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August 26, 2011

Placebo Effect – “Gargoyles & Galleries” Re-Release – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Mystress” * “Intoxication” * “Psychotrauma” * “Poison Tree” * “Brain Entrophy” * “Galleries of Pain (Bloody Pain Remix)” * “Intersection” * “Move (Animation Remix)” * “Psychological Drama” * “Devoid Soul (Salvation Remix)” * “Autopsia” * “Agony of the Mind” * “Dawn and Death” * “Lumph” * “Move” * “Galleries of Pain” * “Last Day” * “Hard WorkTracks 1-14 from the original tracklisting of “Galleries of Pain”. Tracks 15-18 from the original tracklisting of “Gargoyles”.

About Placebo Effect:

Christoph Kunze, Achim Windel and Axel Machens started Placebo Effect  in 1988. While Christoph and Axel already dabbled in music making with their project Pleasure and Crime, Achim brought to the band his interest in contemporary electronic music, from Skinny Puppy to Cabaret Voltaire, and from Kraftwerk to Gary Numan. After early live experiences that were on the verge of trespassing ban limits with their gory musical content and medical gowns they donned on stage, the acclaim came to the band with the 1990 Danse Macabre release of their “Gargoyles” EP and their success in a Zillo band contest. Also from this date, their collaboration to Das Ich’s Bruno Kramm dates; a collaboration that also brought their “Galleries of Pain” to fame. Their first full-length album of 1992 was followed by “Slashed Open” and “Manipulated Mind Control”, adding to the band’s portfolio sufficient material for their 1996 compilation “Past and Present”, a selection of the band’s finest. In 2003, after several years’ hiatus, the band got together again, and in 2011, Infacted Records honors their music by releasing a digital remastering of their first two materials under the contracted “Gargoyles and Galleries” title in their classics collection.

About Placebo Effect – “Gargoyles and Galleries” – Viva Music Review:

The placebo effect is a pharmaceutical expression of patients feeling improvement due to their belief in medication’s curative effect, notwithstanding the overall inefficiency of the treatment or inaccuracy of the diagnosis on the basis of which the drugs were medicated. Often, in clinical research, the term of ‘blind test’ is used to describe the assignment of medication to patients of the same ailing: to some the real research drug is offered, while to others a ‘blind’ substance is given, and the effects are monitored for research purposes. Taking further the analogy, being ‘served’ in 2011 Placebo Effect is similar in strength: you could be tricked into believing you’re listening to music created in recent years, but get out, twenty years ago! So there is a lot of context defamiliarization, of the good kind, when listening to Placebo Effect. (more…)

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