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November 22, 2010

1st electro music show on Bucuresti radio (98.3 fm) on November 21, 2010!


Photogallery from Amphi Festival, Germany, 2010

Viva Music took another step in making the dark gothic.industrial.synth music known to the Romanian audience on Sunday, November 21, 2010. Our dear friend and supporter, Laurentiu Rusen (thank you, Laur!) and Vivi were guests of the extremely popular “A la chart de week-end”, with Bogdan Crutescu radio show on Radio Bucuresti (98.3 FM).

We talked about electro.dark.gothic.industrial music, the electro scene, gothic festivals, famous industrial bands, the gigs Viva Music has organized in Bucharest since 2009 (check our www.vivamusic.ro for more info) and success stories in the music business and, of course, we played 8 great tracks. We are grateful to Bogdan Crutescu for his invitation, and we appreciate his support.

Every Sunday between 7:30-8:00 pm and 8:30-9:00 pm we will play ELECTRO.INDUSTRIAL.SYNTH MUSIC! Stay tuned for the show every week! Please write to us with suggestions for the playlist at viviana@vivamusic.ro!

The show can be watched live on http://www.bucurestifm.ro/

Playlist, November 21, 2010, “A la chart de week-end”, with Bogdan Crutescu (guests Viviana Ball, Laur Rusen)

Melotron – Broken (Propaganda)
Covenant – The Men (Skyshaper)
In Strict Confidence – Set me free (La parade monstrueuse)
Diary of Dreams – Son of a thief (Nekrolog 43)
Aesthetic Perfection – The ones (A violent emotion)
Project Pitchfork – I live your dream (EON)
VNV Nation – Illusion (Judgment)
Depeche Mode – It’s no good (Ultra)


All Royalties on playing the tracks go to the record companies of each band.

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