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October 3, 2011

New Ad Inferna Single “eXsangue” Out!

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Ad Inferna, who have kept themselves busy all the time, do not lose time and release “eXsangue“, just months away from the release of their “There Is No Cure” 2011 album which we enjoyed immensely and reviewed here. “eXsangue” can be ordered from here and it comes packed with cleverly designed t-shirts (in both women and men possessed packs) which read “I’m Possessed by Ad Inferna and There Is No Cure for That”, signed posters, cards, and of course, the single. “eXsangue”  sounds pretty amazing, and it is no wonder, since it is produced at this very high standard Ad Inferna accustomed us with; and it genuinely enthuses and seduces.

eXsangue”  – Watch the official video below:


Ad Inferna – Official Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

September 26, 2011

Autodafeh – “Act of Faith”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Heaven Screams” * “Killer” * “Land of Nothing” * “Reality Shock” * “Make Us Believe” * “Watch Out” * “Treasure Hunt” * “Wheel of Faith” * “Promises” * “Camp Intel” * “Fuel of Fire (2011)” * “Divided We Fall (2011)

Other Autodafeh news on darkwave.ro: Autodafeh to Release “Act of Faith” on September-16!

About Autodafeh:

Autodafeh are: Mika Rossi, Jesper Nilsson, Anders Olsson.  The ADF project started in the middle of November 2007, the two lads Rossi and Jesper, friends since childhood, decided to launch a new EBM campaign. They both had been growing up with lots of electronic music in their body and mind. Since November, lots of hard work and lots of sweat has been taken the band where they are today. Hard pumping, aggressive tracks have been constructed, in order to have loads of material to show both listeners and record companies. The third member in the band is Anders, an important person that makes it complete. He too has EBM pulse floating in his veins. (source: band bio)

Autodafeh – “Act of Faith: Viva Music Review:

With their third album, “Act of Faith” released on Sep-16 with Scanner Records (Europe) and Sigsaly Transmissions, Autodafeh prove listening to their music is worthwhile and the progress musicians can make in the shortest of whiles – it’s not unusual for bands who are in their prime to release their third album in their third full year of existence, but it’s only more rarely the case that it also means something. And “Act of Faith” stands out as a very fresh and easily approachable new material this fall. With the year closing soon, it is not risky to claim that it also is one of our favorite materials this year! So the recommendation to buy and listen to the album is inherent to this review. (more…)

September 22, 2011

VNV Nation – “Automatic” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “On Air” * “Space & Time” * “Resolution” * “Control” * “Goodbye 20th Century” * “Streamline” * “Gratitude” * “Nova” * “Photon” * “Radio

Other VNV Nation news by Viva Music: VNV Nation – “Automatic” – New Album Out in September + Preview + Tour Dates | VNV Nation at Nocturnal Culture Night 2011 | VNV Nation at Nocturnal Culture Night 2011 (photo gallery) | VNV Nation at Nordstern Festival 2011 | VNV Nation at Nordstern Festival 2011 (photo gallery) | VNV Nation at Amphi Festival 2010 | VNV Nation at Amphi Festival 2010 (photo gallery) | VNV Nation at Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 (photo gallery)

VNV Nation – “Automatic”: Viva Music Album Review:

 After a very packed full summer, filled with concert and festival dates, VNV Nation regale us with a very beautiful album, really in time for those who set in their autumn melancholy. “Automatic”, tracks from which were previously first-time listens during summer festival dates, and snippets of which were made available earlier this month, is finally out with Anachron Sounds and Sep-16 and Sep-19 as US and continental release dates. With an inspiring sub-title “Marking 100 years of progress”, the album, redolent of very much of what you are accustomed to listen to when the name of VNV Nation pops in your mind, it also is an exclusive encounter with the newer edge of the band, and their definite shift to more optimistic, and beat-driven music. Definitely not a commercial album, but a compositionally healthy one, the album is in many respects similar to their previous 2009 “Of Faith, Power and Glory”, thus bridging their fans’ experience to a new lot of songs, but also enriching their experience with a great deal of good songs. (more…)

September 16, 2011

God Module – “Seance” – Viva Music Album Review

I worked my ass off to try to make this CD something special and it means a whole damn lot to hear so many of you guys dig it so quick!” (God Module Facebook fanpage)

Other God Module news on darkwave.ro: God Module – “Rituals” Single Release Today – Viva Music Review  | New System Syn Album “All Seasons Pass” Out on Oct-11! + Triptych Tour

Tracklist: “Ouija” * “Devil’s Night” * “Plastic” * “Doppelganger” * “M.D.K.” * “Extinct” * “Rituals” * “Into the Outside” * “Video” * “Remember” * “Fake Fame” * “Afraid of the Light

God Module – “Séance” – Viva Music Review:

 Horror industrial/black electro/murder wave/spooky dance music act God Module, the fandom of which increased a lot in recent years, have been around for long enough in order to accustom us with quality music. Therefore, the expectations from their Sep-13 release with Metropolis Records, “Séance” were high, and what’s more, stirred by their early August “Rituals” single release. In fact, “Rituals”, which contains three preview tracks from the album, namely the multiple renditions of “Rituals” and also the tracks “Devil’s Night” and “Remember”, made it clear: God Module’s new album was going to be terrific. So the listening process of the album per se was conditioned by this awareness, and also by very good vibes. (more…)

September 14, 2011

Digital Factor – “Trialog” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Prelude” * “Links Rechts Links” * “I Have to Hit You” * “Interlude no. 57” * “You’re Going Down” * “This Is the Deal” * “The Neighbor” * “Interlude no. 58” * “Steam” * “Depression” * “A Force of Unknown People” * “Interlude no. 60” * “Come Push Me Down” * “The Knife” * “The Way You Lie

Also on darkwave.ro: Digital Factor Release “I Have to Hit You” – Single Preview Before September Album and Tour (+Download) here | Order “Trialog” from here

About Digital Factor:

Digital Factor are: Leo von Leibnitz (voice, programming, synth); Mike Langer (voice, programming, synth); Guido Litke (guitar, percussion).

Founded in 1993, Digital Factor were quickly signed to Danish label Hard Records at the recommendation of Claus Larsen (of Leaetherstrip fame) and toured with Placebo Effect. Numerous productions in their early years gained them support, audience and a local renown. By 1996, this renown was taken further as tours in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium propelled the band in front of a varied and acclaiming audience. This positive trend was maintained up to 2002, when they joined charity events supporting the victims of the German floods. After a seven years hiatus, the band returned with new material a new lineup, and a new record deal with Black Rain Records. “Trialog”, their latest release, on Sep-09 with the latter label, is their 17th release to date.

Digital Factor – “Trialog” – Viva Music Review:

After an alarming “Prelude”, the album motioned in by Digital Factor could not get better! “Links Rechts Links” (“Left Right Left”), one of the rare songs with German lyrics from the album “Trialog” is as expected from the title, a musically plausible and pleasant military drill, with a lot of cadence and spirit. As high-spirited, and not at all austere is “I Have to Hit You”, which we had listened to outside the album release as a single video preview for the album in late July this year. “I Have to Hit You” is a domineering and relentless dance machine song, which makes it set the expectations really high for the danceability of the entire album. With ebullient sound, “Interlude no. 57”, the first of three such interludes that together with the “Prelude” creates the frame of the album, interposes itself between the first two tracks and the ensuing one as a well-deserved breathing space for the listener – or should we say the dancer? of this album. The tongue-in-cheek “You’re Going Down” is clashing EBM sound and a true-to-nature display of vocal resonance. In cahoots with “This Is the Deal”, a song that electrifies and commits to the dance ambient friendly scope of the album just as powerfully as the preceding tracks. (more…)

September 13, 2011

Kontaminant – “Monument” – Viva Music Album Review

We are a dark band, we want people to dance and THINK” (Nick Quarm, Kontaminant)

Tracklist: “Monument” * “Burning Book” * “The Last Exile” * “Deception” * “Obsidian

About Kontaminant:

Kontaminant are: D.K. Lovatt – vocals, instruments, production; Nick Quarm – Lyrics, PR.

Davi previously has experience in Blind Before Dawn and is also a live member of Resist. Nick is an experienced writer. An Evolution in every sense of the word, Kontaminant has left behind its synthpop roots, and is the edgier, darker, more danceable cousin of its predecessor. This is Truth, this is a Scripture of Dancefloor fillers, coupled with hard-hitting lyrics, and themes relevant to Society, and survival as a whole. Kontaminant will take Industrial into the next generation, with catchy songs, a refined sound, and memorable synth. (source: band press release)

Kontaminant – “Monument” (EP) – Viva Music Review:

The title that gives the name of the EP, “Monument” opens up in a very atmospheric manner the sound loops that last long throughout the composition. With a decided beat and a proclivity to disinhibit, the track is pure energy and a quite anthemic presence on today’s synthpop scene. Darker than the preceding track, “Burning Book” is an easily digestible, infectious track. A perfect addition to any playlist, “Burning Book” is a novel and fresh composition, and under a not so thick coating of becalmed atmosphere, there are piercing energies and as mentioned before, a darker spectrum of sound. “The Last Exile” is a Viva Music favorite from this EP, and although the only instrumental track of the present compilation, it is a satiating musical experience. As favorite is “Deception”, the danceability of which exceeds many dance anthems of 2011 in power, cohesion and responsiveness. “Obsidian”, the track that seals the “Monument” deal brings about a great deal of superior sounds, and is definitely an effortful musical attempt yielding beyond its frame and measuring well against darkwave benchmarks of 2011.

Monument” is a good listening recommendation and deserves unbiased attention of clubs, club goers and festival organizers. We are looking forward to hearing new material from Kontaminant, just like from any other gifted and dedicated musicians from our scene.

 Kontaminant on Facebook

September 9, 2011

Nova-spes “Pripyat – Home of Lilith” Out Today! – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Ein Tag im April” * “Welcome to Pripyat” * “Here We Are” * “Disappointed” * “1986” * “Wir wollen jetzt” * “2011” * “Sehnsucht” * “We Cannot…” * “Die Farbe der Saison” * “Todeszeit” * “Everybody” * “Unser Werk” * “Evakuierung

About Nova-spes

Nova-spes is a synthiepop/futurepop/EBM group founded in 1999 in Germany. The band includes Matthias Huebner (music, words, vocals), Steffen Poehler (keys), and Peter Walter (keys). With a new release almost every year since their foundation, Nova-spes come back in 2011 with a new album entitled “pripyat – home of lilith with Dance Macabre. The album is mastered by Das Ich’s Bruno Kramm and released today, on September 09.

Read the review and see the photos by Viva Music from Nova-spes’s date last week at NCN Festival in Deutzen bei Leipzig here.

Nova-spes – “pripyat – home of lilith”: Viva Music album review:

While we have not listened to earlier material from Nova-spes, the material they worked together with Bruno Kramm can be described in two words: intense, and invasive. The heavy intro with Russian alert messages “Ein Tag im April” is a good appetizer for what follows. The historically credible message in Russian alerting the population of today ghost town Pripyat from Kiev Oblast, from the vicinity of Chernobyl reads as follows: (more…)

August 10, 2011

Autodafeh to Release “Act of Faith” on September-16!

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Tracklist: “Heaven Screams” * “Killer” * “Land of Nothing” * “Reality Shock” * “Make Us Believe” * “Watch Out” * “Treasure Hunt” * “Wheel of Faith” * “Promises” * “Camp Intel” * “Fuel of Fire” * “Divided We Fall

About Autodafeh:

Home based in Sweden, Autodafeh is a trio consisting of Mika Rossi, Jesper Nilsson, and Anders Olsson. After their debut album and EP releases found massive success in the European underground charts, the band have been traveling performing live for the ever growing fan base. They have gone from being the supporting act for inspirational artists such as Front 242, to now being themselves the headliner act.

About Autodafeh – “Act of Faith” – new album out September-16 on Scanner Records:

Autodafeh return with their third full length album, “Act of Faith”. This twelve track album offers an even more mature and unique identity to the band, while still retaining the EBM roots but still screams out, “We are not the past, we are the future!(more…)

July 26, 2011

Digital Factor Release “I Have to Hit You” – Single Preview Before September Album and Tour (+Download)

“Today, the three East-German EBM-Elektronicfreaks of Digital Factor give a first glimpse on the forthcoming album “Trialog”. “I Have to Hit You” will be available for free audio-download and as HD-video on the website, and of course be published on all video platforms. Furthermore, the audio-download will contain a remix by Black Wedding.”

Pre-order the album from here or here.| Watch the video for “I Have to Hit You” and find download links after the jump!


Prelude” * “Links rechts links” * “I Have to Hit You” * “Interlude no. 57” * “You’re Going Down” * “This Is the Deal” * “The Neighbor” * “Interlude no. 58” * “Steam” * “Depression” * “A Force of Unknown People” * “Interlude no. 60” * “Come Push Me Down” * “The Knife” * “The Way You Lie(more…)

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