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January 17, 2012

And One “Back Home” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Back Home (Club Mix)” * “Wounds” * “Rick” * “High (Live in Peine, the Original)” * “Back Home (Mixed Conditioner)” * “Back Home (Berlin Mixer)” * “Missing Track

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 One year after their diamond-studded “Tanzomat” and after a lot of turmoil that accompanied the band’s renewal in 2011, And One renew their covenant with their scene with the release on Jan-13 with SPV of a new EP, entitled enigmatically “Back Home”. With three mix versions of the title track, but also a live version of “High”, and two studio edits of “Wounds” and “Rick”, the EP is a charming piece of music, and there is a definite chance we are not the only ones believing so. Adding up to the good reviews of the EP, their 1st position in Deutsche Alternative Charts helps with understanding the thirst there was after such a satiating experience such as “Tanzomat” of new material from the same line of creative thought. Which, as much was expected, did not turn but partly true. There are prominent hues of “Tanzomat” jutting out into “Back Home”, but there’s also the replenishing promise of something new, part of any artist’s path of redefinition. And we are glad it is there, definitely so, all the more as “Back Home” is compelling, forcing you to listen it as a whole and revisit it promptly. The new EP is not the only good news that And One drags into the house as the clocks say 2012 already; numerous live dates and also a “Cover for the Masses Tour” with enviable names such as Covenant and Welle:Erdball.

All the tracks and versions included in the EP claim their compatibility with club and dance, but with that refined vein of elegance and eighties inspiration that make And One one of the few acts who still know how to do that without sounding ridiculous. Of course, it’s easy to see through the weft of the EP and decide what allegiances And One are willing to make, but they are all powerful and endearing. With the exception of the multi-faceted “Back Home”, which, as the EP flows, you will notice, seems to renew its content from one version to another – to the effect that the thick and elastic rope lassoed from the Club Mix to the Berlin Mixer you get a whole new song, so to say – is not the only highlight of the album. The live version of “High”, as well as the good vibes sent by “Wounds” and by the Viva Music favorite “Rick” interlaced in the attentive work of the EP create a very well-natured and interesting breathing space

This cadenced ascendance toward the pampering of a track in its multifaceted qualities, taking us back and forth in time, creates the meandering effect of a prodigal return to one’s home base, where the music is just good and you feel cozy. And that is “Back Home”. Enjoy!

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March 28, 2011

And One – Tanzomat Album Review by Viva Music

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“He who loves AND ONE because it sounds like AND ONE, AND ONE shall he get”.

(Steve Naghavi, hell-zone.de interview, 2005)

If dance were a science, what we would need today is scientists that split the atom and tell us what dance really is: how we come to feel it, how we come to do it, and last but not least how we end up knowing how to dance. What with dance not being a science, but an art, and for at least half a century with the advent of popular clubs a very mass-oriented one, it feels sometimes that an album such as AND ONE’s “Tanzomat” (double disc, out on Mar-04, 2011 with Out Of Line) is a cleansing process of the all bad rap of a dance you were owned with in your club life cycle.

In an epoch that gives less and less airtime to quality dance music, because known beats yield more than hidden gems of experiment do, AND ONE figures out a satisfying concept that probably should propel more than one band and more than one audience. If a thing such as the “Tanzomat” they imagine existed, it would be a wonderful and mighty thing: just like a jukebox that is intended for moves, not for tunes, it would be packed with pure potential, that of sending well-choreographed twitches in the right muscles, making you move along to beats you’ve known, but never tried out.


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