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February 27, 2012

Future Sounds Festival 2012/Winter Edition – Bucharest, Feb-24 – Viva Music Review

Festival gallery by Viviana Ball/Viva Music


Musical encounters in Bucharest tend to be predictable and arouse their general cheering from their quite separate niche crowds. Luckily, more and more niches are being provided entertainment – a sign of normalcy that was less obvious in past years and now seems to be in itself a norm everyone takes into account when screening an event list. There are, however, events that defy any event rubric you had in mind and get you into a very special kind of mood. This was the case with a very genuine event, Future Sounds Festival 2012 – Winter Edition – the future editions of which are a must for your urban wanderings. Brazenly scheduled for a night that took pride in other seven enticing events, the festival was organized by FRONT and deployed seductively in a venue worth checking out, Safe House (82B, Popa Nan St.). It provided a lineup thought up to tempt the novelty curious crowd; but also to persuade it – two international and two local acts were set up in the festival: Sunrays and Yoon (RO), as well as Selebrities and Slow Magic (US). (more…)

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