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March 9, 2011

The Pain Machinery ‘Auto Surveillance’ To Be Released on March-17

Since their last album “Urban Survival“, TPM have decided to embrace a more structured electronic sound with fewer building blocks but more punchiness: a compelling hybrid of early Electronic Body Music, New Beat and Acid House dragged kicking and screaming into the future.

This change of approach …is already reflected in “Auto Surveillance“, a collection of remixes from the forthcoming album “Surveillance Culture” due later in 2011.

A diverse selection of artists (Necro Facility, The Weathermen, Severe Illusion and Jouni Ollila to name a few) have been given free rein to reshape three album tracks into everything from dark electro house to twisted rockabilly with amazing results.

The first release on new label Complete Control Productions, “Auto Surveillance” also features two tracks (“Twilight” and “Exit Strategy“) which will not be included on the album. For all intents and purposes, this is three singles in one with a total playing time of almost 70 minutes. An extended burst of punishing beats and basslines, ready to rip the darkest of dancefloors to shreds.

Track list:

01 Hard Cash (12″ Mix feat. Ted Barley)
02 Armed! (Jouni Ollila Remix)
03 Grinder (Ted’s Acid Mix)
04 Twilight
05 Armed! (The Weathermen Remix)
06 Hard Cash (Severe Illusion Sober Mono Mix)
07 Grinder (12″ Mix)
08 Hard Cash (Necro Facility Remix)
09 Armedto the teeth!
10 Exit Strategy
11 Hard Cash (Testarossa Remix)
12 Grinder (Mix 2)
13 Hard Cash (Sebastian Rivas Acid Rave Remix)
14 Hard Cash (Performed by Ragged Bones)

For more information please contact: info@ccproductions.org.



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