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August 10, 2011

Necro Facility – “The Lost Tapes” – Viva Music Review

Tracklist:  “Bashed Display” * “Closure” * “Congestion” * “Furunculous Fuse Garniture” * “Grind” * “Nursed (PLaydo Remix)” * “Reversed” * “Turmoil” * “Tuxedo (Tentacle Remix)” * “Waste

Read Viva Music’s review of Necro Facility’s “Wintermute” album here | Read Viva Music’s exclusive interview with Necro Facility here.

Necro Facility – “The Lost Tapes” – Viva Music Review:

The success of “Wintermute” is on everyone’s lips – just three months after the album’s release, there are still people who rightfully claim it to be one of the best releases of 2011 – an opinion Viva Music seconds and has done so ever since the official release on May-13.

Wintermute” is electrifying, profound, sexy, and comes with quite a fresh perspective on what you can do on today’s music scene. And as if it were not enough, “Wintermute” comes with a second amazing set of songs on the limited edition disc issued by Progress Productions – entitled “The Lost Tapes”, the ten-track album is in itself a standalone entity in the band’s discography, and luckily we will see it being re-released as a comeback to a wonderful album. (more…)

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