic Xmas party! There is no dresscode for ElectriXmas but the majority of visitors commonly dress according to the synth subcultures: synth, industrial, ebm, goth, cyberpunk, steampunk etc. Regardless of your style we encourage you to dress up to make it an evening not to be forgotten!

As usual tickets are available in advance via online booking here. The last two years have sold out in record time, so if you don’t want to be left standing out in the cold with no party to go to then buy your ticket in good time!

Keep yourself up to date with ElectriXmas news on their Facebook page and on their website.

September 19, 2011

Nocturnal Culture Night #7 in Kulturpark Deutzen – 2012! Lineup and Ticket Info

Shortly after the end of the sixth edition of NCN Festival 2011 (our review + photo galleries here) the organizers announced the first slot of info about the next year’s edition. Later in September than this year, namely between 07-09 September 2012, in the same wonderful venue of Kulturpark Deutzen (in Deutzen bei Leipzig), the seventh edition of Nocturnal Culture Night will take you up by surprise.

Confirmed acts to date include: Angelspit, Clan of Xymox, Eisenfunk, Nosferatu, Peter Hook & the Light, Rummelsnuff, and The Beauty of Gemina. Film screenings, fashion shows, lectures, photo exhibitions, aftershow parties as well as many other support activities will be announced together with the filling-up of the running order of the lineup.

Tickets are available as day tickets at Eur 33,- weekend tickets at Eur 41,- and weekend tickets including camping at Eur 44,-. Tickets can be bought from the organizer’s site: http://www.nocturnal-culture-night.de/Artikelliste/kategorie/Tickets_Wochenende.html as well as from online ticket shops (Ticket 69, Getgo, Eventim, Arena, Ticketmaster, Adticket online) and from local shops in Leipzig (X-trax, Ticket Galerie, Hugendubel, Musikhandlung M. Oelsner, Leipzig Tourist Service, Culton Tickets, Arena Leipzig ZSL, Leipziger Volkszeitung, Leipziger Wochenkurier, SZ-Ticketservice) and Dresden (Abbadon Mystic Store, Konzertkasse im Florentinum, Dresden Ticket). More information made available on the organizer’s site.

September 12, 2011

Autumn Ball in Hannover Canceled, Berlin and Dortmund Carry the Flag

Due to poor reception, Hannover’s Autumn Ball scheduled for Oct-02 is canceled. Therefore, the calendar date for Letzte Instanz, Zeraphine, Corvux Corax and Staubkind in Hannover’s Capitol is canceled. Ticket holders can opt for the Berlin or Dortmund days of the Autumn Ball, or alternatively return to the point of sale of their tickets for refunds, inform festival organizers.

Autumn Ball continues however with two out of the three dates initially planned, as Dortmund’s FZW takes up the autumn feel with Letzte Instanz, Tanzwut, Coppelius and Staubkind on Sep-30, while Berlin’s Huxley’s Neue Welt delights their audience with the same lineup – the perfect choice for fans of gothic, medieval and folk-rock.

Tickets for each of the two evenings are still available at Eur 26,- plus booking fee at the online shops of Protain and Amphi Festival, as well as via Eventim ticket counters and website. More information is made available regularly on the festival’s website and their Facebook page.

Related concert galleries by Viva Music: Letzte Instanz at Blackfield Festival 2009 | Letzte Instanz at Amphi Festival 2010 | Coppelius at Amphi Festival 2010 | Staubkind at Amphi Festival 2011 | Staubkind at NCN Festival 2011 | Post photo shows Letzte Instanz at Amphi Festival 2010.

August 18, 2011

Nordstern Festival 2012 News! Jul-13&14, Markthalle+Stadtpark, Hamburg

The first scene festival in Hamburg had a successful start in 2011 and we are now on the blocks to prepare round two in 2012! Originally we were planning the weekend of 6th & 7th July 2012 for the 2nd edition, but due to a big public event in Hamburg we are forced to move the date by one week. On 13 and 14 July 2012 Markthalle and Stadtpark will open their gates for Nordstern visitors.

First of all we would like to thank this year’s 1900 fans for their constructive feedback. We were overwhelmed by the number of positive comments but at the same time are working on the few negative points which basically referred to the seating situation at Stadtpark and the re-entry to the Stadtpark venue. Concerning the seating situation we have to inform you that due to local conditions and security regulations no further seats (i.e. benches) can be provided at Stadtpark. We will do our best to find some sort of solution to that problem but cannot make any promises towards change. As for the issue re-entry to Stadtpark we guarantee that we will either work with festival wristbands or provide an adequate alternative in 2012. We will inform you in due time. (more…)

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