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April 27, 2011

Latest news about Kirlian Camera concert in Bucharest – 2 days to go!

KIRLIAN CAMERA + TANZ OHNE MUSIK in Control Club, April 29, 2011

An ELECTRONIK (www.electronik.ro) event, promoted by VIVA MUSIC

Take a photo of your soul with Kirlian Camera and Tanz Ohne Musik on April, 29, in an ELECTRONIK event promoted by VIVA MUSIC with support from CONTROL CLUB!

KIRLIAN CAMERA, a band that stands witness to the times we live in, takes an active and creative role in the metamorphoses of Italian pop into the genre of darkwave. For the first time in Romania, KIRLIAN CAMERA propose a show that fuses avant-garde and underground, with an opening from the most viral act of the club scene of the moment,  TANZ OHNE MUSIK.

In their thirty years of activity, KIRLIAN CAMERA got into every nook and corner of music, adding in the process defining marks to their style. With an unflinching belief in eclecticism as a motor of creativity, the music of KIRLIAN CAMERA was nourished by numerous collaborations, explorations of diverse styles, and the addition to their portfolio of several projects, among which we enumerate SEPULCRUM DEI, ALIEN MARTYR, STALINGRAD, SIDERARTICA or SPECTRA PARIS. At the same time, KIRLIAN CAMERA provided the musical score for art and experimental movies such as ”I ragazzi di Torino sognano Tokyo e vanno a Berlino”, ”Gli Anni Trenta” or ”Cosa c’entra con l’amore”. read the full story on electronik.ro!

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