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August 19, 2010

Autumn Ball Festival 2010

22. October 2010 – The Autumn Ball Festival 2010: A storm is rising!

As the wind sings its melody, driving the autumn leaves off the trees, a new musical blockbuster event is coming for you at the Capitol Hannover. In tune with the season, the AUTUMN BALL FESTIVAL 2010 on 22. October 2010 is literally up to blow your mind with the perfect line-up for a stormy autumn night:

Together with the electro-rockers OOMPH! from Wolfsburg, who signed in as headliners, nobody less than the “devil” himself announced his appearance, just about to twist around the audience with his irresistible TANZWUT. In the eye of the storm, ideal for an evening with red wine and candle light, QNTAL are adding an extra amount of dark mediaeval romanticism, garnished with moody and mystical electronica, to warm the audience from the cold breath of the German horror-rockers DER FLUCH (The Grudge). As the final entry to the line-up, STAUBKIND from Berlin will open the circle, sending a fresh breeze of gothic rock through the Capitol, while the aftershow party is going to round up this rousing ball night in Hannover.


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