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February 10, 2012

Out Now: WTII Records Spring 2012 Free Sampler

WTII Records, which are known to our scene not only as promoters of a very fine streak of music, but also because of the versatility of the music projects they prop up, come up with a very enivable promotion tool that we kindly invite you to get your hands on right away! Trigger 10d, Method Cell, Lowe, The Qualia, Stromkern, SMP, Am.Psych, Stiff Valentine, Klutae, Rein[Forced], The Gothsicles, Dead on TV – these are the artists compiled in this free compilation “WTII Records Spring 2012 Free Sampler“, which combines a selection of 2011’s best and 2012’s forthcoming miracles.

Read more about and download the compilation from here.

Track info listing is as follows:  Trigger 10d – “Skies Gone Dark (Wade Alin Remix)” (from “Trigger10d“)  * Method Cell – “Scissors (RPS Mix)” (from “Curse of a Modern Age“) * Lowe – “Mirage (Extended Mix)” (from “Evolver“) * The Qualia – “Guess I Lied (Mister 1234 Remix)” (from “Memorial Gore“) * Stromkern – “Intuit (Demo Version)” (from “Stromken” – to be released Mar-13) * SMP – “Cryonica (Deathproof Mix)” * Am.Psych – “Reasons” * Stiff Valentine – “Suicide Execute (Deathproof Mix)” * Klutae – “I Know It’s Sick But It’s So Much Fun (Psychopomps Remix)” (from “Electropunks Unite“) * Rein[Forced] – “Dichotomy (Demo Version)” (from “Dichotomy” – to be released Apr-03) * The Gothsicles – “Save Dat Mermaid (TBM is SRS EBM Mix by Mangadrive)” (from “Industiralites & Magic“) * Dead on TV – “F*** You, I’m Famous (Single Edit)” (from “F*** you I’m famous” – to be released on Apr-24).

May 12, 2011

Surgyn New Album Release – “Vanity” Out May-13!

Can you smell the Iodine? Taste the chloroform? Hear the soft beep of your life as you’re hooked up to the only thing keeping you alive?

Scotland’s leading practitioners of Hard-edged Medical Fetish Industrial, Surgyn, are about to release their debut album “Vanity” digitally on Friday 13th, with a physical release soon afterwards. Sharp as a scalpel making the first cut into plastic flesh, peeling away the layers slowly and methodically, this is an album that will literally get under your skin. (more…)

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