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October 12, 2011

Shiv-r “This World Erase” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Entree” * “Pharmaceutical Grade” * “God Is Art” * “Incision” * “Hollow Mask” * “This World Erase” * “Blind Mice” * “Deafening” * “This Fix” * “Stripped” * “Alpha Omega” * “Lingerie” * “Arise

About Shiv-r:

Shiv-r are: Virul3nt (Pete Crane), and Kong (Lee Bulig).

After hitting the scene with their innovative debut album “Hold My Hand” and the hard-hitting follow up EP “Incision“, Shiv-r are back in 2011 with “This World Erase“, a new full-length album to awaken the dark side lying dormant beneath our skin. No stranger to club hits, Shiv-r tread this ground stronger and heavier than ever with plenty of harsh club annihilators destined for the dancefloor. Haunting, neoclassical tendrils also encompass the brutal club sounds while a more evolved lyrical and vocal approach attacks themes such as nihilism, the romantic rendering of abuse and above all waging a war on apathy. From the grindingly slow vampiric dirge of “This Fix“, to the psy-infused energetic explosion of “Alpha Omega” and the overly emotive title track, “This World Erase” is a varied and evolved follow-up album that further establishes Shiv-r‘s gossamer stranglehold and strives to make us feel alive in a dying, apathetic world. (source: press release)

Read about Shiv-r’s performance at Nocturnal Culture Night 2011 here| See the photo gallery for Shiv-r’s performance at Nocturnal Culture Night 2011 here

Shiv-r “This World Erase”: Viva Music Album Review:

Can a music album be an exercise in eloquence? After listening to Shiv-r’s “This World Erase”, released this week (and already a top seller with Metropolis Records and a point of pride for Infacted Records) and giving it a serious thought, the answer is definitely yes. The purity of the sound, the shrewdness, and, audacity of the lyrics, and their fortifying combination really bring on a special effect. Listening to this album is like listening to a good friend, who, no matter what the two of you are talking about, brings you reason and clarity. Nothing stands out in an obtrusive manner, and nothing provokes havoc. And all songs included in “This World Erase” are like pieces in a puzzle: they mix, they match, and fall in the right pattern before your eyes. (more…)

September 8, 2011

Nocturnal Culture Night #6 in Deutzen bei Leipzig – 02-04-September – Viva Music Review and Photos

Day One | Day Two | Day Three

About NCN Festival

Nocturnal Culture Night celebrated in the truest sense of the meaning its sixth edition in Deutzen bei Leipzig between Sep-02 and Sep-04 with a killer lineup and a very appealing atmosphere. With ups and downs due to the times of the shows (some of them took place kind of early for the party fatigue building up especially on the second and third days), the audience topped 2k participants who were in their entirety a big family. Everywhere you went, you found people smiling, ready to help and to enjoy together the shows or the side entertainment that were carefully and laid out smoothly by the organizers. With the exception of the unpredictable, to which the same organizers were able to save face wonderfully (the power cut on the second day), the festival could not have been thought up in a fancier and friendlier manner.

To begin with, the shows – they all started on time making the festival a big Japanese train station. The bands were introduced on stage coherently and with great enthusiasm, but only in German. Even after the power cut had been mended, the shows quickened their pace, so that the expected end time would be the same, and bands and audience alike showed understanding faced with the mishap. The sound was overall good and that’s one thing to credit the venues for: both the mainstage (Grosse Buehne) and the smaller one (Kleine Buehne), which were located within reach, had a great surrounding and accommodated easily the hundreds of participants without impeding access and/or blocking the view of participants.

Participants at NCN Festival 2011 – photo gallery

The participants themselves were friendly, peaceful and really at ease with the festival setup. The family feeling was not given only by the fact that participants greeted one another, were courteous and their merry-making was probably the best example of community, but also by the numerous families with kids as young as 9 months (and who knows, even younger) who participated in the festival. Their spare time was divided between the cleverly arranged stands, food courts, playgrounds, quiet areas, shops and the medieval market that took place in the proximity of the main festival venue. The shopping choice was classy and the food was really good, while the refuse collection showed that having fun and being responsible can go hand in hand.

Medieval Market at NCN Festival 2011 – photo gallery 


September 1, 2011

Suicidal Romance “Whisper Goodbye” Out Sep-16! Viva Music Review

Tracklist: “Whisper Goodbye (single edit)” * “”Slave Slave (Die Sektor remix)” * “Whisper Goodbye (CeDigest remix)” * “Whisper Goodbye (Psy’Aviah remix)” * “Whisper Goodbye (Reaxion Guerilla remix)” * “Slave Slave (Incubite remix)” * “Deserving of Our Sadness

Before the release of their third album with Infacted Records Memories behind Closed Curtains”, Suicidal Romance come on September-16 with “Whisper Goodbye” – a digital-only single release. Estonian Dmitry Darling (also of Freakangel) and Viktoria Seimar propose for their new album a lot of expectations, as their killer lineup includes Felix Marc (Frozen Plasma, Diorama), Pete Crane (Shiv-R), VVA (Ad Inferna) and Art (Freakangel). Shortly after the single release “Whisper Goodbye” we will need to wish them happy return for their new album!

Pre-listen on Amazon | Official presentation from Infacted Records

Suicidal Romance – “Whisper Goodbye” – Viva Music Album Review:

Suicidal Romance have accustomed their frequent listeners to quality songs; and their forthcoming single is no exception to this hard rule they set for themselves. “Whisper Goodbye” is clearly a good track, well deserving of its being singled out, although we do not yet know what they have in store for their next full-length release. However, as a stand-alone piece, “Whisper Goodbye” matches perfectly the profile of a single release: it is powerful, clearcut, emotional to a large extent and definitely a song you will keep in mind. With its numerous versions, generously included in the single release, including versions from Die Sektor and Psy’Aviah, the song reaches out a lot more than just its single edit, which is clearly open to more than just one interpretation. Out of the four presented on the digital release, “Whisper Goodbye (Reaxion Guerilla remix)” stands out as a favorite, but this is not to mean that the others fail in any aspect – they are different directions that a song assumes once its raw version is put to good work!

Additionally, the single presents two other tracks, previously unreleased if we are to check against the discography of Suicidal Romance, both appealing sound- and voice-wise, namely two remixes of “Slave Slave” and one particularly persuasive “Deserving of Our Sadness”.

All in all, if the digital single release of “Whisper Goodbye” was meant in any way as an appetizer for the forthcoming album “Memories behind Closed Curtains”, it surely opened our appetite – for their music, but also for the universe of what seems, once again, a very good and presentable effort from Suicidal Romance.

Suicidal RomanceOfficial Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

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