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June 9, 2011

Sono to replace Zeromancer at Nordstern Festival Open Air

Yesterday the organizers of Nordstern Festival Open Air – Hamburg (Jul-08&09) announced that Zeromancer will be replaced by SONO for the festival lineup.

Read Zeromancer’s statement below:

Zeromancer are very sorry to announce, that we have to cancel all upcoming shows of 2011. As many of you might know, Kim Ljung suffers from severe chronic migraines. Due to a very high dosage of pain relievers he has recently, but abruptly started off a serious detoxication. He is for the time being hospitalized. The process of recovery will be for at least three months. Once again, Zeromancer is devastated not to be able to do the shows, but we hope you understand.” (source)

The complete line-up of Nordstern Festival: (more…)

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