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January 27, 2012

Apollo 440 “The Future’s What It Used to Be” Out on Jan-30: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Stay Frosty” * “The Future’s What It Used to Be” * “Smoke & Mirrors” * “Stealth Cantorum” * “A Deeper Dub” * “Love Is Evil” * “Odessa Dubstep” * “Motorbootee” * “Traumarama” * “Fuzzy Logic” * “Music Don’t Die

Pre-order Apollo 440’s “The Future’s What It Used to Be” from here | Watch the album trailer after the jump.

Apollo 440 – “The Future’s What It Used to Be”: Viva Music Album Review:

When was the last time you heard about Apollo 440? Frankly, although I am not a fanatic of football, and even less of football teams, it was when I first found out that the FA Cup charity theme song of Liverpool F.C. was provided by them. However, the nine years that passed since their latest album, “Dude Descending a Staircase”, there was enough Apollo 440 aired and since 2007, when they resumed their touring activity, it’s been as if they have never left the scene. Of course, the thirst for new Apollo 440 material was there, but also the signs. No less than nine Apollo 440 remixes were featured in the 20 year anniversary edition of U2’s “Achtung Baby” in late 2011, and then the news of an Apollo 440 comeback followed shortly. And now it’s almost here: on Jan-30, out on their own Stealth Sonic Recordings label, the Liverpudlian group comes back with “The Future’s What It Used to Be”, their fifth studio album, and probably one of their best achievements so far. (more…)

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